The Dooms Chapel Horror (2016) – Movie Review

The Dooms Chapel Horror (2016) - Movie Review

More often than not, it’s always refreshing and exciting to see a Found Footage film try something different.

Dark forest settings, UFO abductions, glimpses of Bigfoot and poltergeist activity is always going to be enjoyable…but sometimes I get tired of revisiting these options.

The Dooms Chapel Horror popped out of nowhere on Putlocker really – I spent the last few nights ignoring it as I was unaware of it’s Found Footage roots (the front cover also looked sh#t!).

It was a title that promised to offer something slightly different, something off the beaten track…

The Plot 

Kyle Cole returns to his town of Kaler Mills where he hasn’t been back in over 10 years.

He was unfortunately held responsible for his (rather popular) brother’s death and the locals gave him a bit of a hard time because of this.

Now, armed with a documentary crew, Kyle has returned to face his demons. But he forgot about one of them…

Bill Oberst Jr.

The  main reason I took a deeper look into this film last night was because I noticed Bill Oberst Jr. on the cast list.

I was more than impressed by his portrayal of Simon Leach in the 2012 Found Footage offering Children of Sorrow.

When I realized he was in yet another Found Footage offering I couldn’t hit the play button fast enough – this man is cult horror gold!!!

Oh Billy, oh Billy, oh Billy…what were you thinking?

I actually went online to get a few other angles to this film and most horror reviewers loved it – for once I’m on a completely different page!

The 94 minutes I sat through would have seemed like 94 weeks if it was not for the rare appearance of my mate Oberst every now and again.

I don’t really know if I watched the same movie as all these other reviewers – I seem to have got a completely different experience from it?

I’m left wondering if review sites like Bloody Disgusting are actually on the take from time to time – are they affiliated with some indie films?


Really jagged pace, terrible acting backed up by a pointless and confusing plot – if it wasn’t for Bill Oberst Jr. popping up after 20 minutes I would have turned it off.

As I mentioned above, I’m all for change in Found Footage and I welcome unique ideas – but not scripts that were written by crack-heads!

After an interesting opening premise is presented the film kinda dwindles into a blithering mess of bad acting and confusion.

Somewhere in all this mess it actually turns into a ‘creature feature’ backed up by a redneck cult flavor – a real shocker (but not in a good way!).

And what’s with all the cameras? I mean how many cameras can you legitimately fit into a backwoods area?

Well apparently EVERYONE in this area of the world has a camera on the go – 24 hours a day, every day!

It doesn’t really matter how awkward the situation is – the population of Kaler Mills don’t seem to mind being filmed.

We’ve got scenes of a young girl in a shower crying, personal fights between lovers…man, the list goes on and on.

All of them seem to be completely at ease with their most personal moments and conversations being recorded through the lens.

What really stood out for me is the fact that the actors appear to be trying their hardest to be convincing…and that’s heartbreaking really.

It’s not their fault – they are just fucking useless actors desperate to climb the Hollywood ladder so they don’t end up flipping burgers for a living.

Why Oberst would ever feel comfortable in surrounding himself with this bunch is anyone’s guess (money maybe?).

So, most of the horror review sites out there deem this to be an indie gem…I do not!

No tension, no scares, long-winded, confusing, bold yet stupid and poorly acted with gaping plot holes.

Maybe I’m off target with this one – but I just didn’t enjoy it!



  1. agreed. I don’t understand the plot at all and don’t want to watch it again to try and figure it out…

    Plus, I hate ‘lazy’ found footage movies where most of it is filmed from a specific camera but the director struggles with angles so he just shoots a bunch of views from non existent cameras to fill in the space…

    • Yeah the camera angles were all over the place at times – and I was really looking forward to watching this one because of Bill Oberst Jr.

  2. Really terrible acting and the pacing was all over the place.Truly boring and disappinting

  3. Chris:
    This was intense! I don’t think this is a spoiler since we know from the beginning that 10 people die. I expected kool-aid!

    • Glad you found it intense Celine – it’s been that long since I watched it, I can’t really remember much about it (I’ll re-read the review now!)

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