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The DSLR Filmmakers HandbookProduct: The DSLR Filmmakers Handbook

Subject: DSLR Filmmaking For Beginners

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc.

Language: English

Length: 416 Pages

Price: $33.74 ( Retail )

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Our Rating: 9 out of 10

We were recommended Barry Andersson’s The DSLR Filmmakers Handbook back in 2012 so a copy was purchased to see what all the fuss was about. After going through the guide with a fine tooth comb we decided to write a review on our experiences with it.

In this book review we will discuss how effective the teachings are, what subjects it covers, some minor drawbacks with it, and where to get the best deal when you buy it online. By the end of this review, you should have a good idea as to whether this DSLR Filmmakers guide is right for you.

The DSLR Filmmakers Handbook – Product Overview

This book provides you with information on the best DSLR filmmaking equipment and techniques needed to capture professional-level video. It manages to take the confusing terminology and filters it down into easy-to-follow DSLR instructions for beginners.

The book also provides you with DSLR filmmaking tips on what to expect and what to avoid when filming. The tools and techniques the author has decided to cover have all been used in real world independent movie-making environments.

This handbook covers DSLR instructions for beginners that are faced with tricky drawbacks while shooting HD video with DSLR.

These DSLR filmmaking tips include:

DSLR filmmaking tips

The Good & The Bad

The Pros:

  • ​Well written DSLR instructions for beginners
  • Easy to understand
  • Plenty of detailed illustrations and photos included to aid the learning process
  • Covers all the important issues concerning cinematography with a DSLR as well as other Cameras
  • Good mix of introductory and advanced materials
  • Author points outs the camera’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Covers Post-Production issues ( color correction, audio sync and compression )
  • Teaches you how to edit and sort out your data
  • Provides DSLR filmmaking tips on lighting scenes, camera motion and handling audio on location
  • Recommends the best gear
  • Author covers all the aesthetic considerations to take into account when filming

The Cons:

  • Goes into a lot more detail than the average person wants
  • No glossary of terms included

Who is This Book For?

This is NOT the best DSLR filmmaking choice for people who want to shoot home family videos.

The book is far better suited to individuals who actually plan to make serious videos/films or who plan to make money such as with weddings, corporate clients and parties.

It is the perfect choice for independent filmmakers aiming at the ‘film’ look on an affordable budget or photographers who are looking to take on DSLR video but have never worked in the video/film industry.

Our Final Opinion on The DSLR Filmmakers Handbook

This is a complete guide to DSLR Filmmaking For Beginners – the only thing left to do once you’ve read the book is to go out and shoot!

Whether you are a complete novice or an experienced cameraman, there is no doubt something in this guide that will be of value to you.

I found the photos and the diagrams really helpful in places and the writer has made an effort to let the reader know what they are getting into.

The book includes many helpful sections that cover the correct settings for your DSLR to ensure it is perfect for both video and photography. The sections also offer advice on where and when to use each of these settings.

If you are a little confused about what accessories to choose for your camera, you will find recommendations on memory cards, lenses, tripods, filters, and more items in this book. I was also impressed by the amount of information offered on selecting HD monitors – a video related subject I knew little about beforehand.

I loved the way the author ( Barry Andersson ) recognizes the importance of on location training – one of the best aspects of this book is the knowledge it provides to help you achieve better results when you’re shooting on location.

This is one of the better books we’ve read when it comes to providing tips for shooting video with a still image camera. If you are looking to get into the world of DSLR then this book will certainly cut your research time down from months to weeks.

It’s a well thought out and well planned guide which is very thorough throughout, It’s informative and very easy to read whilst not being to basic.

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We hope you have enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about The DSLR Filmmakers Handbook or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment in the section below.


    • Hey John,
      Thanks for the link – interesting info on the other end of it that I’m sure our readers will enjoy 🙂
      Glad you enjoyed the article!

  1. Owning a DSLR and have been wanting to get into video production, this is a great way for me to start learning how to properly produce video with something that isn’t meant for it. I love the article you wrote and I definitely will check back here another time. Very informative, appealing, and well-written. Awesome job!

    • Yeah just get out there and film mate – you’d be surprised at the amount of great footage you can capture if you just have the confidence to give it a go!
      Glad you found the article useful – the handbook’s well worth your time and effort if you’re interested in filming 🙂

  2. Unfortunately, my DSLR doesn’t record video, but i am wondering whether to upgrade soon to a new one that does. It would be really useful to have a thorough guide to help me get to grips with recording video. It would be good to really get the hang of recording good videos, because then I could use them in my marketing efforts to promote my website.

    What DSLR do you have?

    • Hi Marcus,
      I actually use the Nikon D5300 as my partner bought it about nine months ago – great little piece of kit but I’ll be looking into upgrading at some point after the summer 🙂

  3. Awesome read as usual Chris!
    I just happened to buy a DSLR camera just recently, its actually my first ever camera I actually have apart from the phone camera. It was pretty overwhelming to know that there are loads of features to learn, no wonder there’s a whole course of photography! All I know was to zoom in and out, to control the focus and to switch to Auto. Would definitely need this book, thanks for recommending!

    • Well zooming in and out is a start Riaz!!!!
      Yeah the book seems like it will suit you pretty well – modern cameras can be a little overwhelming when you first purchase them 🙂

  4. Great review on the book, a lot of detail has been put into this article!

    It’s cool how when someone recommended it to you, you did your due diligence and investigated before making assumptions.

    I think a lot of people tend to make assumptions based on what they think they know rather than what they might learn.

  5. This book looks right up my street and I like the way you have kindly included links for the UK as well as the USA. You mention that there is too much detail for general Joe Public but I can’t see a disinterested Joe Public member ever picking up this book – it would be one for the seriously-intended film maker or cameraman surely.

    • Hi Nicola,
      Well yes, I would think the book would only interest those who are looking to get into filmmaking as a sort of career 🙂

  6. I like your review because it was honest, for example under the subheading “cons” it said that the Handbook goes into a lot more detail than the average person wants. It was also positive under the subheading “Our final opinion on the DSLR Filmmakers Handbook it said:whether you are a novice are an experienced camera man there is no doubt there will be something in the handbook that will be of value to you.

    • Cheers David, we try to be as honest as possible here! We don’t want people ending up with a product that is not right for them as they won’t revisit the site 🙂

  7. Hello Chris,
    Summer holidays are here, beach is calling , diving somewhere exotic and vacation adventures to be filmed for later.
    My camera is years old so I know I need a new one but I was worried of what to buy, should I go for something cheap? totally confused and not getting anywhere a friend suggested I should maybe get a filmmaker’s handbook for tips.
    Never heard of filmmakers handbook so I had to go online to look for reviews and that`s how I came upon your site.
    You have explained things so well and i will now be confident when buying.
    Dont worry, im not a professional and i need just a simple beginner guide.
    Once again thanks so much

    • Cool stuff Roamy, glad you found a product that was right for you in the end. Good luck with your shoots 🙂

  8. Hello Chris!
    Me and my sister recently bought a DSLR camera because she goes to school for film and we always create small movies for her classes.
    She knows a whole lot about its features but I have to admit I never used one before and would have never imagined it had so many features. This book will certainly help.
    Thank you so much for the review!
    I appreciate the effort you put!

    • No problems Katerina, I hope this book helps you and your sister achieve your filmmaking goals 🙂

  9. Hello Chris,

    I have a DLSR camera that I take hiking with me and I want to get started filming some of the things we do along the way and I want to get some information about what is the best way to do this.
    Would you say this book is a good choice for me or should I look for something that specifically talks about how to shoot outdoors, more specifically, in the wilderness?
    I look forward to your answer.


    • Hi San,
      This book is a great option for people who want to learn more about DSLR shooting no matter where you are really – it doesn’t center on being indoors or outside. By the sounds of things it could be exactly what you’re looking for 🙂

  10. With all the great advancements in the technology of DSLR Cameras this book sounds like a great way to incorporate the use and functions of HD video mode.

    As the manufacturers have been improving on the cameras abilities and now given them video capability. Having a book that shows you how to capitalize on creating videos would help most people on how to use there cameras better and with there purchase.

  11. Hello again Chris!
    Your website is so awesome I cant seem to turn away from it. This may be a bit out of the blue but I’m planning to start a photography firm with a bunch of friends. As an experienced photographer yourself, do you have any advice on what obstacles we’ll be facing? In business there’s always customers who would ask something out of the blue to test you out, have you had any extraordinary requests so far? Sorry for the question bombards!

    • No that’s alright Riaz – that’s what we’re here for after all 🙂
      To be honest the best piece of advice I could give you is to be prepared for anything – you don’t want to have to turn away work! Make sure you have decent equipment and software to match, there will be a lot of competition already out there and you will need to keep up with them 🙂
      You get what you pay for in photography – don’t go cheap!

  12. Hi Chris
    Great review on the DSLR Filmmakers Handbook, very informative & well written review.
    Maybe too much information isn’t really a con, as the reader can take in what they need to & go back later for more if they want.
    All the best.
    Cheers Faye 🙂

  13. It looks like a great book to start a DSLR production. I want to do this, you sold me on the book. I can understand that going into a lot more detail than necessary might be a con, but not for me. I think making movies on a DSLR can be complicated, so the more information the better in my opinion.

  14. I have heard a lot about the DSLR camera’s recently and have been tempted to purchase one. However, they appear very complex to use so I have not taken the plunge yet.

    You mention that the DSLR Filmmakers handbook is suitable for beginners to learn how to do video’s? I will take a look at the book and then decide on getting the camera.

    Thank you for this review, it has been very helpful.


    • That’s great news lis!
      Everything new has a slight learning curve but once you get going DSLR cameras are really not that complex! Hope it all works out for you 🙂

  15. Nice book review. I’m not all that familiar with what DSLR even is and perhaps that should have been defined in the article. However, I’m not a filmmaker. A con that was listed was that the book had TOO much information, but I like my books to be thorough in general when I’m trying to learn about a topic. $33 seems pricey for a book of this length, but I imagine the author is getting that price. Good job!

    • Well we’re certainly not forcing you to buy the book Jillian 🙂
      It’s merely a review of a top filmmaking publication!
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your opinion though.

  16. Thanks, Chris, for writing a review on this book. I have been wanting to learn more about how to make better videos, and just recently learned that DSLR cameras are frequently used to shoot professional-looking videos and films. (Yeah, I’ve been hiding under a rock for awhile.)
    Thanks especially for pointing out that this isn’t a book for beginners, which is what I am. But I will keep the book in mind for the future after I’ve gotten some more basic experience.

    • Great stuff Shawn!

      There are many books out there that are aimed more towards the newbie – maybe come back to this one in a couple of months time? Good luck! 🙂

  17. nice book about filmmaking tips this is really for filmmaker stuffs. I almost felt like movie producer for two minutes reading about your amazon special and looking into your infos link made me wonder do I want to know about making movie today am like why not then I saw your w/a is ways to make money..humm

  18. Love this as i have a digital production studio. This is quite a good reference for us also. Are you focuisng only on horror film? I totally agree that we can now go totally low budget..and l like your point of the sound is one of the most important. Have spent a lot of time on our project for that too. It is the key to be professional! Check it out if you like 3x3theimmersivefiction Sci-fi stuff

  19. Hi Chris

    What a credit to you your site is, your passion for this genre just shines through.

    I myself am a complete wimp when it comes to horror movies, maybe you could let me know which films you yourself have found truly terrifying? If anything to save me from having to go through the torture of being scared to death watching it myself!

    Keep up the great work!

  20. Hi,

    Great site, you can get TV quality video from DSL-R I can confirm that as I have seen adverts and news segments for national TV shot with them.

    The only downside is, with Nikon, at leas,t is limited to 20mins at a time.

    I am seriously going to check out this book as it is my dream to make a mini-documentary, but no expensive camera, other than my Nikon

  21. Interesting review. I own a photography studio – shooting stills (mainly dance) but I have thought about doing some video due to the increased market for video clips. This book might be a nice addition to start off with as it seems to be very comprehensive (editing for example can be a book all by itself)

  22. Really informative article Chris! would love to learn a lot more about filming. Currently using a DSLR borrowed from my university to shoot concept videos.

    There is so much to learn as to the correct techniques and skills required to shoot. I’m just learning as i go along through trial and error. Would love to get this handbook and gain some insightful information.

    If you could offer a beginner any advice, what would that be?

    • Well Vinnie – get out there and switch it on! You’d be amazed at how many people are scared of the equipment they own. Plenty of content covered and plenty of time pointing the camera – get a feel for it’s parameters and it’s functions!

  23. Thank you for this review. I am planning to start video blogging using my dslr. I have been researching, but have not found what i have been looking for. I feel this will help me in getting the best video for my vlog. As I do not quite understand some of the setting on my camera and what they do.

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