The Encounter ( 2015 ) – Alien Contamination Movie


The Encounter ( 2015 ) - Alien Contamination Movie

It’s safe to say that I had heard absolutely nothing about Robert Conway’s alien contamination movie before stumbling across it on Putlocker last night.

It had one of those film covers that screams out ‘I could be Found Footage…I’m worth a little look!!!’. Well I’m happy to report the initial scenes confirmed my suspicions and I was onto a surprising experience I was not really ready for.

I paused the film, grabbed a notebook and paper and got comfortable…


Now this was far, far away from being a Found Footage classic but it was an extremely adventurous effort by Conway.

The alien/UFO/abduction format has been a little overused in this genre recently so I wasn’t that surprised about this plot being thrown into the same pot.

I’ll have to give it credit though – it certainly tried it’s best to stand out from the crowd and offer something a little different.

The Plot

The synopsis of the movie on IMDb will have you believe that the plot follows the tragic exploits of Collin Bastrow and his friends in the mountains of Northern Arizona.

This is only partly true – the film actually follows several cameras from different characters placed around the mountains at the time of an asteroid collision.

The film kinda switches between characters/groups as they slowly realize they are not alone in this area of natural beauty.

What is the strange substance that is littered along the woodland floor and where has all the wildlife gone????

Alien Contamination Movie

Yeah the title sort of gave it away really didn’t it – the substance is obviously some sort of alien shit!

The story sort of ends up being a cross between Invasion of The Body snatchers and a George A. Romeo film…shot in the Found Footage style ( of course! ). The closest aim I can come up with is ‘zombie aliens’.

Now, there were plenty of holes and damn stupid character decisions throughout this film but I found I could quite easily overlook them.

This film tries it’s best to give us something unique and takes a big old step away from the Area 51 styled template. This was a bit of a relief for me – I don’t mind sitting through a half-assed attempt at something new but I do mind sitting through a poor man’s version of Grave Encounters.


I managed to sit through the whole film, get to the ending credits and think ‘hmm, that was OK’. After the gobshite I’ve sat through over the last month this was a bit of a refreshing change.

I’m not saying this was a good film – I’m just saying it was OK!

Some of the unique perspectives actually ruined certain parts of the movie. The mass of cameras used throughout the film did manage to take some life out of the plot at times.

A few of the cameras used seemed to me to be a bit low quality. This resulted in the film having a grainy illegal torrent feel to it at times. You know the pirate films you download with someone crunching popcorn behind the person who has sneaked the camera into the cinema – that type of grainy!

This avalanche of cameras also gave Conway the option of using as many Found Footage formats as he wanted to – so he did!

I wasn’t overly impressed by him trying to squeeze in night vision, mockumentary sequences, stock/archive footage, blurry/grainy/out-of-focus images, running shots of the floor…

Certain parts of the film ended up having the feel of ‘more is more’ instead of ‘less is more’. This resulted in the pacing being all over the place – it didn’t allow for your more typical Found Footage build that creates atmosphere.

That being said, about 60% of the film was quite impressive and enjoyable. Some of the actors were good whilst the remainder were pretty bad. The dialog was alright and the effects were reasonably well done.

As with any indie offering in this genre there were a few cringeworthy performances and dumb f##k decisions but most of us are used to that right?

Lets face facts here – there are a lot of Found Footage films out there at the moment that are a lot worse than this one. Don’t expect a blinding horror experience – just expect a slightly entertaining one…

Not bad overall.




  1. Nicely written review Chris. I particularly liked the part where you said. ” Yeah the title sort of gave it away really didn’t it – the substance is obviously some sort of alien shit!” that did make me chuckle…i may have to look into watching this film even if it is to just see the alien shit! thanks for a good read..I will be revisiting your blog in the future… i would be interested in hearing what you have to say about a film i just watched called ” Attack the block”

    • Hey Pete, thanks for stopping by!
      Glad you enjoyed the review 🙂 I watched ‘Attack The Block’ about a year back – it’s based in a London apartment block if I’m not mistaken? Not a bad film from what I remember but unfortunately not in the found footage style!
      Hope you enjoy ‘The Encounter’ and feel free to come back and leave your views on it anytime.

  2. hey there chris,

    I’m glad I came across an honest review as I was on the fence of watching this film the other day but didn’t want to waste my time. I think now I’m going to watch as it sounds pretty interesting to say the least. I hope to read more reviews from you in the near future.

    • Hi there Yunier – glad you could join us!
      It’s not a great film by any stretch of the imagination but it’s definitely enjoyable if you are into the found footage genre. Look forward to hearing your views on it once you’ve watched it 🙂

  3. Hi Chris, I must admit I am more a fan of thriller/horror film that keep me on the edge of my seat rather than outright horror which aim to scare the heck out of you. Not sure I’d like this especially if the images are grainy and low quality in parts as you say. Nicely written review though. Thanks

    • Hey Neil!
      Nice to see you here 🙂 No, horror’s not for everyone and this film certainly has low quality filming in parts – it’s all part of the ‘real footage’ recipe though! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your opinion.

  4. This seems to be a good movie. Im also into alien contamination movies like district 9. Im wondering where I can watch this movie. Can you suggest some sites where I can watch it?

    • Hi Keye,
      I think I ended up watching this movie on a film site named Putlocker. It’s a free site but you have to put up with popup adverts every time you press play or pause on the film ( very irritating but that’s how they make money! ). Make sure you have your antivirus switched on as well – you never know with these types of adverts!

  5. Once again thanks for the review, some of the time I don’t watch a movie might have some reason to do with the title, if I see the title is not that attractive I wont bother watching it. I’m not sure whether I am going to like this movie, but I will watch awhile to see whether it is worth enough to sit through the entire time.

    • Hi Kumar,
      You’re welcome – glad you enjoyed the article/review. The first twenty minutes or so should tell you what you need to know about the film – give it a go and see how it goes!
      Hope you enjoy 🙂

  6. I’m not much into horror movies. I often close my eyes in the theater, when they show trailers of horror movies. But I know it exiting for them who like to watch horror. Liked your review on this one 🙂

    • Ahhh don’t worry Demi – they’re not all that bad LOL! This one may be a little too freaky for you mind 🙂

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