The Final Project (2016) – Movie Review

The Final Project (2016) - Movie Review

Well, it’s not often that you find a Found Footage movie that ranks a quite shocking score of 4 on the Metacritic.com platform – boy, did I know I was in for a treat with this one…

But it’s not surprising really – these days, for every decent Found Footage movie, you are going to get at least five complete nightmare’s surrounding it. It’s a sign of the times.

So, I’m not really going to beat around the bush here, and waste your time – this was shite!

The Plot

Six eager students strike out to explore and record live footage of supernatural activity at an abandoned plantation, but one unsettled spirit gives them more than they asked for.

Same Old, Same Old

Having to sit through a bad example in this genre is bad enough, but when you have to sit through the same layout of nearly EVERY shit Found Footage on the planet…you wonder what you’re doing wrong with your life!

Okay, so we’ve got the first half an hour of the movie, set up to make it look like it’s real footage.

What does this mean?

Well, we’ve basically got half an hour of torturous locker room banter that just doesn’t quit – delivered by actors that have probably only been given one take to fill the film reel.

Just for good measures – we’ve got a kind of soap opera love triangle thrown in there, that makes little to no sense or difference to the overall movie.

Then we’ve got the obligatory haunted location that all the locals are warning our group of teenagers to stay the fuck away from…but they don’t, obviously.

Next we’ve got our group of teenagers wandering off by themselves when the paranormal shit hit’s the fan…


Well no explanation really – they just feel the need to split up and be by themselves when something hideous is obviously after them!

It’s the same old, same old – a lukewarm rehash that should never have been made.


As if all that was not bad enough…we’ve got a film with a pretty sketchy quality of camera work – both physically and digitally.

I was left wondering what video editing program they rendered the film through – couldn’t of been a paid option…unless they were going for the suitcase-sized 1980’s camcorder feel (man it was grainy!).

Even by the shitty standards of no-budget Found Footage, The Final Project is amateurish in nearly every way.

I’d like to say that I felt sorry for the actors due to the script being so bad…but I get the feeling this bunch will be advertising cat food on infomercials before too long!

I get that this is a first-time effort from writer-director Taylor Ri’chard, but there’s no excusing a cast that only have the bottle to ad-lib their way through a near enough motionless plot.

If you’re hoping the climax will offer you at least 20 minutes of excitement – you’re very wrong.

Poor lighted shots, screaming and the plot running off in every direction it can get away with – not good, not good at all.

Well, it’s called the ‘FINAL’ Project, so let’s hope this is Taylor Ri’chard’s final descent into the Found Footage genre.

I don’t want to sound mean, but he’s not well suited to it.

Sorry, I just can’t recommend this one to anyone.



  1. I had the unfortunate luck of watching this one about a year ago. Review is spot on. Not worth checking out :-/

    • Hiya Arianna,
      Yeah it’s a long, long, journey to get to the end credits isn’t it?
      Not the best way to waste 80 minutes of your life!

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