The Flatwoods Monster Sightings

The Flatwoods Monster Sightings

I have always been intrigued by the Flatwoods monster sightings of September 12, 1952. I suppose this UFO report stayed with me due to the fact it was one of the first I came across as a kid.

I was lucky enough to have a father that loved the geek element in me! I loved the thought of ghosts haunting our old rural Welsh house and I spent a lot of time at night scanning the sky For E.T.

This resulted in him improving my reading skills by buying me a pile of Unexplained Mysteries publications – I was in heaven!

As I mentioned above, one of the first UFO stories I came across in these books was the Flatwoods monster and it has stayed with me ever since – I found the eye witness accounts astonishing (and still do!)

The Crash

The Flatwoods monster sightings followed a strange report on 12th of September, 1952. The report was taken by Sheriff Robert Carr and his Deputy Burnell Long. They were informed that a fiery vessel of some kind had crashed into the Elk River, south of Gassaway.

Both Carr and his deputy had a brief discussion and both decided it must of been a plane that had experienced some sort of problem – hardly unheard of in those parts!

The Crash

But reports of a second unusual sighting started to creep in later that afternoon – just before dusk. A few school friends were out messing about by the Flatwoods school playground when they witnessed another vessel fly straight into a nearby hill.

They were young kids and naturally the scent of adventure took over – they began to make their way to the crash site to find out exactly what had landed there.

On their way to the crash site they just so happened to pass a lady’s house they were familiar with – Kathleen May.

They could not contain their excitement and told her what they had witnessed. She called upon her two boys and they joined the search party to carry on up the hill!

The Flatwoods Monster

It was apparently a very foggy/misty night and Kathleen reported a strange metallic odor in the air. It wasn’t long before she and the kids realized the smell was actually starting to ‘sting’ their noses and eyes.

A member of the small search party had brought a dog along (probably one of Kathleen’s elder boys) and he/she ran ahead. It wasn’t long before they heard a yelp and the dog came flying back their way with it’s tail between it’s legs!

The Flatwoods Monster

When they reached the top of the hill the first thing they saw was a large, bright glowing object that was about ten foot in diameter.

All of a sudden two bright lights cut through the night a little distance away from the glowing object – as they shone the flashlight at the lights they found themselves staring face to face with some strange creature!

They later reported that this strange creature was at least ten foot tall and had a head shaped ‘like the ace of spades’ that blazed a red color. It’s clothing sort of drooped down it’s body and formed long folds.

The stunned silence was suddenly broken when they realized the creature was actually starting to float towards them.

In a mad panic they all ran off to Kathleen May’s house where she at once called the sheriff.

Not The Only Ones…

The people in this search party were not the only ones to witness the Flatwoods monster that night. When the sheriff arrived at the scene he was confronted by numerous locals who had also spotted the strange creature.

The Braxton Democrat

It was not long before a local reporter who worked for the Braxton Democrat (A. Lee Stewart) turned up to find out more on the matter.

He managed to persuade one of Kathleen May’s sons to take him back to the site of the Flatwoods sighting.

The Braxton Democrat

Once they had reached the spot they were unable to see anything out of the ordinary but the reporter experienced the strange metallic smells that offended the senses.

The next morning he returned to the site with daylight on his side and reported seeing very strange skid markings on the hill – like something had indeed landed there!

So Many Eyewitness Reports

The sheriff tried to play the whole incident down by claiming it was nothing more than a meteor crashing into the side of the hill. But there were so many Flatwoods monster sightings that night a meteor did not seem to fit the story – what about this strange creature?

Well they authorities seemed to have an answer for that to – a wild beast in the dark of night!

Yeah right – a wild beast that stood over ten feet tall with a bright red head (oh and did I forget to mention – it could float to!).

The locals that witnessed the Flatwoods monster sightings know full well what they saw. It wasn’t just that area either – the creature had apparently been sighted nearly ten miles away by a mother and her daughter.

Do you have any new evidence on the Flatwoods monster? What do you think happened that night? We would love to hear your opinions on the subject so don’t be shy – leave your comments below!


  1. Rather interesting account! I have never dismissed the thought of other intelligent life hovering around this planet other than us. There can be so many unexplained events that occur and it’s always quite fascinating.

    I have never heard of this event you report, so found myself intrigued reading your account of the event. Thanks for writing it.

    • Well thanks for taking the time to read it Kerri – love meeting new visitors on this site and this article section tends to bring a lot of you in! Awesome to meet you! 🙂

  2. There have been all kinds of stories of different kinds of creatures, I have not heard about this one before, but I think that all kinds of seemingly supernatural creatures and events are extremely interesting.  It certainly makes you wonder what is really going on.  Are there strange creatures out there?  It is difficult to believe even if there are eyewitness reports, not because of some people lying, it’s just so out of the ordinary that some people can not wrap their head around such possibilities.

  3. What a great post this is! I haven’t heard of the flatwoods monster before but this story is really intriguing. I would love for it to be true, I am sure that there are other lifeforms out there but I am less sure if they have made it to earth, hopefully one day soon… friendly ones please!!

    Love this site! 

    • Hi Chris,

      Great to hear that you enjoyed the article – thanks for taking the time to comment on our work. 

  4. What I good read! I love all these monsters stories. However I have no idea what the Flatwoods monster is since I have just moved to the States and did not come across too many monsters. I know Sashquatch and I know aliens,…. that is pretty much it lol. However, I do believe that there is some kind of monsters that live amongst us. The forest is so big for us to discover new species and lets not even start with the ocean! Have you heard about the Panda story, the in the beginning the local Chinese people thought that they are the evil monster that will eat up your children. Now, they are just a very cute bear that is lazy and eats only bamboo lol.

    Great read, love to read more of your monster stories.

    • Hi Nuttanee ,

      I know of Pandas, but I had no idea that ancient Chinese people considered them monsters! How long did it take them to realise they were safe I wonder?

  5. Well Chris,

    That is an interesting and intriguing story. The way you tell it makes one wish they were there among those school kids to have seen it for ourselves. 

    Since that time in 1952, there have been hundreds of sightings and encounters reported and probably more that were never reported. 

    The movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” was a brilliant movie that shows the world that indeed we may not be alone in this (or possibly other) universe!

    • Hi Arthur, and what a brilliant movie you’ve mentioned there (one of my all time favourites!).

  6. This was very interesting to read. I am not really a believer in aliens, but this experience can’t be explained with that it was a meteor and a big animal. As eyewitnesses had said that they saw this creature floating, unless all of them were lying about what they saw to create a story. I think I would have to see an alien myself like other non believers to be convinced that there are aliens. But thank you for sharing this, I had never heard of this before. 

    • No problem Eden – we all have our beliefs and views on subjects! 

      As you rightly point out, there was no real reason for all these people to lie and come forward with the same description…

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