The Follower (2017) – Movie Review

The Follower (2017) - Movie Review

Got another screener sent to me last week (this film obviously!) – so all in all…it was a good week! 🙂

This particular title was sent to me by a dude named Kévin Mendiboure, who I just figured out today is the director of the film (sorry Kévin – I should of noticed that sooner!).

I tend to get excited when I receive a new movie submission and I scan the message instead of reading it properly (yeah – I’m like a kid at Xmas!).

Anyway, he let me know about the movie in question and provided me with links etc, and the screener itself…

The Plot

Internet video blogger David Baker is invited by Carol, an eccentric and lonely woman, to investigate supernatural occurrences in her home. He is instructed that he is free to film everywhere except for her grandmother’s room upstairs. At first, he sees nothing. However, things take a ghostly turn as he slowly discovers that things aren’t what they seem and, even worse, it could be that something wants to follow him out…

Where in The World…

I was about ten minutes into the movie when I realized that the accents I was listening to were pretty strange – I had neglected to find out too much about the movie beforehand, because I didn’t want to spoil the experience.

First of all I figured French-Canadian…but after a few scenes that didn’t seem to fit.

I hit pause and visited the IMDb page – a French production.

This was pretty cool, because I don’t remember covering a French Found Footage movie on here before…I actually can’t remember even encountering a French Found Footage movie before (I’m sure you’ll all correct me if I’m wrong!).

Anyway – a refreshing change (and don’t worry – it’s in English!).

The Unexpected

I’m not going to sit here and blow smoke up your ass – there were a couple of downsides to this movie…BUT it had an unexpected and unique element that helped carry it through.

These days it’s getting harder and harder to locate new movies in this genre that offer something original – something with a twist.

This was certainly original and I took to the twisting story line.

It’s a different spin on the tried and tested haunted house formula – and in some respects it works pretty well!


I’ve always got time for shoestring budget Found Footage movies that offer something new – and this is what Mendiboure has managed to provide with The Follower.

All too often I receive requests from indie directors to check out their films…only to end up sitting through 90 minutes of a re-hashed Blair Witch Project…shot through an iPhone.

This was not the case here.

The main downside of the movie, in my humble opinion, was the slight language barrier in place, but it’s important to realize that the actors are not delivering lines in their native tongues.

Besides, at the end of the day I can’t speak French – so who am I to judge?

The actors were at a decent level – but they probably would have been more effective delivering the lines in their native language – but that’s to be expected really.

The camera work and general cinematography was at a very acceptable level – well shot throughout the whole film.

I also liked the main location used in the movie – that house had a great Gothic feel to it and offered an uneasy backdrop to proceedings.

But, the main strength of the project was the original plot – there are a couple of twists before we get to the end of the journey, and they worked in favor of the movie.

All in all – expect the unexpected.

Certainly not a classic in the genre but fresh and interesting all the same – worth watching.



    • Press play? 🙂

      Only joking!
      Are you asking where you can find it? If so, I would think that Google is your friend – I’d try Amazon streaming first, then maybe Netfilx etc.

      • Thanks, man. Unfortunately, in Brazil most of the streaming services are incomplete, so, yeah, Google is always the best shot. If the industry does not like piracy, they should make an effort to offer more diversity…

        • Ahh you’re from Brazil are you mate? Nice to meet you. How about the more ‘illegal’ streaming sites – can you get them over there? (Putlocker etc)

  1. Hey boss, I just wanted to say that I share your opinion on this movie ” The following” , although it’s not easy to find when searching for it online because as you will find out , there are A LOT of movies with the root “follow” somewhere in the movies titles, lol. Followed , Following ,The following , The followed, Followers , The followers and so on and on they will go, it is a crazy amount that i wasn’t expecting.. Also on another note , I have a question , I have quite the long playlist of FF genre movies , and many are either on my list because I saw the titles here on TFFF and had to watch them after reading your reviews on them , or they are movies I found elsewhere on my own. My question is about the tites I have on my playlist & you do not ,or haven’t reviewed yet. So the real question I’m asking is how do you pick what to review besides when the makers ( writers, directors, actors,etc..) or the film send it to you? Because I have a bunch that I’d love to recommend to you that If you don’t know about already it would be really cool for me to be the guy who introduces them to you. Thanks for taking the time to read my comment either way & it would be great to hear back from you. Oh yes 1 last thing, I hope that this message even shows up anywhere because anytime in the past (3 times ) lat Ive tried to leave a comment , it either gets lost and I never see it or it just isnt working IDK fingers crossed and please LMK if any1 sees this somehow… thx again

    • Hi there Dave!

      I have a huge list of backdated movies here – many of which I have to watch again before I put on the site (it’s been that long since I watched them!). It’s down to time really – I can’t keep up with the amount of films out there. But there’s always a few titles I’ve missed so throw some my way whenever you find something not listed here (there’s a chance I haven’t seen it!)

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