The Garlock Incident (2012) – Movie Review

The Garlock Incident (2012) - Movie Review

First things first – I should apologize for any typos that are probably going to raise their ugly head in this review. I’m covering my ass here because I have one of the nastiest red wine hangovers known to man…

With that out of the way…

I first heard about The Garlock Incident several years ago but it’s one of those movies that kinda buried itself, and was hard to find online.

At the time of it’s release a lot of critics slated it, so I wasn’t really expecting that much when I finally got hold of it, a couple of months back.

To be honest – I was wrong to think this way, yet again I disagree with nearly every critic out there (what does that make me?).

This was pretty good, in my humble opinion.

The Plot

On December 16th, 2011, eight people on their way to Las Vegas stopped in the ghost town of Garlock, California. This footage documents what happened.

Self Preservation 

I’m a big fan of Walking Dead, Dawn of The Dead, 28 Days Later…fuck….ANY zombie movie!

I’m not saying that this movie is a zombie-based apocalyptic tale, because it’s not, it just leans on the desperate social angle of self preservation…which always makes a zombie flick a deeper experience.

I like the way a random factor can turn every whiter-than-white character into a dark demon of a human that will do anything to survive…

That’s the strength behind this film.


I thought the (relatively unknown) actors involved in this movie did a great job of building the breakdown of the relationships between the characters.

It definitely helped the film remain gripping throughout.

It takes a long hard look at how different types of people interact under a time of crisis.

Now, this is not the first Found Footage project to attempt this…but it’s one that succeeds at it.

The interactions between the cast was at times, riveting – credit to director Evan Cholfin for handling the disintegration of the character’s relationships in this way.

I should point out that if you are looking for a Blair Witch angle in this movie – you are going to be severely disappointed. I don’t want to hit any spoilers – but this movie attempts a slightly less conventional Found Footage angle.

Cinematography was excellent, the location was excellent and the cast were up for the ‘idea’ of the project (which always helps the realism shine through).

I also really liked the way that The Garlock Incident jumped straight into film without any “On December 2010, Marry Poppins, The Prince of Wales and Arnold Schwarzenegger went on a road trip to Las Vegas…they’ve never been seen since…”

Yep, you guessed it – Arnie ate the other two (what a movie that would be!!!).

No seriously, it avoids that cliched start and just jumps straight into the footage that works as a genuinely filmed road trip would.

I also liked the longer shots that this movie thrives on – there’s not so much shaky cam at work here, it thrives on stretched out, controlled scenes.

This tends to happen less and less in Found Footage movies these days, but there’s a type of ‘freshness’ to this movie that kept me interested.

I don’t know if it’s going to be to everyone’s tastes – but I certainly enjoyed the ride.



  1. Hi there, it looks very interesting. I have to be honest, that your review is very welcoming and I love the films you normally cover. I would like to watch this movie right now. I didn’t find where I can watch it. Do you know is there any place where I can buy or rent this movie online? Is it on any legal streaming platform?

  2. Ohh… I like the plot. It sounds interesting.

    I also like that the cinematography is good. A lot of times, I think it’s more important than the casting. Pretty much, most actors are at least decent, but good directors of photography, especially in thrillers, not so much. Most thrillers are full of bad lighting and shaky cam scenes.

    • Well…I’m pretty sure there are more than a few ‘shaky cam scenes’ in this Kate…it is Found Footage after all…

  3. Hi Chris, that was a splendid review on Garlock Incident. You know it is always interesting when movies jump straight into the footage without unnecessary dramas. It makes one know that they mean business. Sometimes actors that are not well known perform better than those popular actors, as they are usually focused and will be aiming to come to limelight. Is there a way of getting a link to the movie? I will like to have a view of the Garlock Incident as well.

    • Hi Gracen, 

      I’ve checked Amazon Prime and it’s not on there at the moment, so I suggest using one of the online streaming sites to watch it instead (the dodgy ones!). 

  4. I had not heard of The Garlock Incident movie before but I do like the Found Footage genre of films, there are some good ones out there. They can be edgy and some are pretty hokey, but I am always willing to give a film a shot at keeping my attention. 

    The plot seems rather straightforward and as you say, it is often how well the director manages to develop the characters that make or break such films. It is a plus that the cinematography is on target, and of course, the location will affect the overall effectiveness of the story too…

    Bottom line, you have convinced me, I will give The Garlock Incident a viewing if I can locate it here in Dubai. Often we do not have the access to many films (even online many sites are blocked) so let’s see (no pun intended). Thanks for a good look at this film…    

    • Hope you find it Dave – why not try the ‘legal’ sites first (are they blocked over there?)/

  5. Though I have never been able to watch the Garlock incidence, I have heard many people talk about it with uttermost criticism and negative review. Am quite surprised that you share different opinion about it. How did you come about the movie when you finally watch it? Yeah I love the walking dead movie, it clearly depicts the strength and endurance for survival.

    • Hi Clement, 

      Well I basically found it online during one of my horror searches through the illegal streaming sites – try Putlocker or Sockshare.

  6. First of all – BRAVO!! You are one of those rare reviewers who do a great job of giving your opinon without giving away every scene in the movie. So mant so-called critics can’t review a movie without adding so many spoilers, I don’t need to see it for myself by the time I’m halfway through.In this case, you really have me hooked. For one, I haven’t read any other reviews of The Garlock Incident, so going solely by your blog, I am compelled to track this flick down so I can watch it. Full disclosure: A friend of mine and I used to bartend together in L.A. and one night after a long shift, we decided to drive straight to Vegas from work.We got to a small town called Baker, just outside of Vegas (and I have a feeling this movie is based on Baker) – anyway, we had a creepy experience there when we stopped at a diner there for breakfast. SO, now, I’m curious as hell to see how this movie plays out. You have done an amazing job with this site, BTW – I’d never have thought of this as a niche, but I gotta tell you, I’m glad I found this. I will bookmark this and tell a few friends about it. I have one buddy in particular who loves found footage films, so you have a few more fans.


    • Hi Hal

      Yeah I hate those kind of reviews that explain the first hour of the movie…leaving you with fuck all to watch and be surprised with really. I’m definitely not one of those guys! 

      Glad you like the website mate – it is a pretty diverse niche but hey – a lot of people like Found Footage movies (as you can see!). 

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