The Gerber Syndrome ( 2011 ) – When You Are Contagious

When You Are Contagious

The Gerber Syndrome takes a look at a crumbling society during a viral outbreak and the fear you feel when you are contagious. It’s an Italian film so if you decide to watch it you will have to use subtitles (a warning for all you neanderthals out there!).

Personally I think it has received a pretty rough ride from reviewers so far and I’m NOT jumping on the bandwagon. It was original and that’s the only thing I need to give a film a chance…

Better Than Some Would Suggest!

I actually came across this film when scanning through a similar website to this online. The review it was given was not at all positive but I still needed to give it a go! This is one of the excerpts from the review…

“Unfortunately, it’s not so much the format that is to blame here rather than the total lack of creative ideas and basic knowledge of the topic being depicted (a deadly virus that is quickly spreading).”

Hmmmm basic knowledge right? Who are you again? A qualified biochemist I suppose? What a bucket of shite!

The reviewer then goes on to claim they were living in China when the SARS virus broke out and so on and so on…….

Anyway – I’ll give you the full round up of the film with my Found Footage hat on as that’s the reason you are on this site in the first place right?

The Plot

So the film was set up in a half Mockumentary and half Found Footage style – that seemed to work out fine for me!

It’s a look at what happens when you are contagious and how the people around you act. It’s done in a very serious manner and it’s quite frightening due to the fact something like this COULD actually happen.

We are following a male doctor and a security officer who is charged with catching the infected. Both are being filmed by the same documentary film crew and both have different stories to tell.

There were some nice touches and attention to detail at the start of the movie – I particularly liked the cartoon advert for kids informing them what to do if they felt ill.

It’s a little slow at first and it centers more on the doctor who unfortunately has a family member bitten by an infected guy on the streets. The victim is his cousin’s daughter and he is called in to find out if she is alright.

This doctor is a good actor – period! All through the film he handled the darkness and severity of the situation with style. He was very believable!

Well the girl is riddled with the Gerber Syndrome and he pretty much spends the remainder of the film trying everything in his power to get her better.

The other story follows a twenty something security officer as he travels around the city at night answering calls to pick up the newly infected.

Dark And to The Point

There was no messing about with this film – you pretty much new right from the off that this was not going to have a happy ending.

The doctor is surrounded by despair and worry whilst the security guard has to be heartless and professional in his work. We follow the latter around as he uses a noose to catch the infected – much like they use to catch dogs!

The doctor’s story is dark and harrowing with some really good interactions and acting whilst the security guard’s story is a lot more to the point and violent.

The Good And The Bad

Some great touches in the movie to – I loved the ‘Aquarium’ where the security guard released his catch. It was a sort of medical facility where the infected were allowed to roam as they steadily reached madness then faded away.

The doctor’s relative does a great job of portraying an infected and her failing health is very believable – again she is a pretty good actor.

There was one scene the film could definitely of done without. It involved a group called the ‘Gaurdians’ and their sole purpose was to go around beating up and killing the infected. They showed a scene of these idiots beating on an infected man and it was pathetic ( sorry! ). It was plainly obvious that none of the kicks they were putting in where landing on the man – really sloppy scene!


This was another original Found Footage effort and it should be commended for that. It is nowhere near as bad as some (idiot) reviewers have made out.

Sure it was foreign and sure it had a super low budget but most Found Footage films do right?

The acting was solid and the two story lines were engaging and interesting. The filming was fine and the quality of the editing was spot on to.

If you’re looking for a ‘different’ kind of Found Footage then give this a go. It’s not a classic but it’s well worth watching!


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