The Ghost Footage 2 (2013) – Seeing Dark Shadow Figures

The Ghost Footage 2

Now to our second helping from Wolf Pyros PicturesThe Ghost Footage 2. I have to say I was more than a little happy to review this film due to the enjoyment I got from sitting through the first one! Neither of the films have any sort of budget but they are really well put together and a little more thoughtful than most Found Footage efforts.

Seeing Dark Shadow Figures…….

Yes I’m happy to report that in this second piece of The Ghost Footage jigsaw our main man Jason is seeing dark shadow figures. Well, in my experience with horror things are in pretty good shape if you manage to throw a dark cloaked figure in there – works every time!

You get the feeling that this offering is a little more thoughtful than the original The Ghost Footage – it’s laid out in longer sections and the action is toned down for the first period of the film.

The Vlog System

As with the first film, this movie is based around video entries or ‘Vlogs’ as I’m reliably informed. It works well on both films and it gives our main character ( Jason ) the platform to interact with the watcher(s).

There seemed to be a little more time and space in the initial Vlog entries this time around – as if they were building up to something……….

The Shadow Guy

The main reason I found this film a little more disturbing than the first was the input of the ‘demon’ feel. In The Ghost Footage we were not constantly seeing dark shadow figures – in fact I can only remember one instance involving a quick glimpse of an ‘entity’ in the main character’s bedroom.

This film takes the whole thing one step forward and we have ‘real’ contact with these strange cloaked figures ( and they do a good job of freaking the s**t out of you at times! ).

I liked the simplicity of the ‘horror’ in this story. Whenever Jason was seeing dark shadow figures it was plainly obvious that it was one of his mates dressed up in a black curtain or cloak but it still worked! Every time a shadow guy came on screen it was freaky – plain and simple!

The Indie Scene

I’ve been lucky enough to discover a handful of really good indie film producers over the the last few weeks since this site was started. Wolf Pyros Pictures and Freeze Frame films being the cream of the crop as far as I’m concerned.

It’s refreshing to witness budget horror done so well – especially when you see a bigger budget Found Footage movie release like SXTape sort of simmer but not boil ( if you know what I mean ). Sometimes in this genre the less money you have sort of works out in your favor – it seems to make you put more effect into naturally frightening situations!

The Ghost Footage 2 managed this again – it made you think and it was based on frightening ideas. Seeing dark shadow figures is an idea that stretches back a long way in horror movie circles and it works every time. It’s simple and it’s worrying – it latches onto our fears with ease.


I don’t think it will be to long before we are seeing dark shadow figures again on YouTube. The Ghost Footage 2 seems to have been left hanging for a reason. Now I’m not throwing any spoilers out there because that’s not what we do on this site ( try IMDb! ) but the ending is rather abrupt again!

Personally I am looking forward to the next installment as the story seems to be developing nicely. In this offering we meet another of Jason’s friends who is also seeing dark shadow figures. The pair of them work well together and seem quite natural in their mannerisms on screen.

If you’re into Found Footage Horror then this will be right up your street and should be viewed as soon as you have time. I have had contact with the man behind these films (Jason Day-Boisvert) and he has kindly let us embed the FULL MOVIE above this post – there is no excuse!

Normally we would ask you to leave any comments/opinions on the reviewed films below each post but in this case would you kindly leave them on the film’s YouTube page. The more comments and interactions each video gets the higher it is ranked and the more exposure it will receive 🙂



  1. I love watching found footage horror! It always freaks me out afterwards, but I can’t help but watch it…it’s a wonderful invention and a totally original way to look at the horror genre.

    Thank you for getting in contact with the creator, so we can watch it here 🙂

    I will definitely be watching it later and leaving my comments on it on the movie’s YouTube channel. I also feel it is important to support these types of indie directors because many of them are super talented.

    Think about Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez – where would they be now if a film distributor had not taken a gamble on their indie effort?

    Love your site and I will definitely be returning here for more – the best Found Footage resource on the web BY FAR!

    • Hi there Katie,

      Welcome to the site! And you are completely correct – this IS the best Found Footage resource on the web (that was my ‘big head’ moment – cue the trumpets and the drums!).

      You are completely right about Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez – they were a gamble that paid out BIG TIME for the distributor and film label that went with them (I forget who that was now?).

      I really hope you enjoy this film – don’t forget to watch the first offering as well (best to watch them in order really!).

      Great to meet you and great to have you using the site – spread the word girl! 🙂

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