The Ghost Footage (2011) – Real Paranormal Video Footage

The Ghost Footage

So I took a little gamble here and thought I’d dedicate our first blog post to an independent found footage horror film. It’s going down the route of claiming to be real paranormal video footage and to be brutally honest – it ain’t half bad!

The Ghost Footage 2011

Well I stumbled upon this little low budget beauty about a week back as I was scanning the horror section of YouTube. I’ll be honest – the idea of a real paranormal video footage movie on YouTube didn’t exactly fill me with confidence but it was about eleven at night and I couldn’t be arsed to look for anything else!

Man I’m glad I tried this out! The comments on the YouTube page were both good and bad but the length of the movie was at 1:21:43. This initially indicated to me that someone had at least attempted to put in an effort with this real paranormal video footage.

And it was indeed a labor of love for Jason Day-Boisvert of Wolf Pyros Pictures. Now I’m not going to try and convince you that this will be giving the Paranormal Activity franchise a run for it’s money because it won’t. What it will do is give an immensely enjoyable ‘real paranormal video footage’ experience!

Who Needs Three Snotty Students And a Witch in The Woods?

This film was able to prove to me that YouTube is a BIG player in the future of found footage horror movies. The main character (who I suspect is played by Jason himself) was believable – and that is all you want from the start of one of these movies.

The layout of the film has the main character posting Vlogs to YouTube containing real paranormal video footage. As the diary progresses we see the main character descend into a near breakdown state through personal haunting’s.

You don’t need money to do this type of thing – you just need a good idea. And that’s what The Ghost Footage is – a bloody good idea that has been well executed with no money (from what I could see!).

A Golden Globe or Maybe an Oscar?

Na, I don’t think we can stretch that far but he carried it off really well! The first half of the film sees ‘our hero’ (I love that saying!) accompanied by a friend who aids him in his investigations.

Now this friend seems to get the shitty end of the stick pretty early on in the film and falls out of the story a little. I found this disappointing as the interaction between the two was very believable. Both were able to act and both had a degree of humor and professionalism between them.


I’ll start with the negatives cos I’m that kinda guy! Two things struck me as downsides to this film (and that’s only because I am being picky!). The paranormal video footage was well done considering the lack of budget but at times it maybe went on a little to long. The constant turning of camera in one scene in particular joined by the typical ‘who’s there?’ seemed a bit of a time waster at best.

The second point is the ending – probably the most humorous ending to a real paranormal video footage movie I have ever seen. But this could actually work in the movies favor as it gives it that raw and independent feel – I’ll certainly remember it as it was so amusing!

But the positives – way to many to count really! Adventurous, creative, well acted, atmospheric, frightening and extremely well put together. The best thing about all this is that the film is sitting there FREE on YouTube so get out there, watch it, comment on it and SUPPORT IT!

These kinda film makers need to know they are appreciated and need to know they should make more!



  1. I liked this movie.For what jason did on his own was pretty darn good work! You should check out ghost footage 2 that has come out. That was pretty good too.

    • Hi Rina,
      Yeah he really did a good job on a zero budget didn’t he? Great potential and a nice guy as well! We have already reviewed Ghost Footage 2 HERE

  2. Hi Chris,
    I agree, for not spending any money on the film, Jason seems to have done a pretty good job. I’d say it’s…almost…believable. There were moments I’d say he was reaching a little, like in the basement when the rest of the house got messed up and Alan disappeared in a matter of minutes. But I suppose that’s what made it interesting. Nice review of the film, thanks!

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