The Gracefield Incident (2017) – Movie Review

The Gracefield Incident (2017) - Movie Review

EDIT: I actually wrote this post referring to the film as ‘The GARFIELD Incident’ – thankfully I noticed before hitting the publish button and managed to save some face (only just!)…

Sometimes, something as simple as a movie image or still shot is enough to get me excited – I hear news about a new Found Footage film being released and I’m like a big kid at Christmas.

Of course, more often than not, press releases for upcoming movies are doctored to f##k – they do a pretty awesome job of polishing a turd before it’s even released.

The Gracefield Incident first entered my world about three months ago, and the trailer, artwork etc, looked pretty damn impressive.

I was excited about it’s release.

I was then slightly disappointed when I watched it…

The Plot

In Gracefield, three couples are spending a long weekend in a luxurious cabin when suddenly an uninvited guest in the form of a meteorite, comes crashing the party…

Not Taking Itself Too Seriously…

It sounds pretty cool doesn’t it?

I mean, as far as Found Footage movies go – that’s a plot that can’t really fail, right?

The strange thing about The Gracefield Incident is that I never really got the feeling that the director was taking things seriously.

I mean, there were a lot of truly impressive visuals and such, but the actual script and screenplay was something you could of penned on the back of a cigarette carton.

So, ultimately, what we have is a very middle of the road kind of found footage film.

It’s as if the director (Mathieu Ratthe) realized that he was not able to create something groundbreaking…so he just blew his inheritance on some pretty damn fine FX scenes.

I’m still trying to figure out if this was a decent move or not…


Don’t really know where to go with this one because it was so close to being a top movie – I wonder if Ratthe new just how close he was?

It’s safe to say that I REALLY wanted to enjoy the movie, and I kept on hoping it’s journey would improve as I watched it…

But it just kept on missing the mark by tiny fractions.

Yet again the cast was not really up to standard for a film this visually impressive – they tried, but I feel the script let them down.

The days of Found Footage movies being built up on “what was that?” and “did you hear that?” are long past…unfortunately these two lines/statements reared their heads on numerous occasions throughout the film.

But the film does have wonderful scenery and impressive cinematography to fall back on, time and time again. Not all of the special effects scenes were great – but the majority were highly impressive.

It’s really hard to come to some sort of conclusion on this film because whilst I didn’t think it was that good, I am really glad I watched it. For some reason I will remember it.

Overall I think the movie (just) manages to build the tension and provide enough teasers of information, so that watchers are not frustrated with a slow burn that never pays off.

There is a slight twist in the end to the plot which was welcome enough, and there are quite a few scenes that will probably impress Found Footage fans…

But in my book…it just misses the mark.



  1. I’ve had my eye on this movie for a few years. Ow I dear God I’ve never been more embarrassed to have waited to see a film.

    Acting: —–F (as almost every film with a director/writer who insists on being the main character is.

    Writing: Somehow ten times worse than the acting

    Plot: impossibly, almost a thousand times worse than the writing.

    Special Effects: Impressive for a low budget film at times and other times comically bad.

    Overall: an abortion

    It took three sittings to force myself through this film which I only did so I could trash it publicly without being called out on not finishing it.

    So disappointed I was hyped for this for so long.

    • Yep, you and me both Rushabh!

      When I sat down to watch it I was expecting a classic…but that didn’t quite pan out!
      They got a lot of things right – but sadly they got a lot of things wrong as well.

  2. I also awaited this movie for a very long time. I actually anticipated this found footage movie more than any other. I was definitely disappointed. The worst part for me was the voice audio; totally took away from the atmosphere. Fortunately there were numerous good elements to the movie, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to enjoy it more on a second watch in a couple years via lower expectations.

    • Yeah I’m the same Charles – I often re-watch Found Footage films a couple of years later and discover that they’re not as bad as I first thought. Don’t know about this one yet though…

  3. The dialogue was incredibly bad; the fact that they kept saying each others name in every second sentence was getting on my nerves so much, and the acting could have been much better if the dialogue wasn’t this bland and stupid. Also like in a bad horror film, the characters were dumb and infantile in the beginning, when the incident started at the “cabin”. This ruined the whole thing for me.
    The few clever things (the eye camera for example, or the balloons) made it a little bit better, but the ending compensated me for a little bit. I really liked it, this is where the special effects shined the most and it was a twist I didn’t expect. Very few found footage’s ending is satisfying. But the film could’ve been so much better if they worked harder on the dialogue.
    But I will remember this one too, hell, might even watch it again, if only for the ending.

    • Yeah I took to the ending myself – just a shame the rest of the movie didn’t really match it in delivery…

  4. Just finished this one and i must say i liked it.

    Ok the endind was a little bit cheesy and there was one particular smile in the movie wich was really off the top for me and made me almost throw up (yeah- just a single smile!)
    anyway i´m pretty capable in ignoring things as long as i really want to enjoy a movie.
    Thats why i liked the ending although it was a bit too much for me.

    My conclusion about the plot without spoiling too much:

    Annoying stupid humans!

  5. This Contains a SPOILER so everyboy be warned.

    Remember the scene where the creature hold his baby? Painfull moment! 🙂

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