The Houses October Built ( 2014 ) – American Haunted Houses


The Houses October Built ( 2014 ) - American Haunted Houses

The Houses October Built is a very original Found Footage offering based on American haunted houses. I didn’t know ANYTHING about this movie before siting down to review it so my expectations were not really that high.

Turns out I was in for a bit of a treat…


There are two things in life that scare the s**t out of me – clowns and airplane journeys! I can avoid planes by traveling by sea – I can avoid clowns by staying away from the circus and kid’s parties!

The Houses October Built makes use of some of the creepiest clowns since Tim Curry played Pennywise the Dancing Clown in IT. Making use of these clowns in a Found Footage environment is a stroke of pure genius in my humble opinion – boy does it work and work well!

I am aware that there are many horror fans out there that are sick and tired of the Found Footage genre. I can understand this in some respects as the genre has been diluted by some pretty awful efforts over the last five years or so.

This film will drag those horror films back into the genre – it was a truly frightening and atmospheric experience…

The Plot

The film follows a group of friends as they take a Halloween season tour around as many American haunted houses as they can fit into five days.

I’m not from the US so I was not really that aware of the effect these American haunted houses had on the public. I knew they were quite good fun but I had no idea how extreme they were.

It’s the extreme factor that this group of friends are interested in – they are in search of a haunted house that’s supposed to be the apex of scares. The only problem? No one knows where it is or whom to ask for directions. It’s sort of like an urban legend that is only known through word of mouth.

So they visit as many of these American haunted houses as possible in the hope that someone will know where to find this ultimate kingdom of horror.


The indie cinematography of this film is perfect due to the fact the director, Bobby Roe, chose to shoot inside actual haunt venues. As you can imagine this creates quite a petrifying atmosphere.

The haunted house industry is captured brilliantly in the film without to much of that shaky movie camerawork that has crept into this genre. I also liked the fact that they used the actual ‘scare actors’ that work inside these venues – VERY effective on the big screen!


They got every element right in this film – I feel it is probably the best Found Footage release since the awesome Grave Encounters. The actors that made up the group were all natural and believable from start to finish.

The production and script writing side of things were near enough perfect and the ‘build’ within the story never falters either.

You really feel as if you’re there with the characters each time they enter one of these haunts. Only Found Footage Filmmaking could of pulled this sort of illusion off – it wouldn’t of worked any other way!

I can think of so many great films in this genre that seem to end with a fart instead of a blast. Thankfully this horror spectacular provides masses of fear factor throughout it’s final 30 minutes.

It also manages to leave a lot of questions unanswered so you have no real idea why the horror is taking place or who/what is behind it. It’s a cult classic that will keep audiences guessing for years to come.

Awesome Found Footage horror film – DO NOT MISS IT!



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