The Hunt ( 2006 ) – Hunting Big Woods Deer

The Hunt ( 2006 ) - Hunting Big Woods Deer

The Hunt is a 2006 Found Footage effort that bases itself on hunting big woods deer. Rather than being shot entirely in the found footage style it shifts between first person and regular camera work…

Pick One or The Other

I don’t understand these directors who choose to mess about with the filming techniques on their films. If you are looking to create a found footage film then surely you should stick to that style.

Found Footage is all about creating an atmosphere to scare the audience – it’s about building stuff up to the point where you are on the edge of your seat.

Keeping this in mind what do you think happens when you switch between the two styles of camera work? That’s right – you lose the atmosphere!

Well that is the choice director Fritz Kiersch made for this Found Footage film!

The idea of hunting big woods deer should really provide an ample opportunity to scare people – after all we’re in the WOODS.

That’s right, thanks to the timeless Blair Witch we know all know that the woods can be a damn scary place when viewed through a camcorder!

If that wasn’t bad enough Kiersch decided to use the SAME camera for both sections – what he didn’t think we’d notice?

Not a good start really is it?

The Timeline

Well if the duel camera POV was not bad enough we also get thrown a duel timeline to contend with.

The pretty much means we have nothing to look forward to other than finding out why these guys disappeared when hunting big woods deer.

It also means that for large portions of the film we are left twiddling our thumbs as we watch this group wander around a forest and argue with each other.

When a duel timeline gives you this much information you really need something to happen early on in the film to keep viewers interested.

Unfortunately the only thing The Hunt offers you is a pretty lame soap opera about how bad one of the guy’s drinking habits are (scary stuff….NOT!).

Building on the Characters

The timeline and the POV of the film also made it pretty hard to get into the ‘guts’ of the characters (excuse the pun!).

There are little subplots used in normal camera mode but they seem a little flimsy at best. They didn’t add anything to the make up of each character and to be brutally honest they were a little boring as well.


The one thing the film had on it’s side was the level of acting – not great but decent for the Found Footage genre.

Both hunters were quite believable – especially the alcoholic one!

I find a lot of Found Footage films have a really decent story and are filmed well only to have piss poor actors. This film seemed to be the exact opposite!

I suppose that’s what makes it even more infuriating – it had the basis for a decent horror film but neglected to use it in the right way.


It’s pretty hard to wrap this one up really. If I go further into the story and highlight what is in the forest with them I will ruin the whole film for you (I try my best to avoid spoiler alerts!).

For me the film did absolutely nothing until the last ten minutes and this is criminal. I have watched other Found Footage films that also didn’t pick up until the last ten minutes but these were well planned out efforts.

You see you need to build up atmosphere and tension if the story is to take you through to the last ten minutes – this did not manage that or get anywhere near it!

Did I enjoy the last ten minutes? Sure, I really did! But was it worth sitting through the hour or so of guff to get there…..nope!

I can’t really see a way of being able to recommend this to any Found Footage fan as it’s not great and it’s not 100% Found Footage. I suppose the best I can say is stream it for free online and see if you can get to the last ten minutes. Maybe save it for a rainy day when you have nothing else to do…


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