The Hunt For Black Eyed Kids (2012) – Movie Review

The Hunt For Black Eyed Kids (2012) - Movie Review

Well the last film I put up on here (Keep Watching) was an enjoyable experience…so I thought I’d even things up with a bit of a dud…

Yeah, I know, but I have to make this site as close to a comprehensive list as I can!

It’s safe to say that I didn’t know much about this movie before I came across it.

It’s also safe to say that it would have been no great tragedy if I’d overlooked it.

But, Found Footage is Found Footage…so here we go…

The Plot

The star of the hit series, The Haunting of Sunshine Girl, Sunshine embarks on a new adventure with her best pal, Nolan and a new sidekick Andrew.

They head to Portland, Oregon in search of her favorite urban legend, Black Eyed Kids.

Here they meet several witnesses who have seen BEK. This is a whole new adventure for the group and far from her normal ghostly adventures. Little does she know the BEK world is far more dangerous and evil than any of them could imagine.

Will she make it out alive?

Short & Sweet

I’ll level with you here – I’m already bored of concentrating on this review!

Yep, there’s very little I found memorable in this film…and I wasn’t prepared to watch it a second time.

Does anyone mind if I skip the normal jokes and wise cracks, and jump straight into the conclusion?


Thank fuck for that…


Okay, not a great addition to the Found Footage genre, by any stretch of the imagination.

First things first, there’s the full title – Sunshine Girl and the Hunt for Black Eyed Kids.

Anyone see a problem with that? Or is it just me being overly picky?

How about trying Sunshine Girl and the Hunt for (THE) Black Eyed Kids?

Would that work or am I over-thinking things yet again?

I have double checked and that is the title on IMDb and the movie’s poster.

Don’t know why – but it bugged me before I’d even hit the play button on the video streamer!

The film itself is pretty generic, and the plot somehow ended up quite pointless – it had direction but it didn’t actually manage to go anywhere (worthwhile!).

Acting – not too bad, but when the plot sorta floats on nothing, it’s hard to find praise for the actors caught in the middle.

I’m not saying this movie was a complete shit-show – at times it teased in the right direction, but I couldn’t shake the overall feeling of things not being taken seriously enough.

I have heard rumors that this ‘Sunshine Girl’, Paige McKenzie, is something to do with a YouTube setup – kinda explains the wafer-thin feel I got from this film.

Anyway – 100% bored with thinking about this film now, so let’s wrap it up…

Not for me I’m afraid.


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