The Inside (2012) – Movie Review

The Inside (2012) - Movie Review

Okay, okay! I’ve decided to get around to (finally) reviewing this title as several regulars to the site have pointed out that it’s a decent film over the last month or so!

I actually watched this title for the first time about three years ago on that dodgy Sky Horror channel – it was one of those 10pm showings that they hype up…only to turn out to be pretty sh#t.

However, this managed to fall into a different category and it certainly had more than a few interesting angles on offer.

So, I watched it again about a week ago for the purpose of this review…

The Plot

A group of girls are terrorized by violent vagrants before succumbing to a horrific supernatural evil – all in all they have a pretty shitty night!

Two Films In One

That’s right – I’m keeping the plot short and sweet because the film has a rather nice ‘split’ in it that I didn’t initially see coming.

I actually found the opening stages of the film a lot more frightening than the supernatural switch-over that takes place around the halfway mark.

I think it had something to do with the dark and dingy Irish attitude to proceedings – there certainly wasn’t many laughs and the vagrant scenes didn’t pull any punches (very impressive and realistic).


This seems to be one of those Found Footage movies that has fallen foul to the complete wankers that take the time to leave their ratings on IMDb (only 3.1 out of ten at the time of writing this – I mean COME ON!)

Unfortunately a high number of indie Found Footage films floating around out there are impossible to find due to the ratings they receive on IMDb – it’s very unfair and at the same time f##king irritating!

A large amount of viewers have rated it as a B-movie but that is just not the case – Found Footage is generally an indie movie setup NOT a B-movie setup!

It’s a brutal and uncomfortable film a lot of the time, and I must say there are a few moments where it gets hard to keep watching, just for the sheer explicitness of the plot.

This is not a bad thing however –  it keeps the feeling of dread rolling in the right direction!

The only ‘sag’ in the film (in my humble opinion) was the choice of ending which completely stood away from the Found Footage genre…and left me scratching my head as to why filmmaker/director Eoin Macken chose this particular route.

Unfortunately if I go any further on this point I’ll hit a few spoiler alerts so I’ll just let you experience it for yourself (but seriously – how stupid is that guy that finds the camera?).

I was extremely impressed by the length of scenes that revolve around the vagrant characters – this must have taken a lot of planning and the actors all pulled their weight without really thinking about it.

One such scene ran for just over ten minutes and in that time there were no cuts or edits leaving the watcher completely disturbed by what he/she had just seen.

This was an extremely effective way of building a particularly unnerving rape-thriller into creature-feature that slaps you in the face – you sort of go from one form of disgust to another within the blink of an eye (very creative in my book!).

I’d say that about 85% of this film is a class act that is seriously let down by the final 15% – I don’t think the creators had any real idea on how they should end it and made it up as they went along.

Unfortunately this one factor does bring the overall effect of the film down to about average but at the same time it’s still worth watching.

I don’t know why the majority of Found Footage directors stumble at this last hurdle – it seems to be happening more and more these days…

Definitely worth watching but turn it off 15 minutes before the end!



  1. I gave this one a shot but I just couldn’t seem to get into the characters really.

    • Well it’s not for everyone Kyle! I didn’t mind the characters too much but the ending really pissed me off….

    • It’s also listed as 2011 LOL. I just picked the release date they included on IMDb – I think it was released at different points over a two year period (depending on country). I know it was released in the UK & Ireland first.

  2. i thought this movie was decent compared to most ff ive seen lately… not rllly good but decent….
    a good ff is hard to come by … found the new blair witch to be a disapointment for me as well…

    • Heard mixed reviews on the new Blair so far Daryl. I will get around to watching/reviewing it myself shortly but I have 9 new films to get up on here first!!

  3. I have had this one in my collection for like 2 years and have yet to see it. When I first plugged it in, you know it starts in traditional film format and turned it off. Kinda forgot about it. Looks like it’s worth a watch for some good elements spread about. Got me worried about the ending now though 🙂

    • Hey Brandon – great to see you back here!

      Yeah when the film turns back into the traditional format it’s probably best to turn it off. The last 10 minutes or so contains one of the stupidest moves I’ve ever seen a character make in ALL formats of horror films. I don’t want to hit any spoilers but come on – how f##king stupid is that dude?

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