The Jokesters ( 2015 ) – Famous Practical Jokes


The Jokesters ( 2015 ) - Famous Practical Jokes

Right, before I get into this review I should first apologize for any grammar mistakes or general nonsensical rubbish you come across in it.

I’m currently suffering from a virus that belongs in a Stephen King novel and I’m half expecting to turn into some sort of zombie before the day is out!

Caught it off my ten month old son last week and have been wiped out with it ever since.

So, kindly overlook any sentences that don’t sort of glue together and take the review for what it is ( a bit of a mess really! ).

Famous Practical Jokes Online

So, The Jokesters is a pretty original Found Footage effort that follows a bunch of pranksters ( much like the Impractical Jokers TV series on cable! ) continuously trying to outdo each other.

We are following their exploits through a camcorder which contains footage that is then uploaded to their online show ( on a YouTube type platform ).

Ethan, the sort of group leader, decides to tie the knot with his lovely bride at the same time hinting that maybe his prank-pulling days are over.

His partners in crime are not exactly over the moon about this prospect so they decide to pull ‘the mother of all pranks’ on him as he enjoys his honeymoon in a secluded cabin in the woods.

Things don’t really turn out the way they are supposed to…

Up And Down

Even though I quite enjoyed large portions of the film I couldn’t get away from the fact that they sort of gave up on the ending. The first hour of the film was really well put together and quite engaging – the climax was the complete opposite to this!

It gave off the impression that they never really finished the script or the story – they had a sort of ‘idea’ and then winged it from there.

It felt very much like they took the easy way out – I saw EVERYTHING coming before it actually happened and this effectively killed off the Found Footage experience for me.


This is a strange one really – you’ve got great cinematography, impressive actors and a unique and inventive plot build. You’ve then got an extremely transparent ending that ruins the whole experience!

I sort of get the impression that director A J Wedding hasn’t got any real friends – surely one of them would have pointed out that the ‘ship had sailed’ twenty minutes before the film wraps up?

The attempted bloodbath that the film ends on seems to be completely ruined by the Found Footage format that is covering it – it just doesn’t fit, especially as some deaths are captured off camera ( an array of strange gurgling sounds indicate someone has apparently kicked the bucket! ).

I just can’t shake the feeling that this film turned out to be a bit of a mess because of the climax. Instead of building on the unique plot it turned out to be one of those films that will probably turn the public against found footage.

Great start that descends into a complete mess – I’ll leave the decision to watch it in your hands.

Now I’m gonna lie down before I collapse on my laptop.




  1. Thanks for sharing your view on this one. Annoying with such a great build up and then it falls flat on its face in act 3. I watched it with my wife and we actually started discussing alternative endings for it before the movie was even over. It’s almost amazing how they managed to choose the most obvious and least creative way to end the story. Almost like they just gave up on it or something. Anyway. I hope you get well soon, Chris.

    • Hi John,
      Yeah they managed to pick the stupidest, unexplained ending possible! Not only that, the gore fest they attempted seemed a little ‘out of place’ at best. I could go on all day really – what about those kids that find the camera? Were they worth breaking out of the Found Footage mold for three minutes or so – considering none of them could act?

      • Stepping out of the 1st person perspective/FF format in a closing scene could perhaps be very effective, if you think about it. Can’t come up with any examples right now, but I just have this feeling that it could be really powerful if it’s done in a clever way and serves the storyline or contributes to a good plot twist at the very end.

        Which of course it doesn’t in this movie. I almost felt angry for the spent opportunity after I watched it. On a more constructive note, I would have suggested adding some sort of sudden supernatural element towards the end perhaps, taking everything in a new direction. Something in the vicinity of a moderate mindfuck comparable to the vampire twist in “From Dusk Til Dawn” maybe. I don’ know. Anyway, I was so cheering for “The Jokesters” for the first hour, but it just ends up as something I will probably never watch again.

        • Yeah I catch your drift there John – I seem to remember that the final scene of The Den involved a dad at his computer with his son walking in ( shot in normal style of course! ). This seemed to work for that particular movie…but not for this one!

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