The KAOS Brief (2017) – Movie Review

The KAOS Brief (2017) - Movie Review

Not really a bad effort this – but overall a little mundane…

I don’t know how to start this article because I don’t really know how I feel about this movie as a whole. At times it captured my imagination, and had many ingredients that I’m interested in (you gotta love UFO’s and Men in Black!), but I was never really fully-invested in the experience!

This happens from time to time with Found Footage – decent effort, decent actors, decent plot…but missing something…important.

The Plot

“Hacked footage reveals mysterious events surrounding the abduction of four teenagers.”

Seriously – that’s the plot line that has been left on IMDb – not exactly Shakespeare or Dickens, is it?

Hitting EVERY Sci-Fi Trope!

This isn’t really a complaint, this is actually one of the positives I took from the movie – it manages to hit up just about every single alien-related, Sci-Fi trope known to Hollywood!

Now, I can see this putting a few watchers off, but I kinda liked this ‘stuffed in’ effort.

We’ve got the ‘lights in the sky’ incident, then we move onto the Men in Black, throw in a serving of alien implants and a side order of alien abduction – just about covers it all!

Okay, one can argue that these avenues have been used a million times before by Hollywood, but they’re still kinda welcome (in my world anyway!).

But…this is where the main problem of the movie arises – there’s nothing really memorable created, there’s no unique spark.


The KAOS Brief attempts to hand us a spine-tingling tale of government conspiracy…but it definitely needed an extra ingredient to make it stand out above what has been released before.

Don’t get me wrong – director JP Mandarino does manage to nail a few of the extraterrestrial elements impressively…but overall the project was still left wanting.

The cast are pretty good – no real problem there, although the lead character Skylar (played by Drew Lipson) did manage to grind on my ears at times (but Skylar is supposed to be a popular YouTube Vlogger…and 99.9% of them are wankers anyway!).

I did leave the film thinking that the remaining three characters, played by Charlie Morgan PattonMarco DelVecchio and Akanimo Eyo, were not really utilized in the right manner. Skylar is such a pain in the ass, he tends to take up a lot of the movie’s ‘space’ (no pun intended!).

The cinematography is well above average – no bones there, and the special effects are decent enough (except for one scene where Charlie Morgan Patton’s character is having an ‘alien episode’ on the bed!).

This is a watchable Found Footage movie – no doubt about that…BUT…yet again I feel the project could of been a lot more, with a bit more care and attention.

Unfortunately they have missed the boat when it comes to injecting a sense of urgency or fear into the plot…and this kinda stands out a bit, especially at the climax.

You may like it…or you may not!

Just above average for me!



  1. Hi mate, I haven’t commented in a while but I always visit. I thought this movie was a decent effort and it could be a start of a great found footage career. The lead character Skylar really really got to me and If I could I would of punched him, talk about in love with themselves. I really liked the Men in Black part of it and the conversations on the mystery person. Btw theres a new Bad Ben out named Bad Ben The Mandela Effect.

    • Hi Stewart!

      Is that new Bad Ben movie online yet, or is it being released soon? (sounds interesting!)

      • Yep its out. I thought it was silly but in a fun kind of way, it really doesn’t take itself seriously.

  2. Hi Chris:
    My gripe is very different form your. Seniors in high school really? That is one of my pet peeves. The kids in Phoenix Lights looked like kids… not 30 year old buff gym rats!! Other than that, I agree filming is top notch and maybe it should be a cautionary tale for these obnoxious You Tube wankers (your word, I like it!). Overall not bad, but not great.

    • I actually didn’t think about that Celine – were these supposed to be High School kids?
      Pretty lame if they were!

  3. Who doesn’t love conspiracies Chris? 😀 

    I usually get hooked until the end and as much as I hate to admit it, what my friends and family said are true – that I’ll stop thinking about everything in my life to just focus on following the story and I do love a good mystery especially when it seemed so read. Speaking of which, Is the KAOS Brief based on a true story?

    • Na I wouldn’t go that far Riaz, but it does contain a number of the more ‘typical’ conspiracy angles! 

  4. I like these kind of films and think the plot is pretty good, it’s a shame about the spark not lighting the film up based on the plot.

    What do the think they could of done better in order to really light this film up ? We’re due for another hit found footage film and this could of been it as it’s different from the normal paranormal films that make the big screens.

    • It’s hard to say really Darren – maybe been a bit more original with certain elements, thought things out a little more when it came to plot etc?

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