The Lakeside Killer (2012) – Modern Day Frankenstein

The Lakeside Killer (2012) - Modern Day Frankenstein

It’s that time of the month again when I feel this site would benefit from a few zero budget film reviews. More often than not that means I have been hitting up YouTube late at night to try and find the next ‘big thing’.

I stumbled across The Lakeside Killer and quickly looked through the comment section – turns out it had more positive than negative opinions below it!

It’s a 32 minute long Found Footage film based on the idea of a modern day Frankenstein. It had a reasonable number of views and it didn’t seem to have been made by teenagers (which in my experience is a good thing!).

I decided to give it a go…

The Lakeside Killer

Well right off the bat we are confronted by a caption that reads:

“Recovered from the scene of a triple homicide in Tempe Arizona on the morning of Sept. 24, 2012”

So we now know that something pretty dicey has gone down and s**t has hit the fan because of it!

Our first scene introduces us to Eddie and Ty who seem to be decent enough actors and are above the age of 16 (thank god!).

During the first part of their filming session we find out that Eddie’s girlfriend was killed in the very same park they stand 4 months before. It’s at this point I get a little suspect about the acting skills of the guy who plays Eddie (with good reason!).


OK I thought I’d better cover this point before we go any further as it is the only gripe I have with the film overall….

Eddie can’t act!

Sorry but the guy was almost comical in places. It’s not down to him being a terrible actor more that he ‘over acted’ just about every scene he was in.

Please don’t let that put you off the film as it is an indie effort and I doubt any of the actors were professional.

It’s just that it is very funny watching this guy’s over reactions in part of the film (shame he’s one of the main characters!).

Back to The Film…

We are basically following Ty as he films Eddie’s efforts to find the Lakeside Killer. We end up at the spot where Eddie’s girlfriend was found (dead) and we follow Eddie putting up posters and handing out leaflets.

It’s all pretty slow to start with but as with most Found Footage we know they are building up to something nasty.

The camera quality and the camera work overall were really impressive for this entry level budget film – everything was clear and easy to follow. The audio was also spot on – in some cases it was much better than the big budget production’s sound.

There are a few instances in the film where you realize they must of been dragging in actors off the street or tapping up family members!

In one scene they meet up with a detective who is possibly the shortest cop I have ever seen! He doesn’t look right at all bless him and when he walks off I’m pretty sure I noticed a limp of some sort…


Nearer the end of the piece we get more of the modern day Frankenstein topic thrown into the mixing pot and it does become quite a good conclusion.

Overall I found it easy enough to watch and quite enjoyable in places. The portrayal of Eddie was a bit of a stinker though and it definitely let the whole film down. I’m not having a go here – I’m just being truthful!

With a bit of money and some decent actors this director could definitely be onto something. The story and cinematography were spot on really and the execution of the conclusion was pretty good as well.

We have embedded the film at the top of this review seeing it is a free film so feel free to watch it. If you enjoy it would you please take the time to comment on it’s YouTube page and ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ it?

I’m pretty sure the producer would be grateful for your support 🙂



  1. There’s another Frankenstein found footage film called “The Frankenstein Theory (2013)”.

    • I really enjoyed The Frankenstein Theory ( although a lot of critics didn’t! ) but I haven’t got around to reviewing it yet. I’ve only watched it once so I’ll have to go through it again soon before I cover it here 🙂

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