The Legend Of The 5ive (2012) – Movie Review

The Legend Of The 5ive (2012) - Movie Review

Welcome to the review of possibly the most gory Found Footage film in existence…but that’s not saying it’s a good one mind!

Yep, the ‘death scenes’ in this one were absolutely hilarious – it’s actually probably worth watching the film for these alone…

The Legend Of The 5ive is a 2012 British Found Footage offering from director James P. Weatherall and it won a Tabloid Witch Award in 2013…if anyone has any sort of idea what that is…let me know!

I suppose it’s based on the UK’s version of Most Haunted, which is something I never watch, and I kinda wish I never really bothered watching this…

The Plot

All Hallows Eve – the perfect night for a ghost hunt. At least that’s what documentary film-maker Julia Marsh was told when she joined ‘Paranormal Investigations Inc’ for their Live Halloween special.

Amateur Hour Acting

Okay, the movie itself could well have managed to hold my attention IF one particular character had been killed off within the first ten minutes of the film’s runtime…but he wasn’t.

I don’t really want to use this site as a ‘name and shame’ platform but I HAVE to mention the character that pulled this film down into the depths of amateur hour…

That fat goth looking psychic (sorry if you are reading this!).

Talk about one of the most hammy performances I’ve ever seen in a horror movie!

It’s hard to explain really. The performance is so bad it’s almost as if he’s performing in a spoof movie – like The Naked Gun or Superhero Movie.

Seriously, if the Monty Python boys were looking at casting a psychic character in one of their films – this dude would be the perfect fit.


Over the years, there have been some pretty decent British-based Found Footage efforts released onto the market – this unfortunately, is not one of them.

The look of the film is excellent, because the location was near enough perfect for this sort of outing. It was completely rural, without the sound of cars on nearby roads (which seems to be happening more and more these days!).

Add to that some interesting shots from cameras monitoring specific points on the property and good overall editing…

So how did it go so wrong?

Well, as I touched on above, this was amateur hour acting…and some scenes were ‘laugh-out-loud’ bad.

You know that feeling when you watch a horror film and someone dies, and you immediately think “Thank fuck he/she’s gone”…


This film delivers that feeling in style!

As I just mentioned, I suppose some of the editing is pretty impressive, and the plot is kinda original…

Oh, and the death scenes are wonderfully over-the-top and memorable.

But acting that consisted of pregnant pauses and (completely) over-dramatic reactions really managed to put this one to bed for me.

It lasts for 90 minutes, and boy does it feel like 90 minutes. It’s IMDb page also claims that it had a $3,500,000 (estimated) budget – can you smell bullshit?

Speaking about it’s IMDb page – the movie’s been out since 2012 and it’s only received 22 votes in total (read into that what you will!).

Oh, and it hasn’t even bothered to hire any fake reviewers to bump up it’s overall score!

Not good.



  1. I watched a film from one of your reviews a couple years ago called Hollow, the surprisingly decent British film surrounding a haunted tree. Found it on YT because the concept had admittedly fascinated me, and despite an agreebly slow start, I enjoyed the actors’ performances, I liked the atmosphere and the location, find a some enjoyable humor, and a surprising ending. I had to go back a couple times to figure it out, but I think I got it. It wasn’t the ghost that hung them (can basically say this since first minute of the movie reveals their fate) it was J. He lost his marbles because he could have E (I’m using abbreviations to lessen possible spoilers) and she was still hung up on S, and since it sounds like he’d had mental issues in the past, the whole haunted tree/negative energy scenario, along with the love triangle, made him fall back into that downward spiral. Because of his mental instability, he felt that since he couldn’t have E, and L wanted S so badly, he decided to make the pact for the group and have them die together like in the legend. So eerie, sad, and creepy once I figured it out.

    • Hi D.J.

      Yeah I remember that film – excellent, from what I can remember. I’ve got to check I’ve put it up on this site now – I haven’t thought about it for quite some time!

  2. Hello and nice to see you reviewing Found Footage movies again. You know, I loved your writing style and you are now bookmarked in my browser 🙂

    Since we are both film lovers, I want to keep updated with news from you and your posts.

    As for the The legend of the 5ive, I am going to be honest  with you. Never heard of this movie before. Maybe I just missed it or could be something else. After reading you could barely handle this movie, I think I am going to skip it. You also did not like the acting there. 

    Was it really that bad performance? Sometimes movie budget does not mean it is going to be a bad movie but this one obviously is.


    • Well it really wasn’t full of great performances Strahinja, and some of the actors (one in particular) were so bad, it seemed as though they’d never been in front of the camera before! 

  3. Hi, Chris!

    Somehow you got me to laugh and that is a great sign. I love to laugh, and it makes this life more bearable, more fun and more enjoyable. Speaking about this movie… I never watched it before, and somehow I believe I will never watch because you said pretty well that the acting was terrible. Who wants to see something terrible? The other thing is that I never like to watch horror movies. I believe that we can see more horror in everyday life than in a movie. I am lucky to say that I attract more great things in my life and I avoid terrible ones. Sadly, this world is full of terrible, terrible things and horror. 

    Of course, I would love to see a location that is completely rural and without the sound of cars on nearby roads in the movie. But I can find these places in real life in my country that I love and cherish.

    What is the best horror movie in your opinion?

    Thanks for this review and some laughter! 

    • You must be one of the visitors off social media…because I have no real idea how you ended up on my site if you don’t like horror movies!!!  🙂

      Oh well, at least you enjoyed your visit! 

      I feel that the best horror movie ever made, is probably The Exorcist (it’s hard to argue past that one really!). 

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