The Levenger Tapes (2013) – Movie Review

The Levenger Tapes (2013)

Greetings once again – and apologies for the silence over the last couple of weeks!

I have got a huge backlog of films to get up on here but I’ve been concentrating on setting up a Found Footage viewing section on the site (or ‘cinema’ as I’ve opted to call it!).

Those of you that are relatively observant would have noticed a new tab in the navbar header to this site.

It looks a little bit like this…

Free Found Footage Tab

Anyway, you can now watch Found Footage movies from this site but don’t expect Hollywood blockbusters (I ain’t Putlocker and I don’t fancy the Feds breaking down my door!).

This Free Found Footage Cinema Section will be showcasing complete indie efforts that I have located online.

Now, we all know that this could open the floodgates for any old shit to end up on the site but I promise you (all) that is not going to be the case.

I will only be showcasing the cream of the indie crop here – spotty American teenagers running around forests with their iPhones are not welcome I’m afraid!

Anyway, back to the film in question today…

The Levenger Tapes!

The Plot

“Detectives in a remote town pore through every frame of a troubling tape to find the whereabouts of three missing college students. The chilling footage becomes more and more disturbing when the students come upon the bloody dress of an 8-year-old girl in the secluded wilderness and take it upon themselves to find her. Linking the case of the missing girl and the missing students together, the detectives race to piece enough information together to find them alive.”

Yeah you guessed it – yet another stolen film bio from IMDb!

Well it is Sunday after all…

The Fuzz Audience

I kinda liked the way this film used The Fuzz (that’s slang for police round my way!) as an extra set of eyes on this event.

Not only do we get to see events unfold through the video camera lens, we also get to see the police try to unravel the twisted incident as they also watch the footage.

I know it’s been done before, many, many times now. But it’s seldom done this well with actors that are actually believable (for the most part!).

It’s all about giving the film a new dimension without taking anything away from the Found Footage format.

Which is what it’s all about really…


I didn’t want to dive too heavily into the plot here because it’s actually a really interesting journey (for the most part).

It’s not quite supernatural…yet at the same time…it is…I guess???

The conclusion’s a bit of a mindf#ck and that only adds to the strange aura that surrounds the film’s plot.

The filmmaker is a guy named Mark Edwin Robinson and he actually shot this in his local area.

He does a pretty impressive job of starting the film off a bit slow then building the pace for the sake of tension.

I was also quite impressed by the way he relied on plain old creepiness instead of loud bangs scaring the shit outta you.

Jump scares are fine but at times the Found Footage genre relies on them a little too heavily – not the case here.

Robinson uses the plot to make you feel gradually uneasy…instead of throwing a stretchy-faced demon at you time and time again.

I will admit that the ending actually threw me off for a couple of hours…but I got there in the end (after watching it twice!)

All in all it works out as a pretty intelligent Found Footage offering. The locations were great, the actors could hold their own and the plot was fresh and original.

Well worth watching.



  1. Yooo, been following your list for quite some time now and i can say that you got your head on str8. LOL… Keep em comin.

    • Hi there Jqwan – great to hear that you’ve been following our work here! Thanks for your support and continued use of the site – look forward to hearing from you again in the future!

  2. Chris, you rock :), I spent many frightful nights watching movies reviewed by you.

    I am looking forward to see the other gems that you unearth from the underground of film making.

    • Hi there Silviu – great to have you here with the rest of us! Always like meeting new readers/subscribers 🙂
      Thanks for using the site and taking the time to say hello!!!

  3. I finally watched this one, and it was interestingly much better than I thought. It, at least, makes you wonder but then I got the explanation from someone who’d watched it too and then it all made it more sense. I have to re-watch it. It was well done considering the budget must’ve minimum. I recommend it! Thanks for bringing these to our attention Chris.

    • You’re not alone Keith – I was left scratching my head on first viewing myself! I’ve also got a lot of time for this one – really well done overall.

  4. Hey brother!
    In you free found footage cinema section, I didn’t actually see any titles I could watch. Is it just me or do you not have any indie selections in there at the moment? Just trying to figure it out. Great job on this site by the way. I’ve been following you for about two years now. Keep up the good work.

    • Hiya Raj

      I think I know what’s going on here – try hovering over the Free Found Footage tab and a drop down list should appear (i.e. don’t click on the tab at first!). Let us know if it works for you!

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