The Lost Tape (2004) – Andy’s Terrifying Last Days Revealed


The Lost Tape (2004) - Andy's Terrifying Last Days Revealed

Well I got lucky last night ladies and gents…I stumbled upon a pretty cool Found Footage effort I had no idea existed!

When most of the planet were out throwing their Friday night vodkas down their throats I was sprawled out on the sofa, smashing my way through a handful of relatively unknown horror flicks ( with beer in hand of course! )

​This little gem is a spin off from the remake of the classic Romeo Dawn of The Dead. It’s not a full feature length film but it is pretty enjoyable – especially if you enjoy the ‘Dead’ franchise.

Short And Not so Sweet!

The film runs for a little under twenty minutes but it was a really enjoyable experience all the same. It is based on the character of Andy from the feature film remake.

You remember the guy who’s isolated in the gun store opposite the shopping mall…that’s Andy!

The film seems very much like a free offering or bonus to fans of the franchise due to it’s length and obvious lack of budget, but that just makes me love it even more!

The Plot

There’s obviously not that much of a plot to this film due to the fact it’s very short but for those of you that have not seen the feature film, I’ll try and elaborate…

We have a bunch of people holed up in a locked shopping mall during a zombie apocalypse. Opposite this shopping mall is a lone gun shop owner who is holed up inside his shop.

The two sets of survivors are communicating through radio and passing the time keeping each other amused whilst waiting for rescue.

In the feature film we don’t really get to see much of Andy’s character – it’s based more on the people inside the shopping mall.

This Found Footage short concentrates on Andy and gives us an insight into what happened before his final demise.


The film was straightforward and enjoyable with Bruce Bohne playing Andy – the only actor in the film. We all know what’s going to happen to Andy but it’s great to get to see the lead up to his death.

In many of the initial scenes it seemed really tongue-in-cheek but as the days roll on we get to see a more desperate, broken side to Andy.

The character of Andy is awesome – the type of guy you’d love to go on a bender with and get totally trashed. His one liners and redneck look on the world are perfectly portrayed in this film.


Well worth watching if you are a Found Footage fan OR a fan of George A. Romeo’s franchise. It’s not going to win any Oscars but it certainly will keep the fans of zombie films very happy.

As I mentioned in the intro, I had no idea this film existed and I LOVE the Romeo ‘Dead’ series. To top it all off it was filmed in the Found Footage style so I was in absolute heaven for about twenty minutes or so!

Don’t take my word for it – open up a new browser and go to YouTube now. There are at least three versions of it floating around on there with very little activity!

An enjoyable spin-off Found Footage yarn – put it on your list!



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