The Man From Taured – The Tokyo Incident

The Man From Taured - The Tokyo Incident

As far as hidden dimensions go The Man From Taured tops the bill (in my humble opinion!). I recently completed an article on a Spanish lady named Lerina García that has similarities to this story but I still feel this one ticks more boxes!

The Man From Taured

Our story takes place way back in 1954 at the Haneda Airport, Tokyo, Japan. It was an apparently very humid and hot day and a routine European airline was due to land on a designated runway.

The plane landed and the occupants made their way patiently through the customs desks. One of the passengers seemed to stand out from the crowd – a middle aged Caucasian man who was apparently arriving for a business trip.

It turns out he had traveled to Japan three times already that year and his main language was french. After conversing with the man the officials determined that he could also speak several other languages and he held many different currencies.

Everything seemed straight with his story until they asked him where he was from – he casually claimed he was from Taured…


The officials calmly told the man that Taured did not exist but he insisted that it did – it was on the border between France and Spain! He then provided them with his passport and sure enough it was a real passport that showed other visits to Japan and other countries.

The man from Taured then gave the officials the details of his business meeting and they contacted the company at once. The company had never heard of this stranger’s business and the hotel had no booking under his name!

All a Big Joke?

The bearded stranger started to laugh at the officials and ask them whether or not they were having a joke on his behalf.

The officials brought out a map and pointed to Andorra on it – maybe this guy was a little confused. At once the stranger lost his temper and informed them Andorra did not exist and it had taken the place of Taured on the map!

By this point he was really not happy with the whole incident and he claimed that his proud country had been around for thousands of years!

The officials placed the man from Taured in a local hotel for the night so they could look deeper into the situation.

The Next Morning…….

The following morning the man from Taured was nowhere to be found – it was is if he had vanished into thin air. There had been numerous immigration officials outside the door guarding the mysterious traveler and the door was not opened once!

All of the man from Taured’s personal documents including his passport and drivers license issued by the mystery country had vanished from the airport’s security room…..

It was as if this unique stranger had never even existed – police and officials searched high and low for him but nothing was seen of him again.

What do you think happened to the man from Taured?


    • Yep, this is definitely one of the possibilities Sid 🙂
      Cheers for stopping by and leaving your opinion!

  1. Or alternate reality/timeline. There are quite a few stories of time slips and intern dimensional slips. By intern dimensional I mean alternate timeline because different dimension technically would be a completely different reality. Alternate timelines are believe to happen when either naturally occurring micro singularities in space or on earth deliver artifacts or objects or people backwards in time causing a timeline split. This can be done by both Natural and Artificial means such as the Montok Project or Project Pegasus. Any interference with the past by and outside force at the quantum level creates a fork in the timeline. Were all bound to our own timelines quantumly and once a temporal disturbance happens its instant the person will most of the time will return to there own timeline unless there existence at the quantum level has been changed to allow them to stay in that reality. Most of the stories involve the person traveling to an alternate timeline and then returning back or disappearing because what brought them to this timeline no longer exists or is bound to them so they return to there own timeline. Its a little different when it comes to Time slips forward and backward through time on the same timeline. Thats a different story tho.

    • Hey Steve, fantastic points you’ve supplied here! Funnily enough we were thinking about covering Project Pegasus in a separate article here this week – you’ve made our minds up for us now :). Thanks for adding this thorough information to our article – very interesting stuff!

      • It is not true that, ” Any interference with the past by and outside force at the quantum level creates a fork in the timeline.”, as stated above. The reason is, that the past cannot be altered it can only be affected in a retro-causal manner. For example, one cannot go back and kill Hitler because if they did there would be no reason to go back in the first place. No matter how many times one would try they would be met with failure. Lewis

          • If someone went back in time and killed Hitler, in the new timeline Hitler would be dead. No one would know why some unknown crazy person killed him. The traveler’s original timeline would still exist, thus he could have been able to go back and kill Hitler. The original timeline would be unaffected.

        • LMR… Rrrrrreally valid point. Motive of alteration becomes moot if said attempt occurs. Elimination of any target subject manifests the absence of that initial action’s response for execution.

    • I believe in time slips and inter-dimensional slips because my cousin and I experienced something that we could not explain. We walked into a Friendly’s Restaurant on a hot summer day to get ice cream cones. The people sitting at the counter, appeared wavy, almost blurry. My cousin and I noticed they were wearing winter clothing, and had winter coats and hats hanging on the wall hooks behind them. It was a hot August day; my cousin and I were wearing shorts and tank tops. The whole place did not look right; it looked very wrong. The people sitting at the counter never noticed us at all. They didn’t even look toward the door when we came in, which is something people always do. Within a few minutes, the waviness & blurriness stopped. We noticed that different people in summer clothes were now sitting at the counter, and there were no coats on the wall hooks. Believe me when I say we were very freaked out, and we have no explanation as to what happened. So, I believe The Man from Taured story could be real, because my cousin and I witnessed something that we couldn’t explain either.

    • Intern dimensional – Is that like a trainee dimension or something? Not yet fully qualified?

    • Your awareness of these subjects seems to be more advanced than average. How have you learned this much? Who are you?

  2. Wow.. I got goosebumps! People are so dismissive of time travel stories and UFO stories and look at us like we’re the crazy ones but such incidents do exist and I’d like to rub my friend’s face in this one! Haha

    • And yet you read it all the way through! The incident is real enough – a simple Google search will highlight that fact. How it came about we will never know. Maybe next time you could elaborate on why you feel the article/topic is nonsense – it makes for better engagement on the article.
      Anyway thanks for stopping by and leaving your ( rather rash ) opinion 🙂

  3. Very interested in the above story , however, is there any documentation for the narrative ? Which is to state ? Could someone point me to a works cited paged with apparently official texts from official publications that initially document that story ?

    • Hi Jason, There are many articles covering this topic/incident online that can be located using a simple Google search. It’s then a case of ‘take your pick!’. You have to remember that it took place a long time ago now so the records will probably not be as up to date as more modern records.

      • Everything I’m finding is just articles telling the story… but I’m not finding like… names of the guards, or witnesses, or any kind of documentation from the time… how can we trace this story back to see if it’s legit?

        • Sorry for the delay. We’ve tried to find out a lot more about this subject but as you’ve noticed – there seems to be a lot of shut doors online about it. I think it’s a case of deeper research, maybe through a forum platform?

        • same goes with me I also haven’t found the witnesses and it must be published in a newspaper to of that date july 1954..nothing is sustained strange…

  4. Oh man.They couldn’t even find his passport after that? Like no proof that he ever existed? That’s super strange,nice article though.

    • Hi Sami,
      Yeah, everything that was related to the man seemed to disappear with him. These are pretty old reports but each one of them says the same thing!

  5. erm… actually they can check on the flight seat he bought (or maybe they did but didn’t mention anywhere?)… you can’t get into the plane with the fake or unidentified passport right?
    I wouldn’t say this is definitely a fake story but for me, it is a bit unconvincing because they ended the story by saying everything disappear… so was he a ghost (that’s why everything disappeared together with him) or a person who accidentally slip through another different timeline dimension?
    if the story was originated from Japan, it’s very likely they made that story to get some public attention… you know, Japanese are expert on making ghost stories lol
    but I enjoyed it, no matter it’s real or fake 🙂

    • That’s cool Wai – we accept all opinions here!
      Glad you enjoyed the article, stop by again anytime 🙂

    • In that time period you really did not need to show passport for leaving or entering countries it was just in case you were caught or suspected of something. But it wasn’t a mandatory search the moment you arrived or left.

      Maybe I already forgot it’s 12 am for me. But was he placed on roughly like the 8th floor so he couldn’t even jump out if he wanted to. And there was only one door that was haired round the clock by the international people. Either you said this and this point is usless or we have different sources of info. Or I just need sleep but anyway I love this story. I want to do a research paper on it. Like I said I really enjoy it. ( I am very sorry for any typos and my speaking conversationally I know it can be hard to follow)

      • Don’t worry about the typos Robert – thanks for taking the time to leave your opinion! 🙂

  6. Dude….this is interesting maybe it was a time slip? I dont know but all i do know is that there are different dimensions thats for sure for example the spirit world, maybe he literally came from another dimension but it is mostly unseen, unless you have the third eye

    • Cool stuff anonymous guy ( or girl!!! )
      The spirit world is charge of many daily incidents – nice to hear from someone who has an open mind 🙂

  7. I find this one of the most interesting mysteries ever to occur. This man could have easily been dismissed as delusional or senile if it had not been for his documentation. As a physics enthusiast, I believe in the theory of a bubble multiverse. Meaning, there are several universes contained within a larger “bubble” and several bubbles within a yet larger bubble. According to the theory, universes sometimes pop, merge, or bounce off each other. It’s possible that an alternate universe bounced off of or temporarily latched onto ours, causing this man to appear in our universe by unintentionally walking through an Einstein-Rosen bridge (aka a wormhole) into our universe, thus being deposited in a similar location to which he left. As for his disappearance, perhaps he was pulled back into his universe when it detached from ours. Or his presence in our universe caused a paradox and erased him from existence. Where are his documents now? Perhaps they were sent back with him. This mystery will most likely never be solved. Nonetheless, a story like this is certainly interesting.

    • Hi there,
      It’s strange you should mention the subject of bubble multiverse as a colleague was talking about it the other day – he has actually written pieces for this site! Glad you enjoyed the article so much – thanks for taking the time to leave your opinion on it 🙂

  8. My main part of my post about this is a curiosity question. But first a couple of things, I’ve always been interested in the concept of parallel universes (have been a huge fan of the concept via science fiction and was a fan of the now defunct TV shows from the 1990’s, “Sliders” and the later late in the last decade, early in this one, “Fringe” that touch on that subject), I don’t think from reading the story it’s based on time travel, but more on parallel universes and one of those times where a person supposedly slips between the universes — with sometimes permanent over tone if Gordo Lerina “Lucy” Garcia’s story is to believed as one (although some learned people do wonder if she needs some neurological tests to see if she doesn’t have a rare condition prevalent more among women of Capgras syndrome.) But again, that being written this Man from Taured story is intriguing. Although to shed some light on the story and it’s origins, just a bit, supposedly this story first surfaced back in 1974 as a tale in Japanese folklore comics — I found that out on another website. Which would have placed, the first telling of this tale, 20 years after the incident supposedly really took place. Which does raise the question (although this isn’t the one I want answered), but it raises the question: “How much of this story changed in retelling, if it is true, over the 20 years when it first surfaced in Japan?” That being written, though, some of the non-believing writings of this story trying to debunk it have met with people reminding others that in light of it being from 1954 as supposedly happening that times were different at an airport and an airport security then would be the case later and in our post 9-11 world of 2015 back to 2001. Okay, now to my question about this, though (and I brought up that this was in the pre-9-11 world of 1954 for a reason, because although there wouldn’t have been the amount of security OR the amount of having The Man from Taured’s name being released into the internet as it would today and the post-9-11 world, I would think that his name though would have appeared in some way or form in either the telling of the story or from artifacts of “our” world such as newspapers, people contacted, at that time — like the company he was supposedly in Tokyo work for, etc and even in the hotel employees that he was supposedly registered at, but the hotel could find no such name registered), so, I’m wondering has This Man from Taured’s name ever turned up in accounts of the story? And if NOT, why not?

    • Some great points here Peter – thanks for adding them to this article/conversation and allowing are readers to see them! It’s comments/views like this that allow the article to evolve long after we’ve published it! 🙂

  9. Definitely not time travel. He said Taured had been around for thousands of years. If I traveled thousands of years in the past, I’d know it in seconds. And if he and all his things truly disappeared, it’s because he was taken by some government. If this truly happened the way it’s described, there would be officials working throughout the night without sleep. And those documents would have never left someone’s eyesight.

  10. Nice story but is there a hardcore evidence of the event? Like newspaper article or airport surveillance images,something like that? Article written and newspaper cutting are two different things. It’s or might be possible cuz I am also a believer of alternative reality but with proves only

    • Hi Murtaza,

      There are new articles popping up on this subject all the time – at the time of writing, this was all the research we could gather I’m afraid!

  11. Chris I must admit that you have been patient and kind enough to stop by every comment and respond. Awesome. I believe interdimensional travel is possible, who know he could been from the future, about 1000 years from now or another realm where taured existed, whatever it may be, I don’t think a country of japan s intelligence would fake it to get publicity. We countries that could do that but c’mon not japan

    • Thank you Vignesh – I try to sit on the fence with all comments otherwise the article will never work out! 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your opinion.

  12. I think this is very strange, in my opinion I think this is just another ‘urban legend’, but I still really enjoyed reading this article.

  13. Im a security trooper in my country, what i do is to ensure the safety of my country, arresting illegal immigrants, check immigrants background (fear of terrorism) on 17 April 2015 we arrested this man who had 2 sets of passports . He had a passport which we had never seen before and the country was invalid .. It didnt appeared in the place he claimed he was from (very similar to this article im reading) we brought him a phone, he couldn’t contact the country he claimed he was from , he showed us pictures of his family and friends and places he had been. He said he had been into our country twice and this is his first time being rejected. We were then told to leave the room and the case being handled by the government. We were told that this particular man was sent back and the result my officials conclude was that he travelled with a stolen passport. I belive there are more to this incident and its being suppressed..sorry for my bad english.

    • Great stuff! Thanks for sharing this and adding it to the article Ibesevic…very interesting viewpoint!

    • That seems legit actually… I was calling this fake as there isn’t even security footage of said guy. But if the government get involved then they would cover up all tracks. Shame you couldn’t somehow find and prints of the guys passport or review the footage again of him coming in… You’d know if it’s a cover up coz that specific time and whatever will be erased from history.

      Makes me wonder what the government would do to these people. also makes me wonder if this has happened to anyone from our “dimension”(if we want to call it that)

  14. Ii personally think this is fake… The airprt would have taken photos of the man’s passport which they did not, there would be OFFICIAL documentation documenting the fact(not internet hearsay) which there is not and last but not least, there would have been airport and hotel footage of the man that they would still have to this day to investigate the situation which they low and behold…. don’t have… What’s more is the fact they would have probably announced it to the news requesting people to come forward if they have seen said man given the circumstance and you’ll never guess what… they didn’t.

    It’s a great story and yes a little eerie but other than that there are a load of pot hole that all lead to it being FAKE!

  15. Interesting story, but where is the actual evidence? The only thing that could substantiate this story as genuine would be to provide sworn statements from the Japanese customs officials who met this so called “man from Taured”. Otherwise the story is simply hearsay based on absolutely nothing.

    • Yep it’s an internet legend Steve, a mystery, people are still arguing over it now, which is why we covered it in an article! 🙂
      You won’t believe how many visitors turn up on this site for this article alone!!!!!

  16. Nice article, it’s nice to see you actually reply to your readers as well. I’m only 17 and part of a younger generation where people don’t really care about things like this but I’ve been very interested in this story for a long time now. I’m sort of obsessed with the parallel dimension evidence and articles about it. I think this story is creepy and actually believable. If you ever get a chance read the book echo X it brings a huge question up on if we did find and communicate with another dimension would we be worth staying in contact with to them or would we pose as a threat?

  17. How did he board a plane from our timeline with an passport from a non existent country to begin with? I can only surmise he crossed over into our reality whilst boarding the plane, but surely people would have noticed a man appearing out of nowhere in the tiny hallway to goes to the plane. That or he just appeared in his seat on the plane. Again that would have been noticed by the other passengers and most certainly been a cause for alarm. No ones touching the fact that the plane and its other occupants were all normal (belonging to our history where taured does not exist). None of them stood out. The real question is, if the story is true, when/how did he get aboard a plane from our reality, and moreso, that no one noticed him appear out of nowhere.

  18. hey guyz could u give me the name of the local hotel am writing the book on this it would help me investigate abt points

    • Hi Ram,
      I’m afraid we don’t have the name of the hotel – this report originates from a long time ago now. Maybe an in-depth Google search will bring something up?

  19. Sounds weird Taured!!!
    I think we are alone there is an another world which is similar i think he came from another world Where Taured exists he maybe slips from his world through inter dimensional space time
    Similarly the green children ,jophar vorin utsuro bune and Jerome came from another worlds .
    There are so many worlds which we cant imagine even we have doppelgangers that exists in Those worlds yet its not proven but i feel somewhere in this universe or multiverse there are several versions of ours or maybe fictional character exists
    Or whatever we are imagining in our minds theres still existence.

  20. Not to nitpick, especially since who the heck knows, but everything I have read about this incident so far says that he said his country had been around for A thousand years, not thousandS of years. That is pretty interesting because that would mean that, as far as he was concerned, Taured would have come into existence around or shortly before Andorra was formed as under the charter from Charlemagne. Interesting to think what may have gone differently around such a tumultuous time that could have led to it becoming Taured rather than Andorra. In some parallel universe or otherwise.

  21. Hi eveyone! This may arguably be the most incredible event to occur in history, that is, if it actually happened. When i first read about this story, i was simply blown away, because it provides a definite proof to the fact that parallel universes. exist. Its mind boggling to think that there are infinite parallel universes surrounding you, which are technically result of the decisions you did’nt take and choices you did’nt make. These universes can be almost exactly similar to each other with just some random, tiny, insignificant change like, for instance in the other universe your girlfriend might prefer pineapple topping on her pizza rather than just plain tomato and onion.Other things may exactly be the same. On the other hand, there might be a huge difference in the realities of two universes like different country’s or even continent’s name just like this case. Its really astoundingly overwhelming to think of the infinite possibilities that might exist.
    However i just had a confusion,that i would like to get sorted out by you guys. Here it goes: Out of the infinite universes that may exist, the possibility of a person to get transported to a universe in which he actually exists, should ideally be negligible as compared to the probability of him ending in an universe in which he does’nt exist. Then how come we have heard of so many intra dimensional travel stories on earth. Does that prove that most of them are hoax or fake? I am not trying to test the credibility of this particular case, because this is the only case which seems legit from all perspectives. My next question is rather hypothetical. Can you guys tell what would happen if a person ends up in a universe in which he does’nt even exist???

    • That’s a good point Abhishek…which is totally above my pay grade LOL. I’ll let one of the other visitors answer that one for you – they seem a lot more ‘clued up’ on the subject than me (I’m only the website owner!) 🙂

  22. Okay, Firstly, NOTHING can just vanish in thin air, I repeat, NOTHING. There is an explanation behind everything that happens.
    For this mystery, I had two main ideas,
    the first idea being that; Let’s face it, the incident occured during the cold war, surely the US and Soviet Union were sending spies to each others allies as well, meaning, Japan allied with the US since WW2 finished, surely, the “Man from Taured” could be a soviet spy who was trained to speak fluent French and Japanese, plus he was also provided with fake IDs and Passport, by the KGB or secret agency in the Soviet Union that time. perhaps he wasn’t a spy on the soviet’s behalf, but maybe on the US’s behalf since the US might have been curious to see if Japan is secretly building up arms, but that idea is wrong I feel.

    And my Second idea was;
    This whole story is fake, if it were real, then why didn’t the plane passengers give their story about “the man from Taured”? and the fact that the man vanished, despite the heavy security, surely when they interrogated his room, they could have spotted something odd? No, there’s not a single mention about the room’s condition or any odd signs (like window being ajar, or things being messy or so).

    I am not ready to believe this is real, and judging by the story, there seems to be some historical inaccuracy. Despite the story happening in the 1950s, the setting seems very much like the 1980s or 1990s, I don’t think the 1950s airports prioritized security that much, and I don’t think anyone in the 1950s knew the world by heart. I mean, hearing and reading the story, it sounds very recent to me, like 1980s or later.

    I’m not implying the story is fake, but I have no proof that it was real either. I have proofs that the story might be fake, the proof being the way the story is said. Let’s be realisting and avoid believing in vanishing things or UFO stuffs XD

    Please let me know your thought 🙂

    • Well I certainly can’t go along with your final statement of “avoid believing in vanishing things or UFO stuffs” Uday, but we’re stoked you’ve decided to leave your opinion with us! Thanks for taking the time to read our article and leave your thoughts on the matter here! 🙂

  23. It’s possible he came from another universe, reality, dimension or the universe. As I’ve from the article it seems wheverer he came from is similar to our world, especially due to the fact that he knows French and Japanese. He probably didn’t notice at first that he was in another ‘place’ and just waited to be alone then left. And his things came with him because well everything must be returned where it came from. Just a theory!

  24. Seems like an elaborate joke. Coincidentally I remember watching an episode of M.A.S.H long back where they created an imaginory person out of joke and when the joke backfired, they said the aforementioned person has disappeared.

  25. Goosebumps indeed! Wow! Awsum article. I love reading things like this.

  26. i read so much about parallel universe , time travel , UFO sightings ,Bermuda triangle, Alien Abductions… and never get bored .. i wish and i hope that one day i will be able to experience something like this ..more on this article.. its definitely a case of parallel universe … u will not be able to heck the records of the seat he was sitting on in the plane .. coz he was never there .. he originally occupied the seat in his own universe .. but somehow ended up here .. the fact that all the documents related to him disappeared with him is coz he never existed here and and when he returned all the paper work related to hi vanished im not surprised .. im sure he woke up on his original flight seat and thought wow what a crazy dream .. and for all u know he may be sharing this experience in his universe right now .. its a crazy world out there .. to think of it .. we don’t know anything .. if i ever become rich id like to visit all these mysterious placed and would like to meet all the people who have experienced anything extraordinary …

  27. id like to read more of these kind of articles. …. please keep me undated .. thank you …

  28. One thing which I have a hard time coming to grips about this Taured story is that customs officials and govt agencies worldwide are NOT gonna place u in a hot toom if you are taken for questioning.

    You are either placed in an interrogation cell within the airport or transferred to a local jail.

    • To be honest I have no idea where they would place you back then Arif – things were very different to how they are today!

  29. The original source is from a book that doesn’t quote its sources. Obviously this is fiction written as if it is non-fiction, meant to intrigue and excite, just like a good old ghost story.

    Kudos for it doing such a great job that it’s now an internet legend!

    But when all the sources either site no source only only site one another as a source, that means it can’t be verified and, in fact, it’s almost certainly not true. Any reasonable person who has searched out the source material(s) for this would conclude it’s fiction.

    • This made me laugh! Okay, your opinion is your opinion and we welcome ALL opinions here…but this report was doing the rounds long before we started up this website. It’s just that this is the best article out there on the subject…oh and we are a pretty awesome website so we rank well in Google’s results (that may have something to do with it!) 🙂

      I have heard of publications containing a similar story to the one above but they never seem to have a name…

  30. Like to know more about the parallel world and time slips. If we can consider the time as just a coordinate, any thing can happen… It’s interesting topic

    • It certainly is Ram! That’s a good point about the coordinate as well – fits well into the theory when you think about it…

  31. Hey Chris… It was amazing to read the post.. I’ve learnt alot about parallel universe just reading it all… Great work.. I’ve been reading the taured article from quite a few websites… But this post is simply amazing..

    • I’m not sure mate – we were only able to gather the info included in the article above…

  32. He vanished in world which is parallel to earth like something other side on warm hole according to what I know about this thing…

  33. I don’t dismiss anything. My godfather who retired as a very senior RAF officer claimed he met a mystery man in the 1950’s called Mr Janus. He claimed to be from another world. He wrote a book which included this experience. His book “sounds from another room”, caused a bit of a storm as he had very senior positions in our nuclear strike force!

  34. This story is interesting.
    But some things bother me:
    What was his name, the name of the: company he worked for, company he came to have a meeting, hotel he was supposed to stay?
    Was there any interview or first hand evidence from one of the immigration workers?
    Was there not any official newspaper report about this incident?
    These are pieces of information that are easily leaked that same moment and yet, after reading many articles, not even one page has this information.
    In fact, the story is told the same in every page I’ve been, so it’s the kind of hear and tell story.

    • It certainly is a ‘hear and tell’ story Shahar. Finding reliable info on this mystery was extremely hard as a lot of it gets changed through ‘Chinese Whispers’ etc. We’ve only published what we found to be the unaltered facts above. Anything else would have been unreliable at best…

  35. I am simply wondering – Why did anyone not check the DATES on the passport and other documents! And the man never noticing a millenium old technogy is strange too!

  36. Hii, Brother
    There is any possibility from where I can get the list of other passengers those who were traveling with the person who was from taured because I think there might be any connection between them. If they were traveling in the same plane with him.

    • Hi Apoorv,

      I have no idea – finding out ANY sort of info on this subject has proved to be hard, hard work. Bear in mind that this incident was said to have happened over half a century ago!

  37. I am the man from Taured and Taured is very real i know how i ended up in Haneda and it was not a time jump or quantum leap it was simply multiverse and frequencies.

    P.S this is not a prank but if you believe me or not i do not care.

  38. Anybody notice that date of birth on this document is 11 sept 88 (i guess 1988) ? and date of document 1950 ?

  39. There’s a gap to the story though. If the officers at the airport did in fact check his passport, the latter would have shown the passenger’s date of birth. In the story told above, as in all other written versions of this story, there is no mentioning of a shock in that the officers realised the date of birth couldn’t be true. Nor is there a contrast between the passenger and the officers in regards of the date of birth – the confusion seemed to only be given by the place of birth. Surely the date of birth would have also reported as in the past or future if the belief of this man travelling through time were real. No?

  40. One thing I find odd in this story is there’s no mention of the man feeling like “wow these people and surroundings don’t seem normal to me. Surely, the passport wouldn’t be the same if there was conscious timetravelling going on, right? It leads me to believe that either certain things the traveller notices, like where on the map Taured exactly was located, but didn’t seem weirded out by a different period of time’s customary dress, alpearance or vernacular. So, guy shows up with a passport which is stilllll needing to be shown in this era, as well as his era, they exchange dialogue about “Taured” while overlooking the major elephants in the room, as one would think, like the fact that cars don’t look the same anymore etc. and I’m
    Not buying it’s legitimacy.

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