The Michigan Dogman Encounters

The Michigan Dogman Encounters

In this article we will be taking a closer look at the famous Michigan Dogman encounters that stretch as far back as the early 1700’s. What is this strange creature that ​the Odawa Indians call the Wendingo?

Michigan Dogman Stories and Sightings

It is reported that over the last three centuries, over 500 Wendingo incidents have been logged.

The most famous, early incident, happened back in 1887 when a team of lumberjacks were working their way through a job that was based in Wexford County in Michigan.

One of these workers felt a presence watching him, and when he looked up he spotted it not more than 10 meters away.

The team of lumberjacks thought it to be nothing more than an exotic wolf breed – but they still did not want it on their work base. A couple of them picked up their tools and began to run at the creature, in an attempt to scare it away…

That didn’t go according to plan!

The creature did not seem frightened…at all.

It simply stood up on it’s hind legs when it saw the men coming for it, and began growling at them.

The lumberjacks had seen enough – they downed tools instantly and ran off screaming. They didn’t stop until they reached their forest HQ to report the experience.

Michigan Dogman Stories and Sightings

Another famous Michigan Dogman sighting took place in 1938, and involved a young lad named Robert Fortney.

Fortney was out hunting in the wilds of Paris, Michigan, when without warning, he was set upon by a strange group of dogs.

He started shooting his rifle aimlessly in an attempt to scare off the animals – it worked…except on one dog…

The largest dog did not make a dash for it like the others, instead it stood there, eying up the boy.

Suddenly, it stood up on it’s hind legs in a human-like stance, and growled at the teenager.

Fortney knew he couldn’t run, so he raised his gun and pointed it at the beast – they both stood there in this stand-off for what seemed like an eternity.

Eventually the creature seemed to recognize the threat of the gun, and retreated at pace back into the forest.

Robert Fortney’s official report claims that the creature he encountered stood well over 6 foot when on it’s hind legs. He also claimed it had piercing bright blue eyes.

Steve Cook’s Michigan Dogman Song

Steve Cook was a popular DJ that worked for WTCM in Traverse City back in 1987. He had heard many tales in the area regarding the Dogman – so he thought it would be a good idea to create a spoof song on the subject.

After a couple of hours of recording the jingle – he showcased it on his radio show.

The response was out of this world…

The WTCM switchboard jammed up within minutes of the song being played – people wanted to get through and talk about the Dogman.

The radio station received calls from all over Michigan by frightened individuals who had encountered the strange dog-like beast.

Steve Cook's Michigan Dogman Song

The popularity of the song grew and grew – this was a subject that local people WANTED to talk about. Unbelievably, Mr. Cook ended up making $60,000 for the spoof song’s release.

Steve felt guilty – very guilty.

He donated all of the money to local charities in the area that handled wildlife and animals.

The Legend of the Michigan Dogman

Linda Godfrey is a well-known cryptozoology investigator that has been following the legend of the Michigan Dogman. She is also a talented author that has published numerous works on the subject of werewolves.

Her research over the years has convinced her that the Dogman has some sort of link to the Native American mounds, burial grounds and other sacred sites. She believes they have lived in the area of Michigan for many centuries.

She also claims to have solid proof of this creature’s existence – paw print casts of the Dogman that measure 6 inches long and 6 inches wide.

So what do you think?

Cryptozoology subject or nothing more than mistaken animal identity?

Please leave any thoughts on the subject in the comment section below.