The Mirror ( 2014 ) – Possessed Mirror Movie


The Mirror ( 2014 ) - Possessed Mirror Movie

I spent most of last night crawling my way through the horror section of a rather suspicious looking film site. After a period of hitting my fair share of advert malware I came across a British possessed mirror movie.

Now normally I would overlook this type of movie as a direct ripoff of the excellent Mirrors released a few years back ( you know the one starring Kiefer Sutherland ). But this horror release was filmed in the Found Footage style and I had not heard anything about it before…

Low Budgets

There’s no getting away from the fact that this was another low budget Found Footage feature. That’s not a bad thing really as most of them seem to be produced from a budget of under $50,000 these days!

I was interested in the story behind the film due to it being British ( like me! ) so after I watched it I did a little research.

It turns out this possessed mirror movie was actually based on a true story that took place not so long ago in North London. It is based on events that happened to student Joseph Birch and painter and decorator Sotiris Charalambous

Possessed Mirror Movie

Joseph Birch and Sotiris Charalambous claim that they were haunted by a mirror they found whilst working near a skip one day.

After rescuing the strange mirror the pair experienced a suitcase flying off a wardrobe, a chair sliding across the floor, the appearance of smoky mist in the night and waking up with scratches.

So British independent director and writer Edward Boase had plenty of ideas to play around with when it came to creating this possessed mirror movie.

The Film

Instead of using two male friends for the story line he picked three actors to play the flatmates ( Jemma Dallender, Joshua Dickinson and Nate Fallows ). At first I found the actors a little pretentious and maybe a little to ‘English’ in their mannerisms. This feeling lasted for the first 15 minutes or so but as the story got deeper into the paranormal their performances got better.

With most Found Footage movies you have to wait quite a while for anything to happen – most of them are based on a ‘build’ of sorts.

I was pleasantly surprised by the fact this film got into the meaty stuff reasonably early. One of the characters seemed to show various effects of possession as soon as the mirror entered the apartment and this helped the film stay fresh – it was a good filmmaking decision.

I also enjoyed the fact that the film was mostly based indoors within a single apartment. This managed to remove the ‘shaky cam’ threat that a lot of Found Footage films fall victim to.

The character development seemed to be quite well thought out as well. As I mentioned above I didn’t take to the three individuals at first but the film did delve a bit deeper into their personalities. By the last quarter I was genuinely involved enough with each of them to care what happened to them.


This was a genuine attempt at a low budget horror film – I am told the budget was no more than £20,000 ( about $35,000 ). The actors were competent enough to pull off each character and the effects were suitable for a Found Footage film.

Being a British film meant it had a certain edge and darkness to it which seemed to make it quite a unique experience. I also liked the fact the whole thing was based on a true story – gave it a bit more substance overall!

I can see quite a few horror fans being put off by the pretentious start to the film as the characters are a little irritating at first. All I can say is give the film a chance and you may well enjoy the experience.

A reasonably unique and enjoyable Found Footage film – worth a try!




  1. This one was pretty good for a low budget FF, it had a lot of atmosphere, a decent idea and ditto acting. Love to see more movies from these guys (and gals).

    • Yeah this was a pretty low budget English offering but it managed to press the right buttons ( if you know what I mean! ). I agree with you on the actors John – they made the film really!

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