The Museum Project (2016) – Movie Review

The Museum Project (2016) - Movie Review

On the May 23, 2014, I covered an indie horror I had come across on YouTube named The Secluded House (yes that’s a link to the actual review!).

It had been put together by a bunch of Aussie filmmakers who make up the indie label Freeze Frame Films.

At the time I was purposefully going out and looking for what I like to call ‘hidden gems’ in this genre – more often than not, that is a lot easier said than done!

So the other night I decided to do my weekly round up of Found Footage offerings on YouTube.

I scanned through the usual sh#t that is nothing more than an embarrassment to the genre until I came across a title named The Museum Project.

This was another offering from the Aussie bunch that makes up Freeze Frame Films – I was interested, very interested…

The Plot

A group of students decide to base their media assignment on a local railway museum myth.

However, when they trespass the premises after hours, they soon learn that some myths are more than just stories.

Top Visuals

Now, The Secluded House wasn’t exactly a ‘classic’ Found Footage offering but it really did manage to impress me with the work that had gone into the visuals.

Indie Found Footage titles are always going to struggle with effects due to zero-budgets and limited resources.

These guys seem to get over that hurdle EVERY time it’s put in front of them!

They have managed to create pretty impressive ‘scare scenes’ due to their obvious talents in the SFX department.

When an indie film gets this right – it has a fair chance of standing out from the crowd and shining!


The dudes at Freeze Frame Films have managed to pack a mixed bag of Found Footage treats into the 45 minute duration of this film.

Again, it ain’t a classic, but it’s extremely well done and it’s completely FREE to watch!

More often than not a decent Found Footage project is ruined by piss-poor actors but this was not the case here.

Alison Wills, Paul E. Thomas, Ned Holland, Raymond Fountain and Cain Harrip ALL managed to hold their own on screen with relative ease, and make this a very watchable experience.

It would be pretty cool if I could find something close to this quality EVERY week on YouTube but sadly…that will never be the case.

I embedded The Secluded House on this site so I decided to go ahead and embed this offering here as well.

Let’s hope directors Dion Cavallaro and Paul E. Thomas don’t mind my thieving tactics and allow the film to remain here (well they did leave the ‘Share’ and ‘Embed’ function active on YouTube!).

If you enjoy the movie please remember to visit the ACTUAL film on YouTube and hit the ‘thumbs up’ button – I’m sure the makers will appreciate your support!

It’s a pretty cool watch for free – hit play, sit back and enjoy!



  1. I liked this one and The Secluded House a lot, for what they were. Thanks for pointing them out. In both cases, I felt like the filmmakers came across a location, thought “hey! This would make a great setting for a horror film” and then did an excellent job using the existing location. Also, in both films, the characters were reasonably pleasant and not annoying. There can’t be much character development in 30-40 minutes, but at least there were all seemingly nice, polite, normal people and not the usual a**holes typically found in too many FF films featuring college-age characters. The actors in both films are fine, given the limited dialog.

    I’m looking forward to watching their other project, The Eidolon State (2014), which is also on youtube and which seems to be based on the Slenderman story – an ultra-creepy favorite of mine when done well.

    • Yeah, they are a pretty talented bunch aren’t they Steve – everything they’ve done so far has some sort of quality to it! I watched The Eidolon State a few months ago now but I need to re-watch it before reviewing it here (it was quite decent yet again!).

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