The Mystery Behind The Pollock Twins Reincarnation

The Mystery Behind The Pollock Twins Reincarnation

May 5th, 1957, was a Sunday just like any other…so many things were happening on this day.

As the US bopped to Elvis Presley’s All Shook Up, the UK was jamming to Lonnie Donegan’s Cumberland Gap and avid readers had their faces deep behind one of the best sellers of the time…something like Don’t Go Near The Water by William Brinkley.

TV fanatics in the US were most likely busy with the popular TV series, Date With Angels starring Betty White while in the UK guys were probably watching The Sky At Night.

We can assume the young boys from both ends of the world were ogling and kissing on Dawn Richard’s sexy photos…she was miss May for the PlayBoy’s edition that month of May 1957.

But wait…something strange and terribly tragic was happening at the Pollock’s home on this day.

Was it a blessing?

Was it a curse?

It was hard to tell at first…but one thing’s for sure…it wasn’t going to be business as usual for the Pollock family.

First it was the sad passing of their two daughters as a result of a fatal car accident; Jacqueline was 6, and Joanna was 11.

Of course the whole of Hexham, England, must have mourned with them for days following this nasty incident.

However, unknown to this quiet little market town and the Pollock parents themselves, this was going to be a unique historic step into the paranormal!

It was the beginning of the infamous Pollock twins reincarnation saga…

The Arrival

Fast forward to October the 6th the following year and the Pollock family finally had a reason to smile again. On this day, Florence Pollock gave birth to the identical twins, Jennifer and Gillian.

John Pollock must have been the happiest man in the world; losing two daughters at an instant and getting back a set of twin girls must have been one hell of a roller coaster of emotions for this poor fellow, and the entire family as well.

He must have thought to himself, “Ah, my girls are back”; little did he know how much ‘back’ they were!

Nevertheless, it’s not clear when the Pollock family started noticing weird and wonderful things about their new set of twins, but first it was the different (or not so different…) birthmarks.

This may have been after the Pollocks had now moved to the seaside town of Whitley Bay when the twins were about 3 months old.

The bizarre connection and resemblance of Jennifer’s birthmarks on her wrist and forehead to Jacqueline’s own birthmark on the wrist and a scar on her forehead must have been quite a startling discovery for the Pollock family.

The Arrival

And that was not the end of it…more would come two years later when the family and the now joyful toddlers moved back to their former home town, Hexham.

Curtains to the paranormal show drew open when the twins started making funny toy requests and remembering landmarks in a town they’d never been to!

Well, they were born there, but surely they couldn’t have picked up that much about the area at only 1 or 2 months, could they? And how or why were they asking for toys that their elder sisters, Jacqueline and Joanna played with?

To add on to the extraordinary events, the twins suddenly became terrified of cars…they would shout frantically with pale white mortified faces every time they saw a car heading their way.

Why was this happening?

Did the twins know something about their deceased elder sisters that the parents didn’t?

Was there a connection between the twins and the two dead girls?

The Good Doctor & His Journal of The Living Dead!

Evidently, the Pollock family were believers of reincarnation because they were so convinced that Jacqueline and Joanna had returned embodied as the twins.

This got the attention of Dr. Ian Stevenson who was a psychologist studying reincarnation in children.

He later wrote a book titled Children Who Remember Previous Lives: A Question of Reincarnation which included the story of the Pollock twins and 14 other cases he had picked up from Asian countries where the belief in reincarnation was prevalent.

Dr. Stevenson had chosen to focus on children from Asian countries after studying reincarnation for close to 40 years because he had noted a trend where parents who didn’t believe in reincarnation…would discourage their children from talking openly about it.

He had also found out that adults could not be reliable sources since there were known cases where adults gave accounts of their former lives while under hypnosis, only to be discovered later that they were remembering events from a book they’d read or a movie they’d watched.

Children were a safer bet because it was difficult for them to make up such outlandish stories about their previous lives.

Fact or Fiction: Does Real Reincarnation Exist?

If truth be told, this is somewhat of a grey area…there’s no solid proof that reincarnation is real.

While staunch believers will even come forth with evidence of this bizarre happening, skeptics on the other hand are firmly armed with evidence that it is utterly impossible.

Both camps have some serious arguments about this matter and both seem to be fully convinced on their different stands. This has sadly resulted to more confusion than answers!

For instance, there’s this one case about a boy, born in 1998, who had nightmares about plane crushes in WWII.

James Leininger had memories from his past life as a WWII pilot and he could recount vivid events from that era to his parents like it was just yesterday.

And the strange part is…neither of the parents were interested in the war or talked about it in his presence or even at all!

So what do you think about the Pollock twins reincarnation and the possibilities of reincarnation in general?

Were Jacqueline and Joanna reincarnated in the twins?

And what about the fact that the twins lost all memories of their “former lives” when they turned 5 years old?

Is reincarnation or the experience of reincarnation a temporary thing?