The Obscurum ( 2012 ) – Stalked by a Demon


The Obscurum ( 2012 ) - Stalked by a Demon

The Obscurum is a 2012 Found Footage indie short about two childhood friends who are stalked by a demon. It’s another zero budget independent film project we discovered online…was it any good?

Decent Effort

Yeah I have to start by saying this was a half-decent effort from the young producers at BHM Productions. I have trolled my way through thousands of zero budget Found Footage films and most of them are nowhere near good enough to review.

This was a short film running at 19:15 but it did manage to pack a little punch with the atmosphere and suspense at times. Sure the actors were a little ‘green’ or ‘raw’ and some of the script was cringe-worthy but the overall effect was sound enough.

Put it this way – the filmmaking process seemed to stick to the basics well and the resulting movie was not an embarrassment to it’s indie film label.

The Plot

The main story line of the film follows two childhood friends, through separate video diaries, as they are stalked by a demon. This demon was apparently present in their childhood when they played as youngsters in an old field.

The introduction feeds us a title screen reading:

“On July 27, 2012 Julia Edwards, 17 was found in a secluded shed on the outskirts of the Kalispell, Montana area”

Sounds good so far – a solid enough start to a Found Footage horror but not the most original of ideas. The next screen then informs us:

“Along with Julia, police also discovered the mangled body of Kyle Mclone, Julia’s childhood friend”

….it goes on for a bit longer so let’s just say Julia hands over a video to the police and that is what we are watching here ( you’ve seen enough of these movies – you get the picture right? ).

The first few scenes of the film has Julia pissing about with a rather irritating male character ( who does not feature in the film for long…thank god! ). She is constantly trying to contact and get a response from her good friend Kyle but for some reason he refuses to answer.

A few minor indications creep into the film alerting us to the fact that Julia is being stalked by a demon. There are your typical sounds in the trees and sharp turns of the camcorder.

They are not great scenes but they are quite effective with a few unique ideas thrown in to! I quite liked the concept of scrawled notes being left on the ground behind her when she hears a sinister noise.

We get to a point in the story where Kyle sends a DVD to Julia explaining that they are both being stalked by a demon from their childhood. Kyle has returned to the field where the demon is said to reside and he is pleading with Julia not to follow him…


At times this little Found Footage effort was quite enjoyable but as with most newbie independent film creations there were a few glaring mistakes.

A lot of the scenes with Julia by herself involved her talking to the camera in an unrealistic way. It seemed to ‘manufactured’ at times and people generally don’t have conversations with themselves on wooded footpaths!

The girl that plays Julia really does improve as the short movie travels along and in the end I thought she was a good fit for Found Footage acting. The male actor at the start of the film really isn’t worth mentioning and the guy that plays Kyle is pretty average at best.

The film did have some nice touches though and I think this is mainly down to a few good ideas included. I liked the scrawled note and the message it read when translated…

“We see you, we remember you, we won’t stop and darkness”

Something quite brave and creepy about that passage – it worked well in the film and gave it an added dimension.

This is not going to be another Blair Witch Project or Grave Encounters – the budget is non existent and it’s set up to be a short film. However, as far as short Found Footage efforts go this is not to bad when compared to others I’ve seen.

The acting is adequate, the camera work is adequate, the effects are decent and the story is also decent. Definitely worth twenty minutes of your time if you like this genre!


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