The Ouija Experiment ( 2011 ) – Ouija Board Dangers

The Ouija Experiment ( 2011 ) - Ouija Board Dangers

Don’t care what the ‘in crowd’ say – I love this film! I’m obviously going to be a bit biased due to my Found Footage addiction but this film rocks! I know that a movie centered around Ouija board dangers isn’t exactly unique but producing it in the Found Footage style is!

Great Scary Fun!

All too often I sit down to review a Found Footage film and end up slightly disappointed or feeling unsatisfied.

A lot of the films in this genre are built on great ideas that really should be frightening but somehow they fail miserably. Not this time…

So it didn’t have the budget of Paranormal Activity franchise and it didn’t have the C.G.I. levels of Cloverfield – who cares! This had guts and was a simple enough old fashioned fright fest!

A Simple Plot

Yeah, this was a simple enough film plot – don’t underestimate Ouija board dangers! Of course they all do end up underestimating the board’s power but that was plainly obvious anyway right?

So, we start off with a black dude and his bird arriving at a friends house for a surprise gathering of sorts. When they get there we are introduced to the rest of the crew. For some lame reason ( I forget why ) the black dude has brought a camcorder with him……..

So the surprise of the gathering is……….a Ouija Board ( Hooray! ).

So they all sit around the typical table in the middle of the room and the host goes through the Ouija board dangers and the rules involved with avoiding them.

One rule in particular stands out……..

“Never leave the board without saying goodbye first!”

Who Forgot to Say Goodbye?

So the obvious happens due to social situations – they forget to say goodbye to a spirit they are in contact with!

The spooky stuff all starts off pretty calmly really – photos in the bedroom turning upside down and stuff, glasses breaking in the kitchen. It initially only seems to be happening to the host of the ‘Ouija Party’ but pretty soon it’s spreads to the remaining members of the group.

To make matters worse an argument within the group ensures one of the members runs off with the Ouija board. This basically means it’s impossible for the rest of the group to put things right with the spirits!

Overall Look

The important things were really well done in this film. When the first encounters with the entities came around I jumped out of my skin – little girl ghosts will do that to you!!!

I thought the actors were all pretty solid and well cast to. The banter between the group was good and a few of the punch lines were quick and intelligent. I seriously found it hard to find anything wrong with the film!

The entities become stronger and the violence picks up so it’s not long before the fatalities come flooding in and we lose character after character………


This is a must see for all fans of Found Footage horror movies. It’s a simple enough idea based on a very common movie theme but it’s done really well.

I have noticed it has gathered a lot of mixed reviews online but bare in mind not all these reviewers are Found Footage fans.

The story starts off well and at no point is there a real lull in the film – it progresses with ease and excitement.

I wasn’t surprised to see that the estimated budget for this project was under $2000 – a real indie gem!

If you are a Found Footage addict ( like me! ) and you have not got around to seeing this yet – get on the case. There are plenty of jumps in it and for once this type of thing has a decent ending. Great little shocker – enjoyed it!



  1. And I will be sleeping with the lights on tonight. I agree, this film was really good! Loved the ending! A great twist for sure, and one I wasn’t expecting. People just need to leave them boards alone.

    • Hey again Avey. Yeah I agree, great little Found Footage film. Don’t let the idiots on IMDb put you off with their reviews – this film is well worth just over an hour of anybody’s time! Spread the word and support the film!!!
      Cheers for stopping by again,

    • Hi Bittany. Access to the movie is available through the link we provided within the article body above :).
      Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the movie!!!

    • Terrible acting. i bought the movie last night very excited to see it and was really disappointed. :/

  2. Hi, Chris. Thanks for the amazing review of my film! Did you know the sequel is coming out this Halloween 2014 season!? I hope you like it as much as the first!

    israel – writer/director of The Ouija Experiment

    • No problems Israel – we loved it here. It was a great Found Footage effort! Films like this are the reason we advise readers to stay away from IMDb reviews – it was a really pleasant surprise ( and as you might of gathered I’ve sat through quite a few films in this genre! ). We would love to have more info on your sequel so if you’re looking for some free promotion drop us mail. You can contact me directly through chris@topfoundfootagefilms. We can’t wait to review the sequel so keep us informed 🙂

    • Loved the film! Very entertaining. Two questions though. 1) Did everyone, but Lynette die at the end? 2) Why did y’all hate on Brandon so much?

      Hope to Ouija experiment 2 soon!!

      • Hi Lauren,
        It’s been a while since I watched the film but I remember one female survivor ( I think! ). Sorry I can’t be more help – I get through a lot of these films 🙂

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