The Possession of Michael King (2014) – Demon Haunting Case

The Possession of Michael King (2014) - Demon Haunting Case

The Possession of Michael King is a Found Footage horror based on a demon haunting case that goes very wrong. It’s the brainchild of debut Horror director David Jung and it seems to have had mixed reviews so far.

Here is our opinion on the film…

Another Possession?

Taking a gamble on ANOTHER film about demonic possession is a big risk in my book. Let’s face it – it’s been done many times before.

I’m not just on about horror in general here – even the Found Footage genre seems to have gone overboard with this subject.

For every demon haunting case that impresses on the big screen there are ten others that fail miserably.

The Possession of Micheal King was a film that could of gone one of two ways…

The Plot

Documentary filmmaker, Michael King ( Shane Johnson ), loses his wife suddenly in a tragic accident and he is struggling with the reasoning of it all.

It turns out she was heavily reliant on a psychic’s views and these same views ended up contributing to her demise.

The film starts off with a powerful scene of Michael visiting this psychic and confronting her about her spiritual ‘skills’.

He is obviously in a lot of profound pain and he decides to create a documentary on the subject of nonexistence of the supernatural.

He is basically using himself as a test subject to experiment with the various paranormal powers out there ( you can see where this is going can’t you? ).

So he sets out with a cameraman friend in tow to delve deep into the world of voodoo and demonology to prove once and for all it’s nothing but a pile of s**t.

Go Looking For Evil And it Will Find You

Going from one demon haunting case to the next we get the idea that Micheal is seriously pushing his luck – surely something is going to stick?

It’s not long before we see a few subtle tell tale signs that Michael is in a little to deep. We begin to witness a slow yet frightening descent into a living hell.

This descent is what makes this film stand out against the other ‘possession’ films on the market at the moment. It is very well executed and is constantly frightening – I thought it made for a great Found Footage experience.

The Quality

The first thing I noticed about the film was the choice of  ‘high end’ actors they used. You usually find relatively unknown actors in Found Footage films but this film stepped it up a little.

The lead role was played by Shane Johnson and he impressed me no end – it was a brilliant performance!

The film was also very realistic and easy to watch with a little humor thrown in here and there in the initial stages ( I will always remember the line ‘Apparently demons get insulted by cheap incense’ with a smile on my face! ).

The film does a really good job of getting us to like Micheal in the early stages. He comes across as intelligent, articulated and quick off the mark. This is what makes the rest of the film so effective – we actually care what happens to Micheal!


The film is good – very good! The character development and the effort of the actors was top notch when compared to the majority of other Found Footage films out there.

The main demon haunting case gets backed up with decent special effects here and there making the whole experience a lot more memorable.

On more than one occasion I found myself jumping out of my seat with fright due to a sudden freaky occurrence on the screen.

A lot of films in this genre use it as a stepping stone to bigger things and this results in a lot of cheap indie efforts. This was very different – there has been money AND effort put into this movie.

A very believable and atmospheric Found Footage film with a strong story and impressive performances. The cinematography was great and the script also followed suit – we recommend this film!


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  1. I wouldn’t say it was masterpiece but – like you said – it was very good. First of all, it was very well made. It is refreshing to see a FF movie with nice, impressive special effects after watching 10 in a row with just abandoned buildings and shadowy figures 😉 Plus we have really good and i would even say complex script. I also liked the main character, he kind of reminded me of Lance Preston from Grave Encounters

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