The Poughkeepsie Tapes (2007) – Serial Killer Documentary Movie

a serial killer documentary movie

It’s not often I go into a found footage movie having no idea what the actual film is about. I did as little research on The Poughkeepsie Tapes as possible – the only aspect I was sure about was that it was a Found Footage film.

And what a film it was! An experience that will stay with me for quite some time! The Poughkeepsie Tapes was a serial killer documentary movie that was put together in 2007 – it rocked!

Nothing Paranormal – Initial Disappointment!

Those of you that visit this site frequently will be aware of my addiction to all things horror – it’s the main driving factor behind this site being born. I have to admit that after the first five minutes of this film I was more than a little disappointed.

When I found out I had a serial killer documentary movie on my hands my heart sank a little. I wondered how on earth a film like this was going to be interesting filmed in the Found Footage style and how it was going to supply a decent atmosphere. My worries were misplaced………….

Creepy And Effective

This serial killer documentary movie was one sick and twisted ride guys…..I loved it! The acting and the professionalism of the documentary-styled start to the movie was very impressive. Within the first five minutes an FBI agent came out with a line claiming that:

“There are 25 – 30 active serial killers in America at any one time!”

I’m unsure whether the fact is true or not but it certainly grabs your attention and pulls you into the movie. Within a few minutes of this line being spilled we were confronted by a man with a video camera approaching an eight year old girl playing on her front lawn…….

No Letting up With This Guy

This was one sick, sick dude! I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen as the documentary evolved and we dug deeper into the psyche of this twisted freak!

It didn’t matter whether he was cutting up his victim’s bodies with a hacksaw or filming himself hiding in the closet of some unwitting female’s bedroom – I was hooked!

Never See His Face

One of the commanding factors of this serial killer documentary movie was the fact they kept the nutter’s identity a secret to the audience. At no point in the film did you get to see the serial killer’s face which added to the atmosphere and the feel of the film.

Whenever the killer was on camera they dressed him up in a rather creepy ‘bird head’ mask that stretched over his head. The mask kind of reminded me of those long beaked masks the villagers wore in the classic ‘The Wicker Man’. Wherever they found the mask – it worked and it was Frightening!

Torture on a New Level!

You can forget that ridiculous SAW franchise that kept on releasing film after film – this serial killer documentary movie offered a new, dark kind of torture. The SAW films had to rely on bucket-fulls of blood and gore to shock you – this was a very different creature!

Sure there were a few nasty and violent scenes but the actual mental torture of the movie was what keep it going. Stringing a girl up and torturing her until see agreed she was “happy that he killed her parents” was thought provoking and at the same time disturbing.

In one scene he actually turns up with the local press to visit the girl’s mother at her house. The point of this action was to let the mother subtly know who he was and then quickly run off – nasty stuff!


This was brutal – very heavy and thought provoking horror. It was an original and unique Found Footage movie that will stay with me for a long, long time. Some of the scenes were astonishingly twisted – using a tortured girl as a coffee table covered in a sheet then inviting unsuspecting girl guides in to use this twisted table – class!

This serial killer documentary movie was well acted, well filmed, well put together and well thought out! At no point in the movie did I get bored or did things slow down – it was a twisted ride from start to finish.

If you get the chance to experience this serial killer documentary movie then jump at it – you will not regret it! Definitely one to go on the ‘Elite List’ of Found Footage movies……..



  1. I was lucky enough to get this from youtube when it was free. Wow…..what a sicko!!! From the opening scene when he lures a little girl,we know that this serial killer is very,very dangerous. One of my favorite foundfootage and since youtube removed it,kinda hard to get. If your lucky enough to see it..watch it!!! I agree Chris..a must see!!

    • Hiya Tim!
      I think I actually watched this one on YouTube as well before it was removed because of copyright infringement. Great movie!

  2. Sheesh! I have never been a fan of horror, my certainly wife is, I’m usually more of a Disney movie or comedy type of guy LOL.

    That’s who I am. But I must admit, this film managed to get me hooked!

    At first, I definitely was not a fan of the found footage style of movie producing, but films like the Poughkeepsie Tapes feel like they have a different twist if you will of the genre.

    It’s a trainwreck of a film, you can’t help to not look away!

    This was the first found footage film I’d sat through in a while and I’m pretty glad I did – very disturbing but memorable at the same time. Has this director managed to make any other found footage films or is this his only one?

    • Hi there Christian!

      I have no idea about the director mate – as far as I know this is his only Found Footage effort…but I may well be wrong (I’ll look into it!).

      It’s great to hear that this film managed to get you into the whole genre – take a look around and see if there are any other offerings that appeal to you!

      Great to meet you and great to have you here – thanks for taking the time to leave your opinion on the movie!

  3. Creepy and disturbing as hell. A must-watch for FF fans. Documentary part made this film scarier in my opinion, and FF part is a good collection of the killer’s behaviors. Both parts feel relevant and well-structured. John Erick Dowdle should write and direct more FFs in future. Two originals (The Poughkeepsie Tapes and As Above, So Below), one remake (Quarantine), and all of them are good.

    Would you please recommend some FFFs like this? Similar plot, theme or atmosphere.

    • Oh that’s a tough one Bazi – have you tried Megan is Missing? (similar in parts!).
      My head’s a jumble of films these days as I have to sit through so many!

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