The Quarry (2011) – Movie Review

The Quarry (2011) - Movie Review

Got Amazon Prime to thank for this one – I was pretty desperate for a Found Footage injection about 9 o’ clock last night, so I used the ‘More Like ____’ option that the big ‘A’ offers.

Pretty simple really – find a relatively shit Found Footage movie on there (shouldn’t be too hard!), watch a few seconds of it, then choose a different movie.

Below that second movie, you will see a list of suggestions linked to the first movie you watched – more often than not…pretty diverse Found Footage titles!

Anyway, got through three of them last night, and this was one of them…

The Plot

Fall Break in Knoxville, Tennessee, 2010. Four college students escape for a few days to camp at a local deserted quarry. They were not alone. Their camera was found two days later. The investigation is still open.

A Stretched Out Horror Short

A LOT of Fond Footage movies tend to do this, and it makes 80% of their run time kinda boring at best. Sometimes it’s a purposeful build…other times it’s a way to kill off an hour before you get to the ‘shocking’ climax…

That’s what we have here.

After about thirty minutes of the movie’s running time, I got the feeling I was watching a 25 minute horror short that had been stretched and pulled into a 73 minute feature film.

There was nothing wrong with the acting, or how natural the characters were on screen…but I got bored with their antics at the thirty minute mark!

At the end of the day – who cares?

Seriously – who cares what a group of four American college students gets up to when they go out for a camping trip?

Not me.

Unfortunately. this bird’s eye view of the college gathering takes up a large portion of the film.


Not too bad really…but there’s no getting away from the fact that they took the long and winding road to get to their destination.

As I touched on above, the characters and the actors behind them were fine, natural and believable enough to watch…but the plot has been dragged out as far as it will go.

What about the climax?

Well, without giving away any spoilers, it’s decent enough…but there’s not much of an explanation behind it.

I don’t want to slam the movie too hard here, because it’s certainly a lot better than most zero budget offerings out there…

But I just couldn’t shake the fact that it would of worked a lot better as a 30 to 40 minute movie short – maybe a YouTube offering!

Anyway, the cinematography was half decent – no real bouts of ‘shaky cam syndrome’ etc.

The actors were decent enough to pull the whole thing off, and the script was average (listening to college students ramble on, is never that easy!).

If I had to give it a mark out of ten, I’d probably look at a 5.5 or a 6…but I’d want to give it more…due to effort.

An interesting enough watch if you’ve run out of Found Footage options, but a long slog all the same (maybe skip the first 35 minutes or so – you won’t miss much in terms of plot!).



  1. I haven’t watched the Quarry yet. Is it a true story, where just the camera was found and not the students, or is it a work of fiction?

    When watching true stories there is often an element of disappointment at the end as nothing is explained and you are left with questions in your mind as to what is actually going on. Although a lot of horror movies have endings like this.

    A week ago I watched some footage they took on Amish witches, and it was a little too scary for me, but I think that it was worse because it was a supposedly true story, and you can’t contemplate some of this stuff actually happening in real life.

    • Ahhhhh no Michel, this isn’t a true story…and I hate to break it to you, but that Amish program you watched was a mockumentary as well (nothing to be frightened of!).

  2. An interesting article on found footage films.  I’m of the opinion, they’re all pretty much “staged” and get really ticked off because you watch the better part of an hour for a 30 second “ending”.  It’s about gotten to the point that most budget movies could be classified in this genre, so kudos to you or giving them extra marks for effort on no budget.  Thanks for the review….think I’ll pass on this on!

    • Unfortunately a lot of them are based on the long ‘build’ then the payoff at the end Sharon – sometimes it works, other times it’s as boring as f##k! 🙂

  3. Thanks for this post. “Found Footage Films” sounds very interesting. You mention that these films are created on virtually zero budget. How does one get their film indexed in Amazon Prime? It sounds like it could be fun for young aspiring movie creators to get their feet wet and get some runs on the board – is that the gist of this genre of films?

    Thanks for posting, and thanks in advance for your replies!

    • Hi there Norman – and welcome to the site! 

      No idea how to get a film onto Prime but I can’t imagine it’s that difficult, mainly because I’ve watched a ton of shit on there that was complete crap! 🙂

  4. Thanks for your great review. I am very selective about the movies I watch. Because Hollywood alone creates around 600 movies per year and if you add all the great movies being created each year around the world, there is actually no time to watch all of them. I find the plot of “The Quarry” a bit cliche. Many other horror movies like paranormal activity have already been made with somehow the same plot and probably better cinematography. Do you agree?

    • Ahhhh no not really – there is nothing paranormal in this movie whatsoever Albert. Maybe try watching it and see for yourself! 

  5. I’m an absolute sucker for “found footage” flicks.  I love TBWP of course but also like Grave Encounters, Quarantine, and V/H/S.  I liked Apollo 18 as a pretty unique movie in the arena.  None of these movies got any traction with critics or the public…but that’s o.k.   Sure this genre is cheesy and most offerings are very derivative…but we expect that, right?

    The Quarry looks decent enough….Thanks for the heads up on skipping the first half hour.

    With the way technology has changed so quickly it will be interesting to see where this genre goes from here.   With “live streaming”  being the big thing now (i.e. Facebook and YouTube) it won’t be long before we’ll see some more movies based on that technology.  Maybe there are already some?

    • Yeah there are mate, check out the reviews on this site covering ‘Unfriended’ and a recent one covering ‘Searching’.

  6. Hi Chris thanks for this review based on what you say I will probably skip watching this particular movie, I love Found Footage movies, sometimes I just put random ones and turns to be really boring, something inside tells me to watch everything ha ha, I have to watch till the end, I never leave any movie in half!

    • Hi there Paola, 

      Glad you could take something from the review, even if it was the opinion to skip the movie! 🙂

  7. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! ‘Bout to watch it, and I was wondering what I’m in for. 🙂

  8. Found it to be fairly tedious stuff to be honest. Minor spoilers – The main “characters” varied from “don’t care what happens to them” to “I hope he dies really soon” (the annoyingly vocal camerman – and you know he’ll die last because he’s the cameraman ). I did feel some sympathy for 3 of the college kids as they have to put up with the dork behind the camera. There were also a few realistic – “I’m not going into the woods to investigate that strange noise” comments from these three – guess which one insisted on investigating the noise….yeah the annoying git with the camera (also the one that legged it like a gazelle on steroids when the antagonist was revealed).

    The cause of the disappearances was unexpected but by the time of the reveal I had lost all interest as the film had spent way too long “setting the scene”. Its free on amazon prime, it has that going for it.

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