The River (2012) – Movie Review

The River (2012) - Movie Review

Just a quick message to you all before I get into the guts of this Found Footage ‘serial’…

The other day I went to clear out the spam section of the security plugin I have fixed to this site and I realized I had 100’s of messages off you guys containing links to various Found Footage films.

Now, this is really cool – I love people sending me links etc…but 99% of the time the security setup on this site will chuck these messages/comments in the spam folder.

This makes me feel like a bit of a dick as I try my best to respond to every comment I get on here!

Anyway – please don’t stop sending me links to new Found Footage films (or films you think I’d be interested in!). Instead use the CONTACT tab at the top of this site to send me the message/link/pictures of your girlfriend…whatever! 🙂

I’ve linked this contact form up with my main business gmail account so I get ALL the messages sent through it – it’s the way indie directors get in contact with me!

Anyway, keep on sending ’em in this way!

Now onto The River

The Plot

Emmet Cole, played by Bruce Greenwood, is one of those extreme nature-reality TV guys…and is pretty popular with the television-watching public.

On his last expedition he has managed to get himself lost somewhere in the Amazon – people naturally assume he’s worm food…until Emmet’s beacon suddenly starts sending out a signal.

With renewed hope, a group of his family members, friends and colleagues head out to into the jungle to try and locate him. Of course they decide to film the whole rescue effort along the way because…well…why not?

Oren & Steven

Okay, for those of you that have not come across this franchise-of-sorts before, I should point out that this is more a mini-series than a film.

But hold your horses there – please don’t let this fact put you off…because this is the lovechild of Oren Peli (Paranormal Activity) and Steven Spielberg (way too many films to mention here in brackets!).

Yeah good old Oren and Steven have joined forces to create the ultimate Found Footage series and this is season one…but sadly I also have to point out that season two will probably never happen (it’s been panned from what I can tell).


So this setup should really be looked at as 8 Found Footage films that make up a whole series – pretty cool really!

Unfortunately I really haven’t got the patience to go through every single episode with a fine tooth comb – that just ain’t me!

It’s best to say that some episodes are ‘fillers’ whilst other episodes are excellent – you know the score with these modern-day big budget series (peaks and troughs).

Overall though it was a pretty enjoyable experience – Each episode of the series was at least a little bit more gripping than its predecessor.

It kinda had a bit of a Lost element to it – you get the feeling some of the characters know a lot more than they are letting on etc.

The whole combination of episodes manages to develop its cast over time…and this works well…but I was still left a little bit empty after the final episode.

I don’t know what it is – maybe I expected more in the ‘shock factor’ department when I realized the two big-heads behind the project. I thought a Found Footage effort controlled by the boys (Oren and Steven) should have offered a little bit more…

I think the main problem behind this mini-series is that it’s secluded itself from a large part of the viewing public. If I wasn’t a Found Footage fan, I wouldn’t have tuned back in after the first episode…and this is not a good sign!

But I AM a Found Footage fan, and I did quite enjoy this experience…but I can see why it eventually got panned by the distributors.

Long story short – if you like Found Footage you’ll like this! 

I guess what this highlights at the end of the day, is Found Footage is a love/hate genre…no matter what director you put behind it.

Sure, you’ll get millions of romantic comedy fans out there ‘claiming’ they love The Blair Witch Project…but stick them in front of Megan is Missing and they’ll run a mile! 🙂



  1. Even tho I have a android box and most of your videos are found on Exodus, some of them are not. Can you suggest the Web sites you go to for watching your movies?
    Perhaps a good idea would be when your doing your movie review for each movie maybe you can add where you found this movie to watch. I’m sure their are some people (including myself) where they would love to watch the movie however they can’t find it.
    Just a suggestion

    Thank you from Canada

    • Hey James – thanks for reaching out!

      I would love to leave links to the movies I find online but unfortunately they are all ‘dodgy’ sites…as you probably already know! The problem is that Google penalizes sites that link to illegal film streaming sites, or porn, or that kinda thing!

      This means the site would be ‘sandboxed’ and wouldn’t show up in Google’s results (it currently shows up on the first page of Google’s results). Basically – it would be the death of the site!

      Exodus is cool though – I manage to locate about 90% of the films I watch on there (through the search function!).

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