The School in The Woods (2010) – Movie Review


The School in The Woods (2010) - Movie Review

When I first heard about this film I was really interested in what it had to offer. I liked the title, I liked the idea and I liked the spooky looking little girl on the promo posters.

More often than not I get this type of thing wrong – I see an awesome trailer or a decent piece of artwork and I think I’m in for the horror ride of a lifetime.

So, did I get it wrong again this time?


Yeah I pretty much got it wrong again – this was a bit of a turd at best but it tried really hard at times ( which is commendable ).

I think the whole idea of a school in the woods somewhere is perfect for the Found Footage setting but only if it’s done correctly – this wasn’t.

Anyway, I don’t really want to make your mind up for you so read through the rest of the review and see if there’s anything that appeals to your horror taste!

The Plot

The School in The Woods follows a group of college students as they make their way through an abandoned school in the woods of Louisiana.

They have heard that this school is a center point for paranormal activity so they are there filming some sort of class project ( on the paranormal one would think! ).

Well the school doesn’t let them down. Or, as the blurb on the movie bio reads…

“And now the school in the woods is going to teach them a lesson in fear…”


Yeah I know that’s not exactly the longest plot description I’ve ever penned but that’s really all there is to the story line – some Found Footage efforts work best with smaller plots ( this one didn’t! )

I felt that director Tony Fox tried his best to sit down and list all the successful Found Footage cliches out there then cram them into this…film?

Certain parts were pretty good but they were soon drowned out by really stupid and immature scenes that were never going to work.

I heard somewhere that Fox opted to shoot the film in 5 to 10 minute real-time shots. So you’ve got rather tired cliches being fit into long low budget shots through a camcorder…

A recipe for disaster really!


Another title that missed the mark by a long shot I’m afraid – I couldn’t care less what happened to this group of students after about 25 minutes of running time ( and the bloody thing went on for over 90 mins! ).

Some of the actors were pretty decent but the rest were absolutely cardboard in their delivery, reaction and effort ( what was up with that ex-girlfriend character? ).

The acting side of things really took a nose dive when a couple turn up at the school for shelter halfway through the film. Where Mr. Fox found these two beauties I’ll never know ( homeless shelter one would think! ).

Thankfully they did decide to use the creepy little girl on the promo poster from time to time and this was the high point for the film. She was used sparingly but she delivered a pretty cool creepy presence ( which was desperately needed in the film ).

Some elements of the cinematography were pretty good and the overall audio engineering side of things were passable. It didn’t really look that bad on the the big screen.

At the end of the day though it was nothing more than another Found Footage disappointment. I kept waiting for the ‘good stuff’ to happen but the film just got worse.

Nice idea executed poorly I’m afraid.

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  1. Had some expectations that this would turn out pretty good, but I don’t think I’ll bother now. Might as well watch old favorites like Atrocious or Home Movie again. And I also found Meadowoods online this week. That Putlocker.com is a pretty good site, by the way. I’ve ended up there numerous times in the last few months, specially when looking for documentaries.

    • Hi John,
      Yeah I’ve been using Putlocker for about two years now – most of my reviews come from titles I find on there! They tend to go for new FF titles more often than not and get them early. They do also change their domain from time to time mind – a word of warning! The Feds have closed them down 4 times already causing them to jump server country ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hey ive been looking for a website with a found footage genre for a while now man and thank god i found yours let me tell u i went thru and watched these before reading ur review then read them and let me tell u ur spot on man great job great site i just found this yesterday when i was looking for all found footage movies that take place in insane asylums and u had it… One thing i have to ask they dont have a found footage section on nextflix i dont know if you have net flix but if u do can u compile a list of all the found footage movies on there? Ive already watched over 30 of them at least including devils pass , and troll hunter but its just so hard finding them becuase most of the time they dont say found footage u have to start the movie and fast foward ….. thanks a list of pov movies on netflix would be amazing

    • Hi there,
      Unfortunately I’m not a member of Netflix mate ( or any other paid streaming site for that matter! ). I watch all my films for free as the more diverse ( and illegal ) film sites tend to house those hidden beauties! I find that the paid sites only seem to concentrate on the more ‘mainstream’ Found Footage offerings.
      Still, I would love to see the list you have built up on Netflix so far – so would most of my readers!
      Fancy popping back and leaving info on what you’ve found so far?

  3. Sure these are the found footage movies ive seen on netflix so far 1 or 2 of them got taken off including behind the mask the rise of leslie vernon and grave encounters 1 and exists but still lets see theres 1.Troll hunter 2.Devils pass 3.Evidence 4.Hanger 10 5.Atm 6.the houses ocotber built 7.the den 8.area 51 9.blair witch project 10/11/12. All three of the v/h/s trilogy 13.Rec 3 14.Rec 4 15.alien abduction 16.the taking of deborah logan 17.mirror 18. Grave encounters 2 19.grey stone park 20.archivo 253 21.the ouija experiment 22.unidentified 23.paranormal activity the marked ones 24.banshee chapter 25.aparment 143 26.inner demons 27.appollo 18. There are loads more i will update with more movies after i get home and check netflix these are just the ones i rememeber they are all 100% found footage which ones havent you seen? Will be back with more when i get home and check netflix

    • Nice one mate – whenever you find anything new throw it on here! I get hundreds of new visitors a day at the moment all looking for titles they haven’t seen ( it’s hard to keep up! ). I never thought the site would get this popular LOL.

      • Have you seen all those movies????? And do you want me to put year it was made next to it? Also 28.Creep

        • Hi sorry for the delay!
          Yes I have seen them but a lot of other subscribers to the site wouldn’t have – having lists like this on the site is awesome as it helps everyone out! ๐Ÿ™‚
          Keep ’em coming!

          • O great thanks i read it good review.. Also i cant find the visit (2015) anywhere its the new found footage m night shyamilan movie just wondering if u can find it the url would be nice… Also i IMPLORE YOU to watch Cube (1997) and if you like it watch the sequals titled Cube 2 :Hypercube. And Cube:Zero….. my FAVORITE horror movie of all time it is 100% worth ur time find it on laptop hook it up to ur tv with hdmi cord and also what did you think of the movie Interstellar (2014)? Thats my favorite movie of all time….. Thanks

          • Hi there!

            Yeah The Visit is a hard one to get hold of at the moment – may have to wait a couple of weeks for that one! I love the Cube series you mentioned – I watched them all when I was living in Amsterdam ( a few years back now! ). Interstellar was awesome – I’d been waiting for it to be released for a long time. I can’t understand some of the critics though – the film seems like perfect Sci Fiction to me!

          • I found the visit online go to google and type in xmovies8.tv i just watched it last night very good new found footage m night delivers and yes interstellar is my favorite movie of all time simply amazing and ur so lucky i wanna live in amsterdam the weed lol

  4. I should have known that was going to suck ass when it took so long for the rolling credits in the start to finish?

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