The Secluded House ( 2012 ) – Found Footage Aussie Horror

​I’ll be brutally honest with you – most of the short length found footage horror films I come across are rarely up to standard. Now and again I hit a little gem and that is what happened here with this independent Aussie horror – The Secluded house.

Now I’m not going to try and convince you that this is going to be the best horror film you will see all year – because it’s not!

It probably won’t even be the best horror film you see this month. What it will be is a hugely enjoyable independent Aussie horror which has been put together really well.

For Fans of Found Footage Horror

Let’s not beat around the bush here – if you are not a fan of the found footage genre then you are likely to hate every movie related to it. It doesn’t matter if the movie has the budget of Paranormal Activity – you still won’t like it.

So you have to be a fan of found footage before you can really attempt to enjoy this little Aussie horror.

Not The Longest…..

No it’s not the longest of found footage films but a lot of them found online are short these days.  It’s what you do with them in that short time what counts – how you create an atmosphere.

And this Aussie horror had an atmosphere – from the moment they drove up to the secluded house to the dying seconds of the film.

If you manage to inject an atmosphere or a feeling of fear into a found footage movie then you are onto a winner!

Not as Stupid as They Look

The group of boys who starred (and probably created/produced) this film couldn’t of been older than about twenty (I’m guessing college years!).

Anyway they were excellent in delivery and in holding the suspense. Their timing was good and not one of them let the side down.

The filming side of things was not at all bad either and they managed to get through the film without to many irritating shaky instances. It all tied together well in a very professional little bundle!

Freeze Frame Films

The guys responsible for this gem of an independent Aussie horror are called Freeze Frame Films. I may be jumping the gun a bit here but I think the production company is an amateur one set up by the young guys acting in the film.

I certainly hope this is the case as they deserve all the plaudits for this enjoyable Aussie horror short. With a bit of luck they will be attempting more movies in this genre.


Unfortunately a lot of found footage films tend to suffer from really bad endings – this was no different. They sort of left the ending up to the viewer to decide – there was nothing really visual to go on.

But this was the only downside to this movie – it was a great example of indie found footage. In one scene near the end the effects were excellent and I still haven’t figured out how they managed it.

If you like found footage horror then this is well worth a look. If you don’t like found footage horror then what the hell are you doing on my site in the first place??



  1. Watched this movie on your recommendation and was not disappointed! Scared the hell out of me, I loved it! Thanks so much and keep the posts coming.

    • Brilliant stuff! Glad you enjoyed it mate. The boys who directed/made this little gem are in the middle of producing a feature length Slender Man movie so keep your eye to the ground!

  2. Great recomendation. I think the college boys did a pretty good job for a low budget production. They really scared me. I was really interested in what was happening. Thanks for the review, hope you find some other scary hidden gems out there. I disagree with you on the editing, I really like the editing but I’m also only an amateur. I would definately recommend it.

    • That’s fine Andrea – you are allowed to disagree with me…as long as it’s not too often!!!! 🙂

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