The Slaughter Tapes ( 2013 ) – Film Review


The Slaughter Tapes ( 2013 ) - Film Review

I was quite looking forward to settling down to experience Michael Z. Gordon’s Found Footage effort The Slaughter Tapes. It was another one of those movies that I knew little about but had a certain ‘aura’ surrounding it.

Let’s take a closer look at how it panned out…

Straight Lines

A majority of the film seemed to travel in a very straight line and this was a BIG disappointment for me. I had heard the basis of the plot was actually based on true events but it turns out the filmmakers had to change certain scenes.

I think this was largely down to legal issues but it seemed to take a big portion of ‘whack’ out of the overall experience.

Unfortunately the initial scenes the film provided did a pretty good job of putting me off – after two minutes I was already hoping things would improve!

These scenes were really disjointed between ‘stationary scenes’ and ‘Found Footage’ scenes. I hate it when films in this genre don’t actually stick to the genre!

It was one of those Found Footage films that needed a breakthrough at some point but this never came. I’m afraid I couldn’t shake that feeling of disappointment throughout the experience.

The Plot

A group of documentary filmmakers decide to produce a film on the lucrative porn industry. They manage to get hold of a few porn stars and decide to interview them for the initial stages of their project.

They meet at a set location and end up interviewing several half naked ladies ( not a bad day’s work! ). When they are leaving the film shoot they come across a young girl on her way to audition for a part in an adult film.

This girl has been trying her best to break into mainstream acting but has failed miserably. This has left her with only one option to pay the mounting rent – getting her kit off!

They know a good story when they see one and decide that this girl would be perfect for the remainder of their documentary.

They start to follow her progress in the industry until one day she accepts an offer to star in an ‘underground’ film. The documentary crew are concerned for her safety but she has no option – she needs the money.

Turns out they were right to be worried…

The Pay off

I was really disappointed that the filmmakers chose to hold everything back until the climax of the film. While this works in some Found Footage movies it didn’t really work that well here.

The film relies heavily on the conclusion/twist it provides but to be honest – I saw that coming a mile off!

The whole thing ended up being a pretty slow ride and the build didn’t exactly keep me on the edge of my seat. To be honest I got a little bored and kept on glancing at the clock on the living room wall ( never a good sign! ).


Sometimes a Found Footage film can drift over slow moments by employing a strong cast – this was not the case here.

The whole cast was made up of unknown actors that didn’t really provide enough towards character development.

The film chose to wrap itself around a sort of flashback system where police interrogate one of the filmmakers after the girl’s disappearance. This obviously took away the Found Footage authenticity and did absolutely nothing for the plot ( a pretty bad decision in my book! ).

Sometimes a low budget can work wonders in this genre but sadly this was not the case with The Slaughter Tapes. The questionable acting and poor cinematography could not be overlooked no matter how hard I tried.

I would love to give this low budget offering a good review but I simply couldn’t find that many positives to hone in on.

It was a good idea but I’m afraid this one really struggled to impress me.



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