The Taking of Deborah Logan – Alzheimer Disease Stages


The Taking of Deborah Logan - Alzheimer Disease Stages

You know you’ve got a problem when you come across a cool looking horror film and get a head rush when you realize it’s a Found Footage offering! That’s exactly what happened when I stumbled upon The Taking of Deborah Logan on a dodgy film site last night.

This 2014 horror is set up as a documentary based on Alzheimer disease stages that an elderly woman is going through. But something seems a little out of place with this particular Alzheimer’s case…

A New Spin

Newsflash – not all films in the found footage genre are good! In fact, some of the worst independent filmmaking projects I have ever come across can be found in this genre.

But every now and then producers get it in their mind to try something different – and this is when the REAL gems hit our screens.

There’s always something to be said for a slightly new spin on an oft-told tale. The Taking of Deborah Logan takes on the completely overused horror subject of demonic possession and gives it a right kick up the ass!

The filmmaking techniques are simple, the story is interesting and the actors are of a much higher quality than what I’m used to watching in Found Footage…

The Plot

Deborah Logan is a nice old woman who is suffering through the various Alzheimer disease stages. Her daughter realizes that in time things are only going to get worse so she takes up an offer of payment from a film company looking to make a documentary on the disease.

Both Deborah and her daughter live in a beautiful large house with acres of land outside – taking on the disease and keeping the house going is proving to much of a struggle on their resources so this documentary is hopefully going to save the day.

So your typical Found Footage team of filmmakers turn up at the house to stay over a period of weeks to capture the disease in full flow.

At first Deborah Logan seems nothing more than a batty old ticking time bomb with plenty of character. But as the film crew get closer and closer to her they realize something malevolent is at work here…

Stealing The Show

Veteran TV actor Jill Larson plays Deborah Logan and man, does she steal the show! I can remember watching her in a few dodgy American soap operas years back now but I had no idea she was this powerful an actor.

She seems to have had no problem at all in stepping up to the horror plate and taking a great big bite. Her performance is one of the best I have EVER seen in the Found Footage genre!


This joins the ranks of The Houses October Built and The Possession of Michael King it’s great to have had THREE top quality Found Footage films released over 2014.

This movie does a great job of tapping into our fears of aging and of losing our own identities as time marches on. The Alzheimer disease stages are initially covered with a lot of respect and the documentary setup becomes very believable.

When the paranormal elements enter the film the story starts to twist and turn keeping the viewer guessing right to the very end.

The cinematography is provided in a no-frills visual presentation through the traditional ‘shaky cam’ and security camera scenes. I wouldn’t say they broke the bank with the effects but what they created in the film worked VERY well.

Finding a unique Found Footage film these days is getting harder and harder and this was a nice change from poltergeists and haunted asylums. The story was excellent, the acting was top notch and the presentation was equally impressive.

Definitely a film the Found Footage generation will enjoy – watch it!




  1. Story and production wise it was a breath of fresh air in the FF genre last year, but this one would also make my top 10 list of best films overall in 2014. Great casting and ditto performances. One of those movies you wish you could watch again for the first time. If I ever get Alzheimers I’m gonna watch this all day long.

    • LOL – “If I ever get Alzheimers I’m gonna watch this all day long” fantastic comment! Yeah I loved this film, sometimes recognized actors can really make the difference ( and sometimes not! ). Great plot, cinematography and direction. One of the best FF releases of 2014 by far 🙂

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