The Tapes ( 2011 ) – Recent British Horror Movies

The Tapes ( 2011 ) - Recent British Horror Movies

Today we have one of the more recent British horror movies that has been filmed in the Found Footage format – The Tapes. Due to my nationality (Welsh) I always get a little excited when confronted by a British film so I was over the moon when I found this satanic offering!

Initial Feelings

The film unfortunately starts off the same as about 99% of all Found Footage films out there – “These tapes were found………”. There’s nothing overly wrong with this but it would be nice to see a more original start now and again! Anyway, as with most Found Footage horror movies, I was aware these three youngsters were on borrowed time!

The start of the story basis itself around a young and reasonably attractive girl’s attempts to film a diary for Big Brother. You know the ones – they stand there introducing themselves acting mad and crazy and listing why they should be on the show.

The girl was a pretty good character actually and her boyfriend followed suit – both were quite amusing and the on screen chemistry worked really well.

They both played that sort of council house English role really well. When she claims she is single for the benefit of the camera he goes up the wall and a humorous exchange follows…..


This was a little different to the more recent British horror movies as it contained a good deal of humor and childish pranks to begin with. The boyfriend seemed pretty insecure and the girl played up on this fact.

There were short scenes where the camera flicked back and forth to a documentary style in the future with the family members and this kind of worked quite well to!

They were basically three pretty common and immature English youngsters and this worked in their favor – I liked the characters and cared about what happened to them!

Simple scenes like sneaking into the toilet to film the cameraman having a dump added to the mischief and the fun of the individual personalities.

Things Start to go Wrong……

But funny scenes aside – this was one of the more recent British horror movies so we knew something nasty was on the horizon!

As they make their way round a rural setting/town/village they pass a rather original and creepy scarecrow in a field. It was a human sized effort but someone had put an incredibly creepy clown’s mask on it’s head.

This was a really nice horror touch especially if you get a little freaked out by clowns (like me!).

The movie had also been filmed in the dull British wintertime which was a nice touch – the grey sky and the snowed in countryside added to the original ‘feel’ of the movie!

The Basis of The Film

This was one of the more recent British horror movies that centered it’s plot around devil worshiping (you can’t go wrong with a little bit of satanism in modern horror!).

The three end up in a rural town to film the Big Brother diary but end up finding out that one of the rather moody locals holds private swinger parties!

They come across this information whilst having a drink and encounter with the individual at a local bar – naturally they HAVE to check this out for themselves!

They end up sneaking into the local farm where this local perv lives and examining all the farm sheds on the huge property.

It was actually plainly obvious that they were somewhere they really shouldn’t of been due to the suspect items they were finding – a goat’s skull, whips, devil worship symbols on the walls, handcuffs, drums (you get the picture right?).

Most of us would of figured out near enough straight away that we were in the brown stuff and run for the hills but not these three – they hung around for more!


This was definitely one of the more original recent British horror movies and I thoroughly enjoyed it overall. You get the feeling these three hapless idiots were set up from the word go and the build up is very realistic.

The rating on IMDb is an extremely low 3.2 at the time of writing this. Don’t pay it any attention – reviewers on that site seem to completely miss the point with most Found Footage films and are only impressed by Hollywood blockbusters.

The acting was good, the interaction between the characters was good and the film was atmospheric enough to freak you out!

If you’re looking into the more recent British horror movies out there at the moment then definitely give this one a try. It’s not a classic by any stretch of the imagination but it is a decent Found Footage horror flick! Enjoy!



  1. Nice review, I enjoy taking in movies that are not straight out of Hollywood and this one sounds interesting enough.

    Was a bit unclear but I’m guessing the title is ‘The Tapes’.

    I’m also wondering where you can get access to these films you are talking about as I don’t usually peruse the internet for films? Is this where you find most of these diverse titles?

    Thanks for the review and let me know how I can checkout the films.

    • LOL – yes the title of the film is The Tapes…didn’t you read the rather large title to the whole review? It’s at the top of the page…so it’s a dead giveaway! 🙂

      Yeah I find all of these movies online. It usually takes a bit of research on my part but they are all out there…somewhere!

      If you are interested in finding some of these films I really wouldn’t bother trying to find them on DVD or Blu Ray – check out a site called Putlocker first!

      Hope this helps mate.

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