The Triangle (2016) – Movie Review

The Triangle (2016)

I’ve been plugging away at the Free Found Footage Cinema section of this site over the last few days or so but I just had to take a break to cover a new(ish) release I discovered last night.

I wish I could link directly to the film online but it’s on one of those dodgy Putlocker sites that house Phishing adverts and malware banners – not the type of sites you want pointing back to your own website!

Anyway, if it’s on one of these sites there’s a good chance it’s on just about all of them…and I KNOW you all use them! 🙂

The film in question is a joint effort by David Blair, Nathaniel PetersonAdam Pitman, Andrew Rizzo and Adam Stilwell (each has credits for writing and directing).

It’s called The Triangle

The Plot

Four filmmakers take their cameras into the Montana wilderness to document the mysterious inner workings of a young community with a rather worrying secret.

Something a Little Different…

I know the whole cult angle has been covered several times by the Found Footage genre but this offering managed to deliver something a little different.

Apparently the actual filming of the project took place back in 2012 and the editing etc. took until 2015/2016 to finish. I wish I could tell you why it took them that long to put the finishing touches on it but I have no idea I’m afraid (it’s not as if it’s a CGI festival at the end of the day!).

But this had something that sort of stood out – even if it did take eons to hit the big screen.

The majority of recent Found Footage efforts have mostly suffered the same fate – they target the wrong characteristics first.

The Triangle just opts to be as realistic as possible – and that’s what ALL films in this genre should be aiming towards before they try and force feed you ‘jump’ or ‘scare’ scenes.


I’m not saying this film managed to cross the line without a few negatives in play – the climax to the whole thing was about as lukewarm as a Found Footage film could muster.

When the end credits rolled I managed to think of at least four alternative endings that would of propelled this film to the status of a classic. Sadly Blair, Peterson, Pitman, Rizzo and Stilwell opted for a more cardboard option.

Maybe it’s just me – overactive imagination and all that!

Anyway, put the climax to one side for a second, because the rest of the film is a very enjoyable Found Footage experience.

Many sections of the film are portrayed to the viewer in split screen format due to there being about four cameras on the go at any one time.

Now this could of ended up as a right shit heap but the boys have managed to get it just right. In fact some ‘split’ sections were so interesting I might just watch through the film again to see what I missed first time around.

On top of this is the cast – a big round of applause has to be given to the filmmakers for managing to locate a group of actors that were comfortable in a Found Footage environment.

To be honest – there wasn’t a weak link in the acting chain ANYWHERE!

I’m still a bit deflated over the film’s conclusion but the majority of it’s journey was really well put together and quite unique at times.

Well worth watching (but a bit of an anticlimax!).



  1. Hi, Chris. I liked this one, too. Your comment about the acting is spot on. Very realistic, basically like they put out a casting call at Burning Man, which indeed they may have done. 🙂 Between the good acting, realistic behavior for the character type they were portraying, and the vividly impressive setting, I felt like I was right there, experiencing the events. This is the top compliment I can give a FF film. Add to it the fact that something was clearly off right from the start and kept getting more off as time went by – a favorite theme of mine – and The Triangle was a very satisfying film.

    As you say, the ending is anti-climactic, which is too bad. It’s like the filmmakers ran out of steam, or maybe they had some metaphysical theme in mind that they couldn’t quite pull off. I try not to let a disappointing ending ruin an otherwise good movie for me, so I will definite rewatch this one and hope to see more from the guys who made it.

    • The main problem I had with the ending centered around it being way too obvious – it seemed like the easiest choice which was a little disappointing

  2. P.S. Forgot to mention that The Triangle is available on Amazon streaming, at least in the US. (I have no idea whether that means it’s also available in the UK, Australia, etc. The depth of ignorance on such things knows no bottom.)

    It’s not free of cost, but it is free of malware, viruses, etc. 🙂

  3. Howdy. This is Howard again. I haven’t commented in a while. So I thought I’d drop a line and say that I agree with your take on the Triangle. Good film but with an ending that was a bit of a let down. One thing I did enjoy was the feeling the movie gave from the start that something bad was going to happen. I haven’t felt tension in a movie like that since maybe the first Paranormal Activity. I don’t think you reviewed a movie on YouTube called Aztec Box? I may be wrong. But if you haven’t checked that out, you should. Of course it’s low budget but it is cleaver and well done. Can’t wait to see the new Blair Witch!

    • Hello once again Howard – hope everything’s cool with you!
      Yeah the ending was a bit of a ‘cop out’ in my book – the film warranted something a lot more memorable as a finishing point.

  4. I watched The Sighting not long ago, also with Adam Pitman and really didn’t take to him at all. This film (so far) is far better executed, the acting is more convincing and there’s a much more immersive atmosphere about it

      • Hi Chris. The Sighting isn’t a found-footage style film, but I think it’s the same production crew. The Sighting feels a bit teen-drama ish in places. I stuck it out but it didn’t really leave an impression on me. I’m really glad I found your page. I often check here for any new films I may have missed Good work.

  5. Sorry I didn’t get the connection between the skull and the group disappearing.

    • Been a few months now since I watched it Greg so I can’t really answer that. I do remember that it was a little open-ended…sort of make your own mind up!

  6. Hi Chris

    I loved this film and agree that it was spot on throughout except for its ending. I am always so surprised when I see a great film that has a horrible or sub par ending. Out of all the talented people involved not one speaks up and tells everyone that all of their effort is about to be for nothing with such an ending. Take Babadook for example, I LOVED it and actually paused it halfway through and said out loud, this is F—— Scary!!! Then the ending made it ridiculous. Like this movie it didn’t change the fact that I loved the movie but it could have Been one if the best with the right conclusion. Which is sad because I really loved it until it ended!!!

    • Yeah but I suppose the ending will always stick with you…because it was so shit! Maybe that’s what the director was aiming at? Just a shame really because the film was good…

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