The Tunnel ( 2011 ) – Independent Film Grants

The Tunnel ( 2011 ) - Independent Film Grants

Let me just start by saying I love this film for it’s back story and the way it finally made it to people’s screens. The makers of this film created their own independent film grants by selling off frames of the film online ( as they were filming! ).

It was basically down to the horror loving public to drag this film through production and that is absolutely awesome in my book 🙂

The Release

It didn’t really stop with the independent film grants either – it’s release was sort of aimed at the people to!

When it was finally completed they released it simultaneously on a variety of platforms like DVD, pay per view, Blu-Ray and even a torrent file that was completely free.

It seems like they made this movie for the love of horror and nothing more – they also filmed it in the found footage style…

The Plot

The plot is pretty much made for the found footage genre and has probably been covered before in numerous horror movies.

The film follows a news team that are convinced that there is a government cover up regarding underground water resources. The news team is made up of reporter Natasha ( Bel Deliá ), producer Peter ( Andy Rodoreda ), cameraman Steve ( Steve Davis ), and audio engineer Tangles ( Luke Arnold ).

These underground water systems were being inhabited by the local homeless but they seem to be disappearing at an alarming rate. The government is aware of these disappearances but is very effective at brushing them all under the carpet.

It seems the only way this news team is going to highlight the truth is by venturing down into this tunnel system themselves – we as viewers realize this is not the best of ideas!

We were right – it’s a pretty shitty idea as they become lost within the tunnel system with a limited light source. That’s not the only problem – there is something else down there with them…

Mockumentary or Found Footage?

The Tunnel likes to think of itself as Found Footage but a large portion of the first half of the film is actually in a documentary style ( mockumentary ). This is fine as it works out pretty well and it gives us a chance to meet a few of the characters before we see the actual footage.

The only problem I had with this mockumentary and Found Footage style is that they decided to use music in the film ( soundtrack ). I don’t know what it is about soundtracks but they seem to be a ‘no go’ area for Found Footage – they just don’t fit!


This was good – very good! They managed to get all the elements right that they needed to.get right and that showed in the finished product.

The idea of creating your own independent film grants is a hell of a risky one at the end of the day – but it seems to have worked flawlessly on this film.

The acting was top notch and the indie filmmaking process worked – cinematography and visual quality was excellent.

I was a little worried about the rather empty Aussie characters to begin with but as the shit hit the fan their acting improved tenfold.

I’m really glad the film worked out the way it did because it was created so uniquely. I hope a few other indie producers take this idea on board if they come up with a decent story and are looking for ways to finance it.

A fast moving Found Footage horror with a good story and a decent bunch of actors. Built on unique independent film grants and for the most part given out FREE to the public.

What’s not to like?



  1. Great review. The Tunnel is probably one of my favorite found footage movies as well.

    One thing i liked and that sets it appart of its peers is that some protagonists survive, its very predictable in the genre but gladly they dont all die. Also liked that the monster looked pretty good and the claustrophobic setting.

    Hopefully the sequel wont stink.

    • Yeah I quite liked the idea of survivors for once as well – the post-documentary style gave it something a little original 🙂
      And the monsters were pretty cool – you’re bang on the money there!

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