The Unwelcoming House (2019) – Movie Review

The Unwelcoming House (2019) - Movie Review


I should lay all my cards on the table here and admit that I was going to cover another movie today, one I watched a couple of nights ago…but I can’t seem to find ANY sort of record of it anywhere?

I THOUGHT the film was called The Woman In The Woods…but it turns out that was wrong. Been on IMDb and I’ve searched about – I actually read the reviews on IMDb BEFORE I watched the movie – no sign of it anywhere now?

Did I dream it…or have I just got the fucking name wrong again?

I knew at the time I should have written the title down!

Anyway, it’ll come to me…but I don’t know when.

Soooo…instead we are going to cover a title introduced to me by Spencer Szeto last week – The Unwelcoming House.

I’d passed it on Amazon Prime a few times but I hadn’t realised it was in the Found Footage genre…

The Plot

A father and his son are being haunted by an unforeseen force. With desperation,Joe tries to figure out what is in his house and tries to get rid of the evil entity.

Zero Budget Level

Okay, at the time of writing this the movie has a 4.6 rating on IMDb, so you know you’re not gonna get a Blair Witch or Grave Encounters level of Found Footage experience – we are in the total zero-budget indie zone here!

If you go into the film with this in mind, you should enjoy certain parts of it, and you’ll get some sort of ‘FF fix’ off it.

Bear in mind that the high ratings of 8, 9 and 10 on IMDb are shrill reviews, but the low reviews of 1 are a little bit harsh (from my point of view).


Well, I watched this AFTER I watched that ‘mystery’ Found Footage film the other night…and I really did quite enjoy that first film. So, this movie was immediately put at a disadvantage due to my high levels of expectation after the first FF fix.

The key point to remember here is that this movie is completely zero-budget, but they have tried to throw some Adobe After Effects in here and there (that’s about the level of CGI they reach).

The actors are not bad, but the timing in certain scenes is very poor. Overall they manage to keep about 80% of the movie pretty realistic, which is a great credit to director/actor Joe Covarrubias. The problem is that the final 20% is really bad – I mean completely unrealistic and not based in any way on natural human reaction (walking out of a basement after you’ve just seen a shadow entity – fuck that – RUN you twat!).

The plot kinda works and works well for the first three quarters of the movie, but I did feel a bit of a ‘drag’ come over me when we neared the final act of the movie.

Overall this is not a bad entry into in the zero-budget niche of the Found Footage genre. There are plenty of warts, and some pretty sketchy scenes, but overall the effort does manage to carry the project forward.

Not great, but certainly a lot better than a majority of zero-budget counterparts. Covarrubias has a good idea and grasp on the genre, but he’s been hindered by the lack of a proper budget.



    • I have yes Jess!
      But I completely forgot about it until you sent me through this comment – I’ll have to get it up on here at some point…

  1. Was the title of the movie you watched but couldn’t remember called “She Walks The Woods”? I watched a few minutes of it but the dudes really wore on my nerves. Probably going to give it another go though.

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