The Warning ( 2012 ) – British Found Footage Failure


The Warning ( 2012 ) - British Found Footage Failure

Not good…not good at all!

I didn’t really know how to start this review so I thought it was only fair to warn all my regulars before I waste too much of their time…

This was not a good film!


It’s very rare that I get to a point where I hate running this website but when I come across a film like this, I just want to pack it all in.

How this film got to the point of release I’ll never know…

Seriously, it was that bad…

The Plot

This farce, sorry film, takes place on 21st December 2012, which according to the Mayan calendar, is when the world is supposed to end.

So we end up in a hospital where a baby has suddenly gone missing and a nurse has flung herself through a window. Both incidents have managed to be caught on the hospital’s CCTV system so the police arrive to investigate further.

The whole story is portrayed through the hospital CCTV cameras and the cameras the police carry ( why the police have a cameraman with them is anybody’s guess! ).

That’s about it for the plot – it’s basically one nonsensical scene after another!


A piss poor plot is bad enough but when you combine it with some of the miscast actors your ever likely to see things start to get really rough.

The thing that baffles me the most is where they found some of these actors – did they walk around a nightclub one Saturday night and offer roles to the drunkest people there?

Detective Robert Edwards ( Simon Phillips ) and PC Ray ( Peter Barrett ) take the lead in this film and both of them were fighting losing battles.

They constantly meet up with characters played by dreadful actors making every scene seem more like a comedy sketch. I doubt very much either of them will be including this film on their CV.


It’s strange to find a film with high production values and next to no substance whatsoever. Detective Robert Edwards spends the whole film ordering people about with very little authority wrapped in a very strange manner.

There is a supernatural element to the film but yet again this is completely hilarious. Every time our resident ‘entity’ turns up on screen he is accompanied by a loud metallic sound effect. It’s as if the film is trying to remind us we should be soiling ourselves!

Everything is overacted and unnatural. In one scene early on we are introduced to a ‘Rain Man’ type character who is in charge of the CCTV system in the hospital. This seriously had to be some kind of bet or joke?

The actor seemed to completely overplay the part and only just managed to keep a straight face throughout the scene. He even had a Celtic design tattoo on his arm – how many special needs have you come across with a bloody tattoo???

This film is a complete checklist for how NOT to make a Found Footage movie:

  • Terrible actors
  • Terrible plot
  • No build or tension whatsoever
  • Awful script

​​This was absolutely shocking – I sat through it so you don’t have to!

Avoid at all costs.




  1. I agree, 22 minutes into it and its just running in circles with the hospital cam of which is picking up some “shadow person” watching them at work…can’t really connect with the characters and the no plot doesn’t help either….it’s so “monotone” throughout the entire movie…

    • Hi Di,
      Glad you agree – this was pretty much sh#t from the word ‘go’ really wasn’t it? 🙂

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