The Zombie Diaries ( 2006 ) – Walking Dead Movie


The Zombie diaries ( 2006 ) - Walking Dead movie

Over the last decade or so the horror genre has been in a sort of tug-of-war between vampires and zombies. People love ’em – and it doesn’t look like changing anytime soon!

The Zombie Diaries is sort of like a Walking Dead movie shot in the Found Footage style. It first came out way back in 2006 and has done a pretty good job of staying under the radar since then.

If you perform a simple Google search online you’ll find a sort of mixed bag of reviews on the movie – some love it, some hate it!

The same goes for the dreaded IMDb review section for the film – evens on the positive and the negative.

I initially watched the film about two years ago on a bus journey ( Samsung tablet experience! ) from London to Wales. I decided to give it another go this week for the purpose of this review.

So…what was it like?


Yeah I think ‘surprising’ is probably the best term I can muster for this film after watching it a second time – it really isn’t all that bad.

At times during the experience I felt I really wanted to dislike the film due to a poorly acted scene or corny zombie killer line. But this negative feeling didn’t last long – it became quite easy to forgive these amateur slips and sit back to enjoy the film for what it was.

The Plot

The film is split up into three parts which each act as a sort of zombie apocalypse diary entry shot through camcorders. They don’t really mean much at the beginning but their relation to one another becomes clearer as the film progresses.

Each of the ‘entries’ covers about a month period of the zombie apocalypse but it’s not just blood, guts and rotting flesh. The diaries also highlight the fact that we as humans can be just as terrifying as the flesh eaters when the shit really hits the fan!


I think the main driving force behind this film is the effort put into the look of the locations and the zombie effects. It’s certainly not a high budget offering but the make up guys ( or girls! ) were bang on the money.

As we all know, the subject of zombies has been flogged to death in recent times but this film manages to grab your interest from a different angle.

I think it manages to paint a really bleak picture of human nature through it’s extremely visceral approach.


The biggest drawback of this film ( in my humble opinion ) is the lack of cohesion between the different diary segments.

At times the film jumps back and forth between survivor groups and you’re left guessing who you are watching. I felt it often fails to alert us that the film has slipped back into another scene or character view.

It didn’t happen that often throughout the film but when it did it really pissed me off – I felt like I was missing sections of the experience through confusion.

But that’s really the only downside to the film – you’d have to be a complete dickhead to give it a bad review because it just doesn’t fit one!

When you stand it side by side with Diary of The Dead I’d have to say there is little between their overall effect. Sure, Romeo’s offering has the budget and the cult following but this has the bleak atmosphere and the grit!

Don’t really understand the bad reviews for this film. Sure, it’s not great but it’s well worth watching if you enjoy the zombie or Found Footage genre.

If I was you I’d give it a go!




  1. Gawd what a shocker!

    Plot, acting, effects, all just terrible.

    Also, had creepy background music. I wondered who put that in later, in a post-apocalypse sound-studio?

    • They had the basis right to make a really interesting Found Footage movie but they seemed to keep missing the mark. I did clear my mind of all negativity and actually ended up enjoying parts of it but there’s a lot of better options out there at the moment. There’s actually a sequel to this – I haven’t got round to watching it yet 🙂

  2. Havent watched this one (gonna do soon) but just came to say that Diary of the dead was pretty terrible.

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