They’re Inside (2019) – Movie Review

They're Inside (2019) - Movie Review


Got my mate Celine De Santis to thank for this one (see – I’m starting to remember people’s names!!!), as I had overlooked it on numerous occasions thinking it was a straight horror. Well it’s not, it’s actually a half decent Found Footage romp.

If I had to lay my cards on the table I’d say that this is a kinda FF version of The Strangers, which was a pretty cool movie back in 2008.

As with most indie films in this genre, it’s currently got a low score of 3.9 on IMDb, but if you like Found Footage, you’ll probably get some sort of fix off this!

The Plot

When two sisters go to an isolated cabin in the woods to film a passion project, family secrets start to get in the way, as do masked strangers filming a passion project of their own.

Weird Subplot…

This was the only thing that really stood out to me as a little annoying about the whole film. Sure, it’s certainly not a classic, but it is watchable if ya like that kinda thing.

What got my goat, was a weird subplot that went on between the two sisters (from what I can remember). Don’t recall 100% what this angle was (and I may well be wrong), but I remember thinking that it was slightly out of place.

Anyway, I could be completely wrong and overthinking the whole thing, but something stuck either way…


Well I got something from it…but I do understand why a lot of horror buffs on IMDb threw this under the bus!

I really liked the concept of the cameras running for the point of a behind-the-scenes filming session – this gave the movie a realistic drive, and a reason to always have the camcorder turned on etc.

The setup and location were pretty cool as well – the remote house in the woods with a home invasion thingy going on, worked well as a solid set.

Actors were pretty good for the genre, no complaints there, and general cinematography was at a high level.

The ‘killers’ were pretty well thought out and creepy, although they probably did borrow more than a few characteristics from the 2008 The Strangers offering. Nice violent deaths here and there – can’t argue with that (can we?).

I do have to point out that the finale was loaded with a few scenes and turns that are a little bit laughable, and don’t really fit at all with the general pacing of the cinematic experience.

I also have to mention that the filmmakers, or someone related to them, has paid more than a few shrill reviewers to leave their opinion on IMDb. I only mention this because these reviewers are generally thick as shit, and keep on leaving ratings of 9 or 10, when 7 would have been a lot more believable.

This film is NOT a 9 or a 10, it’s not even a 7.

When you think about it – the film’s current rating of 3.9 would be considerably lower if these shrill ratings hadn’t averaged it out higher (definitely something to think about!).

Anyway, I enjoyed certain parts of it, but it does have it’s downfalls – it’s up to you now…



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