They’re Watching (2016) – Movie Review

They're Watching 2016 - Movie Review

I’ve never really been the biggest fan of comedy/horror or the ‘dark comedy’ genre. I find it hard to split the direction of a film and enjoy it at the same time!

Every now and again I do manage to find a title that splits genres and still manages to remain a ‘stable’ watch – like They’re Watching for example.

I’d been aware of it for about a month now but the Comedy|Horror|Thriller listing on Putlocker kind of put me off.

If anything I blame the new X-Files series – I had just finished watching the third ( Entirely crap and comical ) episode when I first stumbled across this!

But I was pretty much wrong about They’re Watching and I realized this about 5 minutes into the viewing.

I got a feeling it could turn out to be one of those ‘cult classics’.

The Plot

When an American home improvement TV show visits a remote Eastern European village, the young crew thinks the lack of mocha lattés and free WIFI will be the worst of their problems.

But unfortunately two members of the crew manage to interrupt a rather rustic religious ritual in the local church – and things really start to kick off!

The once sleepy little European village suddenly turns into a homicidal snake pit – what is behind this strange behavior?

The Big Boys

What I can never understand about the ‘big boy’ film critic websites is how far away from my views they tend to land.

Take this film for example – I found it a thoroughly enjoyable experience with a really fresh dynamic thrown in for good measure.

When I enjoy a Found Footage title like this I immediately do a quick search thinking “well they can’t shit all over this one – it’s a pretty cool film”.

99% of the time I’m completely wrong – they hate Found Footage and they always will!

I have an awful feeling that this film will never get the audience it’s deserves due to the first handful of reviews provided by a simple ‘they’re watching 2016 movie review’ Google search.

This site tends to rank well so with a bit of luck it’ll end up in between these negative reviews ( so share, share, share it – Google pays attention to social signals! ).

Check this out…

They’re Watching (2016) – Rotten Tomatoes: 43%


They’re Watching Movie Review (2016) | Roger Ebert – One and a half stars…presumably out of five!


They’re Watching · Film Review They’re Watching – Two out of five stars


The list goes on and on…

This certainly is NOT a bad film and to give it a rating as low as 1.5 stars ( Glenn Kenny you clueless prick from Roger Ebert ) is nothing short than retarded.


As I touched on in the intro to this review – getting me to watch AND enjoy a dark comedy/horror is a really hard task.

Co-writers and co-directors Jay Lender and Micah Wright have given the movie a sort of ‘graphic novel’ styled feel – and it works without really trying.

The cast were great, the location was spot on and provided sound cinematography and the CGI was extremely impressive at times.

Okay, so the plot was a little thin – but how often does that work in a Found Footage title’s favor?

More often than not!!!

This was a really fun experience that I wished I’d taken the time to watch when it first came out ( I’m about two months behind with this review! ).

Don’t believe the hype – this is worthwhile!



  1. Excellent review! I always find your reviews spot on for my taste. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Definitely worthwhile!
    Your reviews are the ones I go to for FF. Everyone else has no idea what makes a good FF film. Comments like “I felt the camera was shaky” and “at times it was out of focus”…..well yeah, thats FF! It does not appeal to every one.
    Thank you from all of us that enjoy found footage!

    • No problem Matt! Great to have you here being part of the community! 🙂

  2. Those reviewers are nuts!

    This is a solid 3.5 outta 5, by anyone’s measure. Do these reviewers require a slow opening with academy award winning score, followed by last years big name having a nervous breakdown? They have obviously lost touch with what exciting filmaking is, thats the only conclusion i can come to.

    That look at the camera by the ….woman… when she knows the female lead is ‘on to her; i’ll never forget it.

    • Yeah it’s a really cool effort isn’t it Modji – I thought the ending was spot on in every respect! I also liked the way it was so ‘over the top’ with gore and CGI.

  3. I’ve watch this movie last night, really entertaining, actors werent so bad, but…wtf with that ending, i know its a low budget film, worst special effects ive ever seen in my life !

  4. Loved this one!! Got it on iTunes the day it came out. Def a cult classic.

    That mural with the guy carrying the big eye and another a giant ear was so cool. Like an old artist trying to paint what witch describing as future tech..neat concept.

  5. You know I have a friend who used to hate found footage. Sadly that was because he only saw the crap ones instead of the actually good ones. Because of that he looked at found footage as some stupid genre that had no reason to exist. Thankfully this movie came around and changed his mind on the genre. Ever since this movie he’s watched Rec the Blair witch project and many other good ones.

    • Well that’s good news Bakuyoshi! Direct him to this site so he can pinpoint some more! 🙂

  6. I could tell they were going for some comedy but that aspect failed for me for the most part, mostly because I found all the main actors irritating, as many found footage actors are often made to be, ignorant and idiotic. Maybe it’s just so you are satisfied when they end up dead? Anyways I did enjoy the movie and I think all of the actors did very well with what was given to them as far as I know.. the plot was crazy, and the end was when I actually started to laugh(and cringe), it helped me appreciate the rest of the movie more. I agree the setting was perfect, for sure a decent found footage film. As always thanks for sharing Chris!

  7. I saw this one recently. I almost quit watching it because I thought it was a Mokumentary (due to the beginning). I am glad I stuck it out.

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