Time Traveler Photos – Real Proof?

Time Traveler Photos - Real Proof?

During my recent travels through the paranormal sector of the information super highway I have come across certain time traveler photos that have made me stop in my tracks. This is not a normal occurrence for me – I tend to hit all the fakes and struggle to find anything ‘worthy’ for this site!

So while the idea and subject was still fresh in my mind I thought I would write an article on it and include the time traveller photos I have found (pinched!) for you, the reader! 

The 1940’s Techno Freak!

Well I just had to start with this one because I cannot make out how or why this guy is in this photo – it just baffles me! Take a look below and focus in on the guy wearing the shades:

Photo of a 1940's time traveller

What the **** is going on here? I’m not being funny but I’ve got a mate that dresses like that every weekend before he hits the techno scene on a Saturday night!

You couldn’t look more out of place if you tried really could you? Check out the hoodie, the shades and the branded t-shirt – what is going on here?

Now the whole photo would of just passed me by if I hadn’t of realised that this picture was taken in 1941 at the re-opening of the South Forks Bridge in Gold Bridge, Canada. Now I know the Canadians are not known for their dress sense but this is pushing the boat out a little don’t you think?

I have come across a few so called theories about why this guy’s dress sense was so different to EVERYONE else in the photo but I have to be honest – they just don’t cut it! Are you seriously trying to tell me that the cardigan he is wearing was the style in 1941?

Anyway it’s up to you to make your own mind up on these things – I can only provide the ammunition. All of the time traveler photos I am covering here today have their skeptics and explanations (some of which are very poor!).

Project Pegasus

The picture below is a scene from Abraham Lincoln’s address in Gettysburg on November the 19, 1893. On first examination it’s not really the most exciting of time traveler photos is it? I mean what are we supposed to be looking at here?

President Lincoln's time traveler photos

Well you’re supposed to be looking at the boy in the foreground looking to his right. This boy is ‘apparently’ a man named Andrew D. Basiago and he claims he was part of DARPA’s top secret government operation that took place in the 1970’s. Not much is known about this operation (because it’s supposed to be secret!) other than it was named Project Pegasus.

Now it’s really up to you to decide whether Basiago was a complete head case or not. He claims he lost his shoes during the actual ‘time travelling’ but I’m unsure whether or not he is barefoot in the photo – it’s too blurred!

Apparently all of this took place from a ‘Time Lab’ in East Hanover, NJ in 1972 – why Basiago was picked to take part in this time mission is anybody’s guess?

The 1938 Version of The iPhone

OK check out the video below – is this lady in 1938 checking her answer phone messages or simply holding a brick to her head?

Now I’ll be the first to admit that there are numerous reasons why this lady is not addicted to Angry Birds but you would be surprised how many people on YouTube back this video up!

For starters if this was in 1938 (which it was!) how the hell would our fair lady find any signal? To my knowledge they did not have cell towers looming over the skyline in those days!

But this has kindly been covered in the comment section of the video – apparently if you have the technology to travel time then you have the technology to design a phone that does not need a cell tower. OK so we’re onto a multi-dimensional phone that works for time traveler’s now…………a whole new can of worms.

Personally I think she is simply listening to the radio – the main avenue of entertainment in those days! What do you think?

The Time Traveler of Wall Street

This is pretty neat – it’s why I left it until last. Not so much in the category of time traveler photos but more in the category of time traveling news reports! Check out this newspaper clipping below:

Time traveling trader gets rich!

This is a newspaper report on a man named Andrew Carlssin who was arrested back in 2003 for insider trading charges. Now this is a pretty awesome alibi – he claims he is a time traveler from the year 2256!

He made a shed load of money with an investment of around $800 so alarm bells started ringing straight away! Get this – it took him just two weeks to turn that $800 into $350 million! Wow……what a man!

So after a four hour interrogation all the authorities were left with was a time traveler story! Suffice to say it was not what they expected!

Interestingly enough there is no record of Carlssin’s existence anywhere before December 2002………..

If you have any opinions or extra information on the time traveler photos we have covered here today please feel free to leave them in the comment section below 🙂


  1. I am really fascinated by these photos. I have a site.. your time travel experience…and I write about those travelers that were captured in the pictures you showed. Is it not amazing?

    I feel the two are connected somehow – don’t you!

    Do you believe is true? DO you believe in time travel?

    it’s a broad subject but it’s something most of us have at least imagined once in our life – do you think they’ve already invented something that will carry out time travel…do you think they’ve already actually managed it?

    Wonderful post….very informative and captivating (I will be sharing this)

    Thanks and I am looking forward to reading more articles like this on your site (I may even try out a few Found Footage films along the way!)

    Thanks a lot 🙂


    • Hiya Cristina,

      I’m a bit shady on the first few lines of the comment you wrote – probably just the way I digested it! So, you also have a website and you’ve also written something about these supposed time travelers? Am I getting close to the mark? Yes? No? Maybe?

      Anyway, I think many governments are hiding technology and it would not surprise me in the slightest if we find out one has managed this process.

      YES I certainly believe in time travel but unfortunately I am not clever enough to understand the full scope of it…yet 🙂

      Great to speak with you, good luck with the site!


  2. You’re first photo has been explained by the artist that did it. The guy in the picture who is in modern clothes is a photographer who inserted himself into various old photos as a project.

    • We’re yet to read that article…although people keep on mentioning it! The picture will remain until we receive some proof or contact from the artist himself 🙂

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