Troll Hunter ( 2010 ) – Impressive Found Footage


Troll Hunter ( 2010 )

Well I finally got round to it guys – a review of the awesome Troll Hunter. There is a reason behind my slow approach to this film but I don’t really want to bore you with it.

I’d much rather jump straight into one of the stand out Found Footage experiences to date…

No Remakes!

Most successfully made found footage films rely on putting the viewer(s) in the middle of the action and finding excuses to keep the camera running. There’s nothing wrong with this – it’s the way the genre works and I love it!

Troll Hunter manages to tick the boxes I’ve just mentioned above but also gives us so much more. It’s the type of genre busting film that just won’t go away.

I’ve recently heard that the US is taking the film and completely remaking it for English speaking audiences. Apparently the use of subtitles is just not going to cut it over there.

But what the Americans don’t realize is by remaking this monster cult hit they are actually making the original more powerful.

Comparisons will be made and they will not go away. Put it like this – do you think a remake of The Blair Witch Project would ever work?

No, neither do I…

The Plot

The film follows three college documentary makers named Thomas, Johanna, and Kall. They get wind of a possible bear poacher in the Norwegian woods named Hans.

They manage to catch up with this rather intense character and decide to follow his day to day activities. It soon becomes clear that good old Hans is not much of a bear hunter at all.

He is in fact a government hired hand tasked with taking control of the troll population in Norway.

The three documentary makers end up joining Hans in his crusade to find out why so many of the local trolls have been recently acting ‘out of character’.

Mind Blowing

Yeah that’s probably the best sentiment I can find to describe this Found Footage beauty – mind blowing.

If I’m honest with you I really didn’t know that much about Norway and it’s relationship to troll fables until I watched this film. It was a wonderful way to learn new aspects of European folklore.

Before watching the film I actually saw a short trailer for the DVD release on cable TV. The trailer was actually so short I had no idea the film was in the Found Footage format.

However, it was long enough for me to witness a few largely impressive CGI creatures – that was enough for me to give the film a go!

I was not disappointed…


I think this is probably the most original Found Footage title ever made – it’s certainly the most ambitious.

There is at times an undercurrent of intelligent humor throughout the film but that manages to take nothing away from the more serious side. When you think about it, an undercover government agent holding back a troll community is rather humorous in itself!

But don’t let the humor put you off ladies and gentlemen – this was a seriously gripping and smart movie.

The plot worked well even though it was a little far fetched and the CGI effects were something to behold. There has obviously been a lot of love and thought put into this film by the people behind the scenes – it was at times marvelous to look at.

It’s the type of film that bends over and takes an almighty dump on Hollywood – and long live these types of films!

Budding indie film makers would do well to watch this film before they infect the Found Footage timeline with their usual garbage. I’m not exactly a Norwegian local but I’m pretty sure the film budget was nowhere near the ‘higher end’ of the spectrum.

Totally worth your time even if you don’t particularly like the Found Footage genre. Smart, original and impressive throughout!




  1. Totally interested in seeing this movie now! My husband and I enjoy watching low-budget gems.

    • Hi Chantelle,
      It is relatively low budget but the overall CGI level is excellent! Simply put – you wouldn’t guess it was an indie film. You’ll love it 🙂

  2. Hello Chris,
    sounds like a really interesting movie!
    I have to admit that I am usually watching the main stream movies shown in the big cinemas.
    I should give low budget film a chance.
    How long is this movie?
    Not sure if I missed it, but what exactly are “Found Footage” movies?

    • Hey Moritz, nice to have you here!
      Found Footage movies are more or less handheld camera movies – they were made famous by the success of The Blair Witch Project a while back. The movies are made out to be ‘real’ as opposed to fiction. If I remember correctly this movie is about 80 minutes long – it’s well worth watching if you’re looking for something new.
      Nice to meet you – hope to see you here again soon 🙂

  3. Really? I saw the trailer and I didn’t think it was going to be good, I’ll give it go then

  4. Hi Chris, great review you did on this movie. Immediately after reading it, I went to YouTube to watch its trailer and guess what? looks like I found myself adding this movie to my “movie bucket” list. Oh ya by the way, what is your personal rating you would give for this movie?

    • Hey Kumar,
      I’d have to give it about 8.5 out of 10 overall – glad you found it interesting enough to add to your movie bucket list!

  5. Hey Chris great info you have actually awakened my interest in found footage films, although I must say I am a bit of a chicken when it comes to watching because I usually think these films are factual and that they really did happen!

  6. This is actually my all-time favorite found footage offering. I fell in love with this movie not only because of the excellent quality but because unlike other films in the genre it wasn’t all about the scares. Thoroughly enjoyable experience throughout and I hope more people get a chance to take a look at it.

    • I’m hoping so to Mitch. I’ve had quite a bit of movement on the review since posting it earlier today so hopefully a lot of people will pick up on it. We will wait and see…

  7. In Norway they tried to market this in the same way as the people behind The Blair WP did back in the 90s, with “real” clips of trolls popping up on Youtube and elsewhere on the net. Unfortunatly one of the actors spilled the beans in an unrelated interview and kind of blew the whole purpose of the marketing campaign. Still I think it’s a great movie and a classic FF flick. The only drawback for Norwegians is that you find several A-list tv personalities in major roles, and thas shatters the illusion a little bit. Would be funny if there was a US remake though.

    • Hey John,
      I didn’t know anything about the ‘real’ clips turning up on YouTube beforehand – awesome trick! I could see loads of people falling for it if they had been able to carry it through successfully ( just look at all the cryptozoology hoaxes on there now! ).
      Cheers for stopping by and leaving your opinion 🙂

  8. I recently re-watched this movie and i couldn’t agree more with you, Chris! I didn’t know about the plans for an American remake, but it sure is totally unnecessary… This film, along with the series Lilyhammer and the guitarist Hedvig Mollestad, makes me want to go to Norway very badly… [ ]’s

    • I Know Christian – the thought of a remake really manages to send shivers down my spine! Why would you take something so original and mess it up just to get it out in the English language? Are people too stupid to read subtitles these days?
      Let’s hope they run out of money and abandon the project…

  9. But wouldn’t a remake involve them going to Norway, anyway? So it would be the exact same movie, but with American kids, in Norway. Whats the point? this is already recently made, and immersive because its in the native language. Theres no reason to be put-off watching the original.

    • I totally agree with you modji – it makes no sense really!
      I would think they’ll switch the plot to trolls in America which sounds pretty shit really. Whatever they try and do – it will end up nowhere near as effective as the original!

  10. Hi Chris,

    I really agree with your film’s describe. I love found footage films and it’s often same creature/spirit/ghost/possession.

    For that Troll Hunter is different. For most of us unknown folklore and such landscpae (!). It was really a big surprise on my first watch.

    Actually searching for new found footage stuff to “eat” and reading your review just motive me in watching again.

    PS : and totally agree on what the hell about an americain remake. Sounds like tomorrow i’ll make a french bearfoot remake … no sense.

    • Hi Ghunter,
      Glad you enjoyed ( and agreed! ) with the review. Unfortunately Hollywood is always too quick to jump on a foreign language film and piss all over it with sub-standard American actors. It’s been that way for a while now and it’ll probably end up being that way…well forever!!!
      My advice is to just stick to the originals and watch the remakes if you have a spare hour or so – if something ain’t broke you shouldn’t try and fix it!

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