UFO Near The Sun – myunhauzen74

Every so often I’m lucky enough to stumble upon a YouTube video that doesn’t make me want to throw my laptop at the wall!

Unfortunately there is so much faked rubbish out there it’s diluting the truly remarkable footage released. The video below shows a UFO near the sun and was uploaded by the YouTube member myunhauzen74.

This is one of the videos that stopped me dead in my tracks……

Apparently myunhauzen74 is a dedicated online UFO enthusiast who seldom let’s anything escape his attention (I like him already!).

For some reason there has not really been any major news coverage on this video and that only begs the question why?

People are following myunhauzen74 including myself to see what he comes out with next – all of the research thus far has been top notch!

This particular video was uploaded nearly five months ago now on January 27th (2014 obviously!). Is this a UFO next to the sun and where did myunhauzen74 manage to scrape this from?

If you read the video description myunhauzen74 informs us that he is trying to get money together to publish his book:

“After many years of UFO research and anomalies near the Sun, have accumulated a lot of material research, many findings and discoveries. I want to publish a book about the research “UFOs and anomalies near the Sun,” but I do not have the money to publish the book.”

He is also looking for advertisers for his channel so I will be putting forward an offer to do just that (on this site!) today. If any of you want to support this exceptional UFO enthusiast SHARE THIS VIDEO or SHARE THIS PAGE on every and any social media outlet you can find. This guy is obviously onto something and I for one cannot wait to read his book!

If this UFO near the sun is anything to go by – it’ll be an eye opening read!

If you have any opinions on this UFO near the sun or you want to leave any further information/questions on myunhauzen74 please use the comment section below 🙂

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