UFO Sightings of 2010 – Awesome Evidence

We thought we’d cover the top UFO sightings of 2010 even though we are now in 2014! Don’t ask us why this is the case – we are usually all ass-backwards in our thinking and our research gathering!

We will be covering as many UFO sightings as possible from every year we can find evidence – we just don’t know in what order yet! As it happens one of our contributors found a load of stuff from the 2010 period so here we go…..

China October 15th 2010

The first of our UFO sightings of 2010 is captured in China and it divides opinion a bit. I think it’s pretty cool but a lot of critics seem to think it is definitely military based. Check out the video first and see what you think:

The one thing that stands against it is the fact that it is travelling in a straight line – it doesn’t seem to deviate off this path at all.

As I mentioned above a lot of ex military seem to think this is nothing more than a new weapon or transport being tested. I have to be honest though – I’ve never witnessed anything quite like this in the sky’s where I live. Military…….I’m not to sure!

Cusco Peru – Machu Picchu 10/22/2010 

The second of our UFO sightings of 2010 is pretty darn awesome even if I do say so myself. It was taken by a guy on a plane in flight from Lima Peru to Cusco Peru en route to Machu Picchu Peru.

There’s something amazing about the way the disc shaped object rises above the cloud and then quickly submerges itself again. It sort of gives the impression that it was having a quick look then it noticed the flight and needed to get out of sight pronto – why would it want to do this?

I’ve heard many different theories on this one – it seems the more awesome the evidence the more people want to prove it’s fake!

The lightening theory comes up more often than not. Sorry but if you believe that’s lightening then you need a day off ( somewhere hot on a beach preferably nowhere near me! ).

This is not lightening – I’m pretty sure about that! It does however look like some sort of electrical situation but whether the disc is causing this or not is up for grabs?

New York October 2010

This is one of the UFO sightings of 2010 that was spotted over the big apple and captured by CBS news…..

The fact that CBS was roped into this sighting kinda gives it a little more credibility in my book. The official line was that these were nothing more than weather balloons ( now where have I heard that one before………Roswell? ).

There’s nothing in this video to suggest that these were weather balloons – nothing at all! If they want us to believe that they are barking up the wrong tree. There were similar reports of party balloons over New York but again this seems a little far fetched at best. What do you think? I think it’s an awesome piece of video footage!

NASA UFO Sighting, 2010

This is the last of the UFO sightings of 2010 we will be covering in this article but I thought I would include it as it baffles the f**k out of me. I mean what exactly am I supposed to be looking at here?

This is more like a cry for help to the UFO community to point out why this is such popular footage? Nothing moves! Sure I see the cameras going off so NASA must think it’s interesting but me – nope, not interesting at all……

Anyone else out there having the same problem of getting excited over this one? The contributor who handed over these video links seemed to think it was a certain UFO but I think it’s probably a planet ( if that is what I’m supposed to be looking at! )

Anyway if you know more about this last video please contact us at the site here or simply leave a message in the comment section below. It bugs me that so many people ‘get this’ video footage and I don’t – I just cannot see the attraction……..

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