Unaired ( 2010 ) – Independent Horror Film Found Footage

independent horror film

So this was another late night jump into the unknown for me – an independent horror film housed on YouTube in the Found Footage style. As I said it was late at night and I was pretty tired and the film only had a 47 minute running time. This basically meant that if it was bad I would quickly move onto the next independent horror film on YouTube’s sidebar!

We All Like Surprises Right?

Running this website and watching obscure found footage films to review is great fun – I love it and enjoy every minute! ย What makes the job even better is the fact that I often stumble across a film that surprises me.

This, thankfully, was another one of those surprises! Now I’m not saying this is some sort of original or unique Hollywood blockbuster because it is a million miles away from that. What I am saying is that this is well worth 47 minutes of your time if you are a horror fan and you have nothing else to do!

Not That Polished But Well Executed

Right from the first scene I was aware that we were dealing with a group here that were putting in a shift and making an effort to act. A lot of independent horror film efforts have absolutely shocking acting – especially in the found footage domain.

The first characters I took note of was a chubby member of a so-called film crew and a new producer to the set. Now both of these guys were able to act – plain and simple! Then to my surprise – every new actor that came on screen was also able to pull it off! I was starting to enjoy the film……

Tried And Tested But Hey……Who Cares?

Yeah I will admit the plot was stolen fromย the awesome Grave Encountersย but this time it was based……………in a garage not an asylum!

Not the most likely of horror destinations granted but it did work in the film’s favor overall. Now back to the plot……

A film crew for a paranormal hunting show are entering their third season as they embark on this ‘haunted garage’ case study ( very familiar eh? ). The first few scenes are of the producers and the film crew laughing about how they fake scenes to get the audience going. I quite liked their explanation of what to do if they found no evidence – ‘Evidence Inconclusive’ for the benefit of the viewers at home!

For an independent horror film it did have a lot of nice touches in the script. When they initially knock the door to the farmhouse they meet the owners, mic them up and then send them back in to knock the door all over again ( much to the redneck’s bemusement! ).

Frightening Stuff!

It wasn’t just a well thought out and darkly humorous film though – when the frights came in they came in big and hard and had the desired effect. For an independent horror film it had some impressive ‘freak me out’ scenes that worked really well. I especially liked the ghostly little freak kid sitting in the darkness – creepy stuff!


This type of independent horror film isn’t rocket science guys so it’s a pity more people didn’t aim for something as well put together as this. The effects were not great but they were well above standard for this type of film. The acting was impressive enough to hold it all together and there were some decent touches and ideas throughout.

The fact that this independent horror film is half the length of most Found Footage efforts makes it well worth watching. You have nothing to lose – It’s very entertaining and I would be surprised if you did not enjoy the experience.

Well done to the directors Tim Buel and Derek Sigmund for making something out of nothing. We at TopFoundFootageFilms.com hope to see more independent horror film efforts from you in the future ๐Ÿ™‚



  1. So there’s hope for horror movies still in this day and age? Haha, maybe I’ve just become de-sensitized from my childhood spent in fear of Chucky, but no movie in the past 5 years has given me any sort of fright, maybe the first Paranormal Activity got closest….

    I guess for the real frights you’ve gotta go independent?

    Do you like reviewing these indie offerings and how often do you get around to watching them?

    Love this site by the way – first time here so I’m going to have a good look around and see if I can find some scary options for tonight! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Well you’ve come to the right place then Ryan – I’m sure there are numerous films reviewed on here that will scare the s##t out of you!

      I do try and review as many of the indie films as I can but quite often they end up being sort of…crap! Instead of tanking them on here and destroying the director’s confidence I tend to ‘overlook’ them and not include them.

      On the flip side of the coin there are some truly excellent indie films out there – it’s luck of the draw really!

      Enjoy the site Ryan – hope you find what you are looking for ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I just watched this film for the first time and really enjoyed it. It was well acted, more realistic than most ‘found footage’ horror films and genuinely scary. Despite the fact that this is a low budget production I’d say this is far better than most of the bland and trashy horror garbage that Hollywood churns out.

    • Hi Darren,

      Well it’s been a while now since I watched this, but I do remember enjoying it quite a lot. You’ve actually reminded me about it’s existence – and I may go through it again this weekend!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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