Unlisted Owner (2017) – Movie Review

Unlisted Owner (2017) - Movie Review

The first time I tried watching this movie, my internet cut out after about ten minutes of viewing time…but I wasn’t that bothered because the version I was watching was slightly out of sync with it’s audio (I hate it when that happens!).

Anyway, a lot of you had contacted me to let me know it was available online…so I made a note to go back to it when I finally found a decent copy…

Enter Jed Brian.

Jed is the independent filmmaker from south eastern Illinois who put together Unlisted Owner, and he got in contact with me last week!

Talk about good timing!

Anyway, I finally had a decent version to sit through…

The Plot

The ‘Owner House’ has been vacant for several years because of its very dark history but with the recent series of murders it has been taken to the next level. A family who just moved in has been murdered causing the curiosity of a group of friends to get the best of them. Deciding to break in and investigate with hand held cameras, would be the worst decision of their fun filled night. The terrifying and suspenseful footage has been edited for the film ‘Unlisted Owner’.

Stop & Start

I’ll be honest with you – my initial thoughts on the film were not exactly positive…but I’d only been able to digest ten minutes of the experience!

The first ten minutes introduce us to the main characters in the movie and…I didn’t really like any of them.

But this is not the end of the world – more often than not, the characters in Found Footage movies are annoying as fuck, it’s part of the parcel.

My problem was that this was the ONLY experience I had with the film before sitting down to watch it in it’s entirety – it was stop/start viewing that led to a seed of doubt being planted in my head.


The movie did get better – the further it moved along the more enjoyment I got out of it.

As I write this review I’m actually doing a little research on the film as well – that’s right folks – I’m multitasking (look out!).

I’m mentioning this because I just realized that the director, Jed Brian, is also playing the lead part of ‘Jed’ in the film – something I completely overlooked earlier!

Anyway, I now get the feeling that the cast was probably made up from Jed and his friends – which makes me warm to the movie a little bit more.

And to be honest with you – it wasn’t a bad movie…

It was a lot better than some of the shit I sat through during the December period (so bad I’m yet to put them up on here!).

The movie’s initial scenes set up the plot pretty well through various locations…and the climax of the film is a typically tense Found Footage experience…

But I did get a little lost in the middle portion of the film – it didn’t add much to the ‘build’ of the movie.

The main thing I took away from Unlisted Owner is the fact it is a reasonably promising debut for director Jed Brian. Sure, it had it’s flaws throughout…but it managed to tick all of the boxes often involved in this genre.

As I mentioned earlier – I’ve sat through A LOT worse recently (many of which had a much higher budget!).

Not a classic by any stretch of the imagination – but enough promise to satisfy a Found Footage addict for a night’s viewing.


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